Happiness has a Smell

It is 6:30 am and I am off to my sisters for our weekly visit.

I jump on my mustang, or in it I should say: my mustang convertible, RED.

I take the 60  east for about 10 miles and head south.  Yes, of course I had to stop  Starbucks coffee.   Just a simple dark roast, tall with some cream added: way cheaper and a lot less calories.  I just like plain coffee.  Did I say like: I meant LOVE.
Daily Oats Love that Smell of Hay

Anyway, enjoying my top-down, convertible ride as I head  down the highway when all of a sudden the sweet, sweet aroma fills all my senses.  Next, I find myself, hanging my head over the side the window, with my nose pointed up trying to find out where that wonderful smell is coming from, when I realized what I must look like to the rest of the cars around me.  I only could imagine what a dog must sense when they get a whiff of a familiar smell and up goes there noses, hanging out the window, sniffing the air.  Well, at that moment, that was me, like a old hound dog, sniffing the air.

See most of Arizona does not have grass, so they never have to cut it, no grass, no fresh cut grass smell.  Although I think that hay smells different then fresh cut grass, but it is that fresh hay smell that makes my heart go into the full delight mood.

The smell just filled me with that great fondness of complete contentment.  The smell of freshly cut hay, how it lingers and oh, how I love that smell.    Let the other drivers next to me  think that I look like a dog with my head hanging out the side of my car. I don’t care, I just want to find where that smell is coming from.

I just kept sniffing away, however,  I never did see where that smell came from, but I sure enjoyed the experience. It was a total delight to my senses.

Who else would ever hang their head out the window to see who was putting up hay beside a horse nut,  well maybe a cattleman, but most of those have horses as well.

Here is a hint for a happy life:  treasure even the littlest  things you love.: put you nose up to the sky, take a good sniff and ENJOY!

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow..

Just WHINNNNNNING out loud as much as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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