About Knot-A-Tail

“Within the warmth of my horse’s breath, I will find the air I need to live today, I will find the wind to fly to the heights of my dreams and within I will find the one I am meant to be.” Roberta Edstrom

Sometimes, words are not enough for what captures our hearts with a lifetime of joy. Do you find it difficult to truly express your love, your bond with your horses to others? How does anyone explain how deeply it goes, how much the love of a horse can  bring you spirit to life?  How much they can  bring meaning and satisfaction into ones life and soul?

My first memories are of trying to ride anything that looked like a horse.  I would grab a piece of rope, twine, a belt and ride the porch railing all day long.  I would ride across, meadows, and fields and pretend I was in some great race, and of course I would always win.  Recalling, the moment I got my first horse, still can bring tears to my eyes.

The horse seems to have a unstoppable spirit that a few select humans have the pure pleasure of sharing a life time with, and I have always been thankful that I have been one of those humans.

I often have told people that I love Knot-A-Tail, because it allows me to express that love and capture  a small part of their beauty that goes into the creation of all Knot-A-Tail  treasures.

Now, can be the time to express  yourself and your love for the beauty of your horse with some of Knot-A-Tail’s beautiful horse hair treasures.   Like you, each and every one is completely inspired by the love and beauty of the horse.

Please browse  Knot-A-Tails treasures  of some of the most  amazing equine gifts, jewelry and horse hair products you will find anywhere.    Find the perfect equine gifts  for all of the horse lovers in your life.  Knot-a-Tail  have been perfecting our collection for over 20 years with outstanding, unique, and beautiful equine treasures for you to enjoy.

We aim for perfection to be at your level of satisfaction. Your satisfaction and your belief in the quality of our products is why we absolutely stand behind everything we sell with an 100% no-risk guarantee.

Our cowboy-up  guarantee to you:

* * * Either love your  new treasure or just return it.* * * It’s that simple with our no-questions ask return policy.

Just take a moment and imagine the richness and the luxurious feeling of a quality, authentic, real horse hair product in your hands.

Horse hair classics Each piece a timeless classic done in the traditional Cowboy fashion  dating back hundreds of years, made from one of the only raw materials  the Western Cowboy had available: Horse hair. Each individual piece of hair delicately trimmed from his own horse and each item made in the quite of the evening, by his own hands, one-at-a-time into a priceless treasure.

Every horse hair item is intricately made.  Each piece to be admired and prized for generations: a True working piece of authentic Western Art.

Is this not True Western art at it’s finest?

From the moment you place you hands around one of our high quality, hand-made horse hair items, you will love and treasure each piece for years to come.

For your enjoyment, we introduce Knot-A-Tail’s priceless equine treasures

Roberta Edstrom

CEO Founder of Knot-A-Tail
Any Questions, please email Roberta at roberta@knotatail.com
or Call 480-203-7789
Like you we treasure the grit and love of the West and within that we stand behind hundreds of years of Cowboy tradition

Our stafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Owner and founder of Knot-A-tail: Roberta Edstrom

Roberta has been a web based retailer since 1990. Ms. Edstrom has grown her Horse hair product line into the largest horse hair retailer in the world.  Knot-A-Tail has always  been where her heart lies.  She is a mater internet marketer and a Vital Facebook enthusiast within the horse community.

Roberta is also the author of the horse inspirational daily blog called

Daily Oats Daily Oats: Food for the horse lover’s soul.

One of the fastest growing horse blogs on the internet today, thousands of hits a day, from day one with some of the best horse stories  that you will find on the internet.

Join the humor and inspiration of the horse lover that is in all of us.

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Through her association as a Virtual Media marketer, she has taken the power of on-line virtual video communications and has created and masterminded the “Love SmaX” game; her most promising web-based venture to date. A native to Brooklyn, New York, Ms. Edstrom is a leading entrepreneur and a member of the Live Outloud entrepreneurial network and community.

CTO:  Mr. Carl Parrish from PCL-Consulting.   Carl is the founder and CEO of PCl and Consulting, an international award winning web application design firm.

Carl’s  list of clients starts with being a co-founder for Knot-A-Tail  and other clients such as: Proactive, Sheercover, and Wells Fargo.  He is also one of the founders of the open source programming moments where he contributed code to the Mozilla, Firefox, Linnux,  SugarCRm, and a now  by intriguing into the Facebook platform, he is the co-designer in the creation and imputation of  numerous games and quizs with in Facebook.

Carl has vast internet marketing experience and he is a leading entrepreneur who has successfully founder many businesses, including those in the horse industry.   Carl is also a member of many Charitable organizations, The Brown Coats, the Candy shop Fudge, with Habitat for Humanity and Humanity Unites Brilliance.

