An Easter ride

Come on there horse its Easter time
We’re goin’ head out for an early morning ride
Let’s head to my favorite place
way down the valley till the water hits your feet,
There we will start climbing up the other side.

Me and you, my find 4 legged friend
We got some Thanks to pray
so lets make sure we make it all the way
For it it there, especially this morning
it is heaven I want my eyes to see
For this here Cowboy, it is time bend upon my knees

I want to give some thanks to you O’ Lord
Especially on Easter Sunday morn
I have to ask
What deed can this here Cowboy
ever do lord for you givin’ up your life for
An old Cowboy like me’

Thanks don’t seem quite right
it sure is not enough
for all that you have given me
first, thanks for such a find horse
and this here workin’ saddle
and this land under my feet
Thanks for all the joys and wonders
that you leave on my trails for me to meet

I have a family, a home and
but what I claim more that anything else
is the love from a Cowboys contented heart
Will, I headin’ back down the trail to back home
Just wanted to make sure you knew
on this Easter morn
From one Cowboy to another,
Thanks for taking my heart and my sins
as your own.
© roberta edstrom

Published on May 5, 2010 at 11:55 pm  Leave a Comment  

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