DIY Christmas horse crafts: a horse lovers dream

Almost every horse lover I know is pretty crafty.

With the Holiday season coming up fast, I thought you might like this YouTube video on how to make this Christmas horse reef yourself.

Christmas horse reef:  How fun and it is way too adorable.
Christmas horse reef from Roberta at Knot-a-Tail

Be the envy of your horse loving friends.

I have also been saving DIY Horse craft ideas on Pinterest that is fun and always being updated.

Come for a visit and let your imagination go.

I also have a board for Horse shoe nails and Barbed wire ideas.  Some are so amazing.  Lots and lots of ideas to take your passion to new heights.

I hope you join me as you get ready for the Holidays.

Have a Happy Holiday season.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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For The First Time Shared by: Andi Harmon.


Yesterday, for the first time, I was too tired to ride
Yesterday, for the first time, I was afraid I would be hurt if I was thrown
Yesterday, for the first time, I heard someone say my barn was too shabby
Yesterday, for the first time, I let someone tell me I was too pudgy to ride
Yesterday, for the first time, I realized I was old
Yesterday, for the first time, I had to face that I could no longer keep up
Yesterday, for the first time, I had to let go of my dreams
Yesterday, for the first time, I felt my heart break
Yesterday, for the first time, I turned my back on my friend
Yesterday, for the first time, I knew I was done

Today, for the last time, I felt warm, braided leather in my hands.
Today, for the last time, I ran my stirrups up so they wouldn’t bang my mare’s sides
Today, for the last time, I released the buckles on the girth and watched my girl sigh
Today, for the last time, I slowly dropped the bit so it wouldn’t hit her teeth
Today, for the last time, I gave my mare a cookie to thank her for the ride
Today, for the last time, I buried my head in her soft, warm neck
Today, for the last time, I inhaled the sun and the dust in her long winter coat
Today, for the last time, I closed the gate and trudged to the muddy porch
Today, for the last time, I tracked hay and horse hair into my house
Today, for the last time, I pulled off my boots and felt the sting of warm blood returning to my cold toes
Today, for the first time, I cried after my ride
Today, for the first time, I felt my hands shake as I set the saddle on its rack
Today, for the first time, I hugged my young trainer a final goodbye
Today, for the first time, I waited for the new owner’s trailer to arrive
Today, for the first time, I set my boots in a box to go to the Goodwill
Today, for the first time, I sighed at the wear on my riding gloves
Today, for the first time, I had no hay in my hair
Today, for the first time, I did not hear nickering when I opened my back door
Today, for the first time, I felt worse leaving the barn that I did when I entered
Today, for the first time, I had no one to check on before going to bed

Tomorrow, for the first time, I won’t have to buy hay
Tomorrow, for the first time, I can stay in bed longer
Tomorrow, for the first time, I won’t see the poop pile grow
Tomorrow, for the first time, I won’t be able to fly on four legs
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will be sorry I listened
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will regret letting her go
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will be angry at God
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will be angry at myself
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will cry the day away
Tomorrow, for the first time, I will be glad to die

Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will awaken in tears
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will know I was wrong
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will defy all the judgment
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will ignore my old bones
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will return the buyer’s check
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will bring my friend home
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will take my boots out of the box
Day after tomorrow, for the first time, I will be reborn

For the rest of my life, I will have a horse in my yard
For the rest of my life, I will ignore the cruel judging
For the rest of my life, I will watch the poop pile grow
For the rest of my life, I will have hay in my hair
For the rest of my life, I will track mud in my house
For the rest of my life, I will bury my face in her soft neck
For the rest of my life, I will let my soul fly

For the rest of my life, I will never be alone


We make a Living by what we get, We make a Life by what we give.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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Homeless mustang: true story of her courage

Captured, ripped from her homeland, and still homeless 4 years later.

Captivating, heart breaking story

based on a True story about a still homeless Mustang filly.