Plus thanks you to our shipping department with Edie and Katie.

Our model, is the lovely Brittany Sullivan

Brittany has been around horses since before she could walk.

Brittany  “The Pony Whisperer” and her pony  Lambchop

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

About our Store:

July 2009, I will have been in business as a retailer in the Equine industry for 20 years. It has become my life.What happens when customers become a huge influence in my every day life? They became my family. Many of our customers are now life-long Friends. Would you want it any other way?

Do you feel as if you were born with the love of them already deeply embedded into your heart?

Are you ever able to stop watching them? How many hundreds of pictures have you taken over the years of your horses? How many times have you told your favorite horse story?

In the winter, when your favorite horse blows the hot air from his nostrils and you can see the white puffs of whispering clouds float in the stillness, their heads high, and the sound of their hoofs landing on the ground with a Crisp snap as the snow gives way beneath their feet, are these not memories that will never leave your mind? Do they still just blow you away?

Can you still smell them them even when you are not even near the barn? Do you dream of the way the massive bodies feel when you start to brush their beautiful coats and the connection deepens?

Is there anything better in your life then the moment you open the barn door and watch all their heads pop up? I bet you still pause at the barn do to listen to their whinny to say good morning? Their greetings always so alive and meant just for you.

Has anyone else been a closer friend or companion? Me neither.

Nothing else bring such a stillness to my heart and my mind. What can compare?

There is nothing I do not love about them, the sounds they make when they eat, the mess of oats on the floor, from their extremely gentle moments when their spirits connect totally with my own, from the sounds of a herd running across the pasture, to the sound of a leather saddle beneath me. Do you believe that there is anything better than the connection between you and your horse?

Does that bond to your heart remain long after they are gone? Do those moments you breathe in their spirit still bring you a moment of pain and a whisper of silence to your heart?

I still remember them all.

If I ask you about your first horse, will you tell me that he was “THE BEST” horse they have ever own?

Are there more memories than any other horse since?  Was he your first true love? Where you exited just to see him?   Is it the one connection you will never forget? Together, were you unstoppable?

My customers tell me over and over that it was the first horse that was the fastest and the prettiest one that they have ever owned.

I have been around horse since 1960, when my father brought home a little bay, Welsh Pony, two year old for the family. We named her Ginger. She was a true blood bay with two white stocking in the rear and a white blaze that went all way down her nose. She was pure joy to me with 4 legs, a mane and a tail.

As with most young girls, the moment I got home from school, I was with her. Riding, brushing, feeding, or just taking her out for a walk and finding some fresh grass.

At the time, I did not even have a saddle, so for the first 4 years, I rode bareback everywhere and trust me I rode all the time, even in the dead of winter. It was only when a friend invited me to my first local horse show that I even thought about buying a saddle.

Showing Horses:

That was in the summer of 1964 and from that first show, I was in love with showing horses. I joined the local saddle club at the time called, Douglas County Saddle Club. I would spend the entire winter learning, training and waiting for that first show in the spring.

Although, I loved Ginger, I would dream about what it would be like to own a Quarter Horse. I loved the look of them. They were powerhouses that seemed to have unlimited speed and talent. When they left the arena at full speed, there would be dust flying in every direction and my little Ginger, could just not compete.

Ginger died that winter in a freak car accident. That was 45 years ago and I still remember it as if was still this very moment. I know from an avalanche of experience, that the connection never dies. For any true horse lover, it can never be broken.

To be with out a horse was unbearable. I started saving my money like crazy. I worked at several of the local ranches until I had saved up $150.00 in cash. One of the local ranches raised Arabians, and they had a Half Arabian/ Half Quarter Horse, Dark Bay mare.

I thought she was so beautiful. I had just enough money. They called her Mist-a-Phon. She was fast, smart, beautiful and she was about to be all mine.

Old Time Simco Saddle

Next I had to save up for my first saddle. It did not take me long to find a used western saddle for the remarkable price of just $25.00. It was all black, round skirt with silver trim and it had a silver concho martingale that matched. It just happened to be one of the first Simco Parade saddles made.

I made a saddle blanket to match and I was off to my first show. Needless to say, I did not do very well that day, but it was one of the most memorable days of my life. I dropped the egg from the Egg and Spoon class all over the saddle and me.

It was at that moment that I learned to hold that darn egg away from me and my horse.

That was just the beginning. The years have taken me to Countless shows, countless lessons, and through countess amount of cash and into an endless life of the greatest memories a human being could possibly experience.

My son Rob and Eli
Rob and Eli

All my family  loved going to the horse shows.

I have showed horses most of my adult life, until a riding accident put me in a wheel chair for almost an entire year.   I did not want to give-up showing and being around horses, so I learned the fine art of pleasure driving.

Guess what, they have classes for that as well. I have a few championships in my name at this time and before I get way too old I want to go after one more: The American Quarter Horse World Championship in Pleasure Horse Driving.

Building Custom saddles:

Are you Crafty?

Like so many other horse lovers, I have been crafty and making anything out of leather has also been part of my life since I was a teenager. When I was in my teens, one of the neighbor kids did leather craft, and I asked Craig to teach me. I loved the smell of leather and this was the perfect hobby for me.

My first project was a simple wallet with a stamped design on the front. I entered the wallet in the local fair and I did win a third place. Over the years I have gone from making a simple wallet to making custom saddles, tack with horse hair trim and being able to repair any leather article of goods that you can imagine.

Love of my Life:

In 1985 while I was finishing my Accounting Degree at UW-Superior when I meet the love of my life, Charles Alfred Edstrom 11. Soon we married. We moved to a ranch on Lake Superior that was on the ridge overlooking the Middle River. Since I also collected rocking horses at the time, we named the farm, Rocking Horse Ridge.

I have a great eye for a good horse, and loved buying and repairing horse equipment. In fact, my husband soon noticed, that I just loved doing anything that involved horses. By this time, I had been in the horse industry for close to 30 years, so it was at my husband’s suggestion that I open a Tack store. My husband was the one person that you never wanted to bargain with.

He would bargain all day, to save a dollar and he loved auctions and adored just being around people. Since Charlie also had a degree in accounting, we made a great combination for being in the horse industry.

We started out small with used equipment and it soon grew into one of the largest Tack store in the Tri-State area housing hundreds of saddles and a repair shop, a 28 foot Mobil unit that my son and I ran and the on-line store, Rocking Horse Ridge Saddlery and Repair. In fact, Rocking Horse Ridge was one of the very first eBay tack stores.

Together we raised two children, went to every major rodeo and horse show in the Tri-Lake region and at times, had as many as twenty-two horses in for training. It was never a week-end project for either one of us or my children; it was our way of life but things change.

In 2002, my husband died from cancer. He was only 42. Rocking Horse Ridge, both the farm and the tack store were huge and way too much for just me to work myself.

Both of my children by now had joined the Marines and had started lives of their own. So I decided to sell both the store and the farm. The on-line part of the business was doing extremely well with the craft part of the business in the design and the manufacturing part of the horse hair accessories so I decided to keep the Horse Hair line.

Rocking Horse Ridge becomes Knot-A-Tail:

Next, in the adventure came a move to Arizona. With a new life and a new changes occurring almost every day, I have decided to give Rocking Horse Ridge a new beginning as well.

Knot-A-Tail‘s history has been part of me since I was 6 years old, when my first horse came into my life. The on-line store’s beginning was a few items made from horse hair.  Today, braiders all across the west create these masterpieces in workmanship that we offer to you.

It has come from some heartache, years of struggle, and great changes, but it is with the greatest of Pride that I present to you, http://www.Knot-A-Tail.com.

It is through my love of the horse and heart felt connection to such a great animal that we have created this new experience and a unique way to stay connected to our wonderful customers.

Horse hair colors
Within our pages, you will find the world’s greatest craftsmanship for the largest selection of Horse Hair accessories done in the most  vivid colors and the boldest of designs.

As through the years, my crew and I will be here to serve you and we will continue to assist you in any way that we can.

Within this quest, our greatest desire is to create a deep connection to our customers and their  love for horses.

To build a complete connection that unites a nation of horse lovers, we have added the forums to our site. I want to have my morning coffee with you. I want to know you as well as your horse. What did you say his name was?

I want you to tell me about you, and the adventures that you have had in this lifetime being connect with horses.

What is better in life than to have someone to share your horse adventures with? Share your stories within the Knot-A-Tail horse community and become part of a family connected by a common tread, a common spirit, a common heart: the horse.

I can not wait to connect the love of  horses with  you!

May you have:

The Happiest of Trails
The Best of Horses
The Most Memorable Memories
Love, Roberta

In loving memory of my husband,

Charles Alfred Edstrom and  his Horse, Blue.

Your loving wife.

“Blue” – Registered American Quarter Horse

Here is Charlie, and  Brittany  with Lampchop outside in the middle of a cold Wisconsin winter.

Charlie, Brittany and Lambchop

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