Dallas Lights:

I just love the spring here on the prairie.   The sun is shinning longer every day.  The warmth of the afternoon starts to warm me to my bones as I spend most of the day doing absolutely nothing.  I’m just laying in the sun sleeping or playing with the with the other yearlings.

I love it here.  I have a mom  that takes such great care of me and this year I got a new baby brother.  I love  just being silly, eating the fresh spring grass and playing with all my friends.  The perfect life  just relaxing and enjoying the day.

WAIT! That’s my dad’s warning.  His feet are starting to pound the ground like thunder.  I can hear the anger and now rage coming from his voice.

I try to scramble to my feet but my foot slips and I almost fall.  In a flash, without any other warning,  dad starts running the entire herd.

His mane flying wildly as he speeds to the front.

I have never seen him so angry or upset.  The wild mustang

Why is he so startled?

What is wrong?

I look for my younger brother and my mom, but I can’t see them.

I turn and run with the rest of the herd. We are running faster and faster as everyone starts to realize something is terribly wrong.

A couple of the other younger boys wheel around to find out what is going on and to help my dad.  In seconds they are so startled they just spin back around and  take off, passing many of the others in their panicked flight.

Suddenly, a loud, strange, whiny noise comes from the distance, one that I haven’t heard before. It keeps getting louder and louder. There is something up in the sky.  My dad is making the herd more to the west, to keep us out of harms way.

The object in the sky gets closer to him.  The herd starts to panic even more.  We start to turn.  My dad just can’t get them to listen.   Everyone starts to turn back.

My dad is outraged, but not wanting to leave us, he starts to follow.

Taking giants leaps, he gallops across the uneven footing.  He is running flat-out trying to get back in front to turn us around once more.  But everyone is too scared.

I just don’t understand why that thing is chasing us.

We are at a full run now.  I don’t  know where we are going.  I’m so scared.

I keep looking for my mom and my brother, but I can’t see them anywhere.   We just keep running. We must have run several miles by now.  We crossed the river  and headed down the valley.   I don’t know if I can run any further.  My lungs seem like they are on fire.

I so confused and I don’t know where I am any longer.

Where is my  Mom?  I start to panic.   I can see what looks like a blockade up ahead.  Where’s my mom?

Mom!  Mom!

I can’t hear her at all.  I can’t see her.  I want my mom.  I cry out with all that I have let in me.

My dad circles back around and heads to the back of the herd to see if he can escape, but how there are other horses and more men chasing us and  driving us forward.

I want to go home now.  I want to go back.   Mom!  Mom!  I scream.  Where are you?   But I can’t hear anything above the noise from the sky.

I can’t see my dad any more either.   Dad!  Dad!

The herd pushes me forward into small boxes.   I am packed in the middle with most of the older mares.   They keep bumping me from all sides.  I am so afraid.

Most of us are still in a panic.  It is hard to realize that there are so many of packed into this little area.    My legs and muscles just ache.  There is just no place to lay down. There is no safe place just to rest.   The wild mustang

What are they doing with us?

What is going to happen now?

Why can’t we just go home?

Days pass

The water is so stale and at times,  it is almost too hot to drink.  The grass they give us is old and hard to chew.

I have been dreaming about some of the fresh prairie grass,  fresh and so tasty.  I keep thinking about going home and getting a cool drink of fresh water from the edge of the banks of the river. It  is always cool and oh so refreshing.   Can I go home now?

I whinny out, but no one is answering anymore.

Horse show photo contest

There is just no place to rest that feels safe to me.

We are all wondering what is going to happen to us next. One by one they keep taking us away.  None of them are coming back.

Where are they taking them all?  Will I have to leave and never get to come back.  I hang my head wondering what will happen to me. Will I be next?

I just want my mom.   I want my family.  I want to go home.

One of the older mares, said that my younger brother didn’t make it crossing the river.  She was behind him.  One minute he was there, and then all of a sudden he got in-between some of the older horses.

She saw him struggling to keep his head above the water, but she couldn’t get to him.  Then  she couldn’t see him anymore.  She kept watching, but see never did see him again.

I still keep wanting to see or hear my mom.

The wild mustang I can hear my dad.

He has  hardly  stopped  his pawing the ground or giving us warnings  for all of us to be careful.

Since  the moment we stopped he has tried to keep us together.  I can hear him saying goodbye to each one as they take them away.

Telling them to try not to worry.

Most of his cries are loud but at times I can hear his soft nicker as if he is telling us all that it will all be OK.  His voice is all that keeps me going.

I nicker back and he whispers how much he loves me.

I love you too, Dad.

I wish I could see him.

I know he would take me back home if he could.  I know he would find my younger brother.  If he was with me, I would feel so much safer.

Months  pass.

Most of us are gone now.  One-by-one they have taken us away.  With other horses and men, they come in with ropes and force us into a large metal box.

I know they will be coming for me soon.  My dad is silent now. I am not sure if he is still here.

I never did see my mom again.  I never got to even say Good-bye.

Oh crap, here they come again.  Oh, no they are after me this time.  I am just too tired to fight anymore.   I never get to rest and I am always hungry.

I start to  move slowly. One of the riders takes his rope several times above my head, and slaps  my rump. The wild mustang

It stings and  I leap forward with the rest of the herd.

The footing is slippery. It sounds funny.

Most of the younger horses are being loaded.  I think we have all given up hope of ever going home again.

I sure wouldn’t mind having one of those riders get close enough to my feet.   I sure would show them what my dad taught me.

My feet keep slipping. We are moving in this funny box.

Everyone has to keep leaning on each other to stay on their feet.  One colt goes down.  He is struggling so hard to get back up.  The young bay filly is trying not  to step on him, but she nicks his leg.   He is finally back on his feet.  I can see that his leg hurts. None of us can hardly stand up in here.

Most of the day and into the night, it  just keeps  moving.

Years  pass.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to all of this.  I have seen two more winters come and go.  Everyone is gone except just three of us now; the gray colt, the one that hurt his leg, he is now my best friend and one other filly.  She was just a baby when she got here.  She hates the food and never eats much.  She is so thin. The wild mustang

Here we go again.

They push us through the pens and into a place where there is a lot of people.  Nothing seems to change except they move us to a different spot each time.

I have spent more time in that moving trailer than I did being free out on the prairie.

I still remember though. I remember running free; playing, laughing, racing all my friends ang  watching my dad carefully watching over us day and night. I would give my life to hear his voice just one more time.

I know my mom is gone forever.  Nothing will ever be the same  and I will never hear the wild thunder from the herd under my hooves again.

Penned-up forever; Imprisoned for no reason.

The loud voice, again starts asking for bids, but nothing happens.

Some of us leave after one of these auctions, but I am so thin and I hate these humans touching me so no one has ever bid on me.  Every time they get near me, they hurt me or beat with ropes as they force me in and out of pens and trailers.

Is that all they know how to do is hurt us?

What I would give to hear a kind voice.

I overheard one of the workers tell a Cowboy, “This is the last stop.  It’s three strikes and your out!  The ones we don’t sell will end up in the slaughter house.

Is this the end for me?

The wild mustangThe Cowboy takes a look at me.

He has kind eyes.

“I’ll take them” he says. I’ll take  these four.

Before we know it, we are in the trailer and moving again, but something is different.  I can stand up in this trailer.  The driver is very careful.   In a short time we are stopping.   We are all unloaded and allowed to mingle with other horses.   They all seem happy.   They have fresh water and good food, and there’s GRASS

I can see that same man coming towards us.  He comes  to the gate and peeks in.

His voice is soft. I like that.  I think it is the first time in over three seasons that someone has talked to me so softly.  He reminds me of my dad.

I wonder if he is nice.  I wonder where we are going this time. Maybe this is the end of my travels for a while.

Days pass and I come to like it here.

There’s also a very nice lady.  She brings me treats.  I still can’t bring myself to trust them. The are humans, after all.  But … they never yell us me and they never hit me, not once.   The wild mustang

Maybe, just maybe things will be different now.

Just like my dad, Jim keeps telling me everything will be alright.   He keeps reminding me that this is only temporary and that he is looking hard to find me a home.

I would love to have a place to call home again.  I wonder what I did so wrong not to be able to have a home for so many years. There are more of us here without a home.  We all talk about what it would be like, a home of our own.

It is hard to imagine, after all this time that there might be a home for me again. I keep wondering if it will be nice with lots of fresh water and a place so safe, I can lay down to rest once again in the warm sunshine.

When the spring came this year, I was 4 years old.  I lost my home, my mom, my dad and my baby brother when I was only one.

That’s a long time to wait to have someone love me again.

The wild mustang

What is Thanksgiving?  Jim told me he has a special treat for me on Thanksgiving.

Humans, the are such odd beings. But I’m watching the other horse, and I see how much they like him.  Maybe I can learn to trust these people.

I heard  Knot-a-Tail is sponsoring me and helping to take care of me until I find a home.

Do you what they did?

They trimmed hair from my tail   From my tail!  Can you imagine?

They used the hair to make mustang bracelets.

I think they are very pretty.  They use the funds to buy me things.  I guess I do need a few things.  All girls do.

Whinny’s for now.  I am  the still homeless spotted Mustang, but I now have hope that I’ll find a good home soon.

PS: they call me Dallas but they said my new owner could rename  me.  I truly want  a name of my own and a home with someone to love me like my family did.

Dallas was correct, Jim carefully managed to trim her tail so Roberta could make a few Mustang bracelets.  Since Dallas donated the hair, all the profits from the sale of the bracelets are used to help support her.  There is only 6 available.

Dallas Lights - Mustang Horse hair bracelet

Here is the link to read more about Dallas as she waits for a new home.

If you have a home for Dallas and would like more information, just contact the Cowboy.

Here is Jim’s (the cowboy) email address;

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the old mare

Every single time, I opened the gate to feed the herd in the morning  that old  mare would run anyone over that got in her way, including me.    I only had her a few weeks,  but I still had not found the time to re-train her to be more respectful of her handlers.

I had brought the old mare from a breeding farm and the only thing she knew was food and babies.   I had got it into my mind that she was just too old to change and that the effort would just take too much time.

Pam, my neighbor can over early one morning for coffee after which we both headed to the barn to do some chores.   There was that old mare just waiting for someone to open that gate.   Pam never knew what hit her.  The second  Pam opened that gate,  that old mare knocked her clean off her feet, before I could even  get a word out of my mouth for her to watch out.

Pam,  got back on her feet and came nose to nose with me, asking me what the heel I was doing not teaching that mare a few barn manners.

It did get pretty loud for a few minutes.

But she was right, I should have found the time.   I find it extremely easy at times, to talk myself out of doing things I know might be difficult, but still need to be done.

It seems at times, I would prefer to have less of a life and be lazy, then to grit my teeth and forge my way through the problem.   Why do you think we settle for less in our lives than we are truly capable of becoming?

Why do you think we put up with circumstances, that with some effort, focus  and inspiration we can fix and overcome?

Why do you think we wait, until the circumstance make us change?

Here is a statement that I try to remember: ”

When you have a  mountain to climb, circling your horse around the bottom won’t make it any smaller.

P.S.  From that day forward, that old mare waited her turn.

Just facing a few mountains of my own this morning.  I think I will put on some climbing boots and start heading up.    How about you?  Any ones you need to start climbing?

I do not want to wait until the circumstances in my life make me change.  It seems at those moments the lessons are always harder.

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just start climbing and keep on being the  WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

You can easy  make a difference for an hungry, abused horse.    Horse memorial page.

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News Flash::Horse escapes police and crazy driver after parade

Oh, do I love a parade.

My favorite back home has always been the 4th of July parade.   When I was young, I would stop at nothing to ride in the parade.   One year I rode 35 miles into town, stayed with my horse overnight at the fair grounds, just to ride the in the two mile parade and  another 35 mile ride back home.    Like I said, I so love a parade, but riding in them was the best of all.

One year, my dad drove me to town and as  he waited as I rode in the two mile parade.    That fourth of July,  I had my half Arabian half Quarter horse , Mysti-Phon.   I finished the parade, and we headed back to the truck by the  University of  Wisconsin-Superior football field.

I rode up to the truck,  was just about to  dismount when  a truck drove by and backfired.  At that moment all  heel broke loose.  And I found myself picking my butt off the ground.

In a split second,  Mysti-Phon spun around and  with one gigantic leap, she hit the ground at a dead run.   In horror, I watched her bust through several road block  barriers that were set up for the parade,  slide across the blacktop, leap the sidewalk, by-pass two cars in the University parking lot and run directly between the  University dorms and  disappear from my  site.

Without any hesitation, I leaped into the truck and headed, though that old Ford in first gear, spun a few tires and sent dirt flying  in every direction to chase out after her.   Never did it dawn on me to wait for my dad to get in the truck, or that I was only  sixteen and did not  even have a drivers license yet

After all, I was a country girl, I could drive about any tractor so  an old Ford with four on the floor was nothing.

As I headed past the University, I caught a glimpse of her still in a dead run, heading between two houses and then she crossed over to 21th street.  She ran straight down the road until  a car started honking and trying to wave her down.

Quickly swerving and making a left turn,  she headed  between cars and down the alley.  I watched as she effortlessly jumped a back yard fence,  and moments later  jumping over the front yard fence and onto the sidewalk.   Now she was headed straight up Hammond avenue.

A heavy traveled street.  Nothing seemed to slow her down.  Nothing.

By now, she had already ran for several miles, but that mare had more stamina that any horse that I had every owned.

I came up behind her and hugged the center of the road with my flashers on, as she continue her flight on to 28th street.   She headed down 28th street and headed for the stop lights on Tower Avenue, the busiest street in the entire town.  It was one of only two streets that lead out of town after the BIG parade and traffic was heavy.

All that I could do was watch in ABSOLUTE terror as she headed for the intersection.  It was all happening so quickly, that I  only  had time to mutter a prayer asking God to keep her safe. I just keep repeating “Keep her safe, keep her safe” Over and over.

Through the intersection she went and  I was close behind.   I waited to the last moment to start sounding  my horn.   It was one of the magical moment in your life, when we both went though the intersection on a red lite and we both lived to tell about it.

At the corner of the intersection was a KFC.  Sitting there was an old open-stock  horse trailer with horses from the parade  loaded in side.   Mysti-Phon finally stopped next to the trailer.   The driver just quietly got out of the truck and she walked right up to him.

Unbelievable as it  may seem, everyone was safe and Mysti-Phon did not  have even one scratch on her.

Within seconds,  a police car drove up with my dad inside.   He never did say a word or ask me why I did not wait for him, and lucky for me,  the policeman did not ask me for my drivers license either.

I must have  at least broken a couple of dozen traffic violations that day.

I just happen to remember this story the other day and I had to share.

I never know what  really did spook that mare.  She was almost 6 and had hundreds of road miles under the saddle.  She  was calm under the saddle and always well behaved but what I do remember  most that day was her determination.

Do you know what it takes to get to the next level of your life: the one where your dreams come true and all your goals are well within your reach?

Just 10% extra effort will put you in the upper 95% of the population.  That is correct, only 5% of the  entire world’s population every go after their  dreams strong enough and hard enough to reach them.  Only 5%!

Are you one of  the 5%?

Will you reach your dreams?  Or  have you  already given up on your dreams?

Do you know what it takes to get to those dreams?


First find some reason from within that will drive you forward like nothing else.  Find that one goal, that one vision that will drive you forward  letting nothing, and no one stop you.

Just  take up the attitude of that mare.

  • Do a 180 degree turn right now
  • Hit the ground at a full run
  • Leave all the ones behind that want to haul you off  to where they want you to go
  • Dump the one that rides you the most
  • Look at the road blocks in front of you and quickly find the fastest way around them
  • Don’t follow anyone, make your own path.   No one knows you better than you
  • Jump any obstacles that get in your way
  • Find enough heart to go the distance
  • Don’t wait for  someone else to give you the green lite.

If you are waiting for someone to give you the green lite to allow you to  to reach for the stars, the magic,  your goals and dreams, to embrace all that there is in this life time, you have a very, very  long wait.

And Never, Never beleive that you do not have what it takes.

If you are livin’ for the whinny, than you have everything it takes to reach all your dreams.

Ready to change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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Your story can help save a life.

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A new pair of Cowboy boots

Last Sunday morning, I waited in the car, while my business partner went into  a local bakery in downtown Tempe, AZ  to buy some  piping-hot, super fresh, right  out-of-the over,  cross-top  buns to take to Easter dinner   Needless to say the lines were long and it took him awhile.

I had brought a book to read about expanding my spiritual awareness,  called “The Force”.   I was deep into reading my book, deep into feeling more spiritual and ready to take on every new challenge that came my way.

I had been so deep into thought, that I was unaware on anything  around me, when all of a sudden I heard  a “clicking/ thump” sound that was oh so very familiar.  A sound  I know that you have also heard a thousand times.

“A pair of Cowboy boots hitting the pavement.”    When I looked up the man in the truck next to us was getting in and I could see just  the bottom part of his new boots from under the truck.

I was giggling at myself so loud that I though everyone must  be looking.   Here I am reading a  book about being more  aware of the world around me, and the only thing  that even came close to getting my attention away from myself and out  towards the world around me was  the sound of a new pair of Cowboy boots hitting the payment.

You know the statement, I thought I was going to laugh until I pee’d my pants, Well I thought I did.

I put down the book, and started to think about what just happened.  I came to the understanding  that I am extremely narrow-minded.  I want to get beyond just the familiar, after all that is what the book I was reading was telling me.  Go beyond the familiar to stretch  and be more aware of life itself so my own life would be able to expand  as well.

I have a list of  familiar that always get my attention.

  • A whinny
  • A truck pulling a horse trailer
  • The  smell of a new saddle
  • The sound of  running hoof beats heading up the driveway
  • And the roar of a Harley, mine is red.

I thought at that moment “What if” I could add a few more

  • The young women struggling with the two small kids on the corner
  • The son helping his elderly mom get into the car behind us.
  • The very cute guy walking his dog in front on me down the sidewalk, (it is no wonder I am single when I don’t even notice a cute fella that is my own  age)
  • The fantastic mouth-watering  smell from the bakery on Easter morning
  • The fancy Spring  bonnet on the women across the street
  • The sweet smell of the oranges  on the ground in the orchard alongside the Bakery.

It sounds as if I might have learned an important lesson that Easter Sunday.

You might think that anyway.

But no, it could not have been that easy.  That is the reason I thought I would Blog about it.    I spent  an entire afternoon up town today, the only thing I happened to take a mental note of, in any way, shape or form, was a white  double cab,  “equine rescue  truck” backed into the outside parking lot at  McDonald’s.

I just might have to read some more books to go beyond my limited awareness.  To find out and to be able to experience  more of what  I know is inside of me, I can not always stand on the same ground.

Besides, I will not be able to plant anything new, allow anything else to  grow if I am always standing in the same spot, the same ground, the same familiar, if I remain the same me.

Just for one day,  just think about trading your Cowboy boots in for a  new pair of Flip-flops, spike, heels, or loafers

and  just see what might happen.

It will not only give your feet a break, but it will allow you to look beyond  and expand your own reality. You might find out how quickly you  just moved towards the life you have always dreamed.

……………………………..Change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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The death of the sun red colt

Is there anything better than watching the colts and fillies playing their games?

Kicking their heels high in the air, jumping and bouncing being the center of their universe. I have a passion for the babies. Like so many horse lovers, years ago my husband and I bought a stallion, a few mares and breed a few babies.

I love watching them and playing with them. Just like kids, they learn so fast, and the seem to be able to bring out the best in me.

I had waited a couple of years to have a colt out of my husband’s mare Robyn. We got our wish, although I was hoping with a little more color, the colt was just like his mom and as deep fire burst  red that seemed to match the glow of the morning sun.

During one of my early morning feedings, I discovered my long-awaited colt, laying flat in his stall with sever diarrhea. He barely had the energy left to lift his head. I made an immediate call to the vet. The vet arrived in no time, but was not very optimistic. After doing all she could, she said she would be back in a few hours and if he was not any better by evening, she thought the best thing would be putting the colt down.  For some reason, he had become extremely sick

The hours were pure torture and  agony as I only thought the worst. My husband and I took turns keeping an eye on him as the hours passed.   I did not see any hope for the little guy as the day continued on,  there was no change.

I saw the vet drive down the long driveway.  She was early.  I headed for the little guy’s stall to say goodbye.   I sat down next to him, and just talked about how glad I was to have him in my life even though it was so such a short period of time.   I put my arms around him and said one more prayer for him.   I rose back to my feet and headed out the stall door not bothering  to shut it.   I walked out the front barn doors to meet the Vet.
Horse hair bracelet

She smiled and  as I turned around to see why,  the little guy was up and walking out of the stall.

Needless, to say, he made it.

(the photo is of Ace  at the age of two and my granddaughter at 18 months)

I am the kind of person that always  thinks the worst possible things are  always going to happen.  In fact, I have spent most of my life  imagining the worst.

That good things happen to everyone else, but not me.  Does that sound familiar?

How quickly I can forget  all the  blessing in my life.  I did not wait for the colt to live that day, I had waited for him to die.

Recently, my partner left me with this statement “ What is the best that could happen? To my surprise, I do not remember ever asking myself that question. Ever!

I think I am getting to be a pretty old horseman never to have asked myself  such a question.

Now,  I have posted a note on my computer reminding me to think about

” What is the best that could happen today?”

I have found that the one phrase has changed my life.  I find happiness and joy in the problems I have to face for the day.  That one statement  has completely changed my  way of thinking and my life is far better.   My life has started to change from being a struggle to being a compete joy, like  a spring trail ride  down my favorite path with  my best friends.

So for today, grab a post-a-note, post it everywhere, and change you life.

What is the best that could happen to me today??

Remember, become the whinny: become the best whinny of your own life.  When  you wake in the morning,  make the first whinny of the day, the loudest one  in celebration of you.

Never again, will I wait for the colt to die, but I will wait for him  to live.

Live your best day yet.
……………………………..Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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Empty Saddlebags

I just wanted to share a quick little story with you.  It is not really about a horse, but it is about a donkey.

One morning a rancher went to the barn to feed all his animals but when he was almost done, he realized he could not find one of his most favorite pets,  his little mini-donkey.  He search the entire farm and had almost given up when he remember the old well out back.  Sure enough his little pet had fallen in.

The rancher tried all morning to figure out how to get him out, but all attempts had failed.  His little friend was just too stuck.   The rancher did not want the little guy to suffer, so he started to fill in the hole.   He shoveled the entire afternoon and well into the late moon lit hours of the night.  The hole was deep.  Just about the time, he thought he should be almost completely done, he  saw his little buddy.  Each time the rancher tossed in another shovel full of dirt, the little guy would shake it off and step up.   The rancher quickly started shoving faster and within a few minutes, his buddy had reached the top and jumped out.

I know what you area saying about now, “no way”, well you are correct however, it is a life lesson that I have to keep close at all times lately.

I don’t know about you, but for me, during these trying economic times,  I too have had to learn the “shake if off and step on up” dance, even when it seemed to beyond practical, even when others around me were telling me to give up.

Here is what I have stood my Cowgirl boots upon every step of the way.

“Cowgirls who aim to achieve great things, defeat long odds, ride great horses, become legends,  didn’t have anything I do not  have.    They just kept showing up, expecting a miracle, long after everyone else got practical. ”

I just keep reminding myself,  to shake all the dirt, manure, and crap off my old “AS…. kickin’ as it gets boots” and Cowgirl-up.   I find it extremely easy to remember  what I have lost then to look at all my blessing and remember exactly which trail I want to lope down next to make sure I reach my dreams.

I was recently told that it is the “choosing” that is easy, it is the standing still,  the  “not choosing that is the hardest part of anyone’s life. When I find myself standing still,  forgetting exactly who I am, and not  finding a way to move forward, my life becomes even more difficult.   Worse yet  is that hope for any change lacks any kind of passion. It turns into more of  a state of wishful thinking, and unfortunately, wishful thinking will never have the power to change anyone’s world.

Join me,  today,  saddle-up and chose your own trail to ride , the one  that will take you to your life’s passion. The one that you have dreamed of  for so long.   Start by emptying your saddle bags of all the crap that you have carried for so long,    mount up and ride,  girl ride.     Today, choose to leave all the crap behind, shake if all off and step-up.

Right now:  be the WHINNY of your own life and bring out the true Cowgirl in you:  the passionate one that knows her own heart and will do whatever it take to reach her dream.    This is easy, remember the two-step: shake, and step, shake and step, no matter how much crap life dumps on you.

Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny! Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


When all else fails, turn on some music and “shake-step ::: shake- step ::: shake-step.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul
Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom


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I would be so excited if you will join us.   Shake, step :: shake :: step

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Got to go feed the horses.

Sometimes, something is just so cute you have to pass it on.

Now these guys, really know how to whinny.

Always remember, the best part of the day always within the Whinny

Love Roberta

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Houdini, the Appaloosa gelding

Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

I was reading the Sunday section of horse ads when I can across an add for a 4 year old green broke registered Appaloosa gelding with all the tack and a Simco saddle for $400.00. I thought, even if the saddle was older, I could fix it up and get at least $200.00 out of it. I also loved bringing home green broke horses. I would just started all over again as I convinced myself that I needed another project and horse to train.

So I called the number and made the arrangements to see the gelding that afternoon. Even though it was not very far, I hitched the trailer and got a stall ready to go.

When I got there, they brought a nice big, almost black, stocky built gelding with a snowflake blanket out of the barn. He was very handsome, well groomed, calm, polite, and he seemed very easy to get along with. I watch as them lead him around and I could see absolutely nothing wrong with him.

He came with a Simco saddle that seemed almost new, plus a heavy winter blanket, bridle and all the tack you would ever need for one horse. I thought that I might have a problem loading him in the horse trailer, but that only took a few minutes and we were off towards home.

One of my best friends was a Vet, so I stopped at her clinic on the way home for the once over and he passed with flying colors. So off to home I went with my new prize.

I unloaded him and headed for the barn. I gave him the box stall in the corner of the barn where he could watch everything that was going on. I made sure he had everything that he needed and I headed back to the house to see what my husband wanted to do on such a perfect Sunday afternoon.

I was only about a 100 feet pasted the end of the barn, when a horse bolted past me. I was in shock to see it was the new gelding. I thought perhaps I did not put the latch on correct, so I just gathered him back up and headed back to his stall. This time, I checked twice to make sure the door was completely latched. So again, I headed out the large double barn doors and just started heading for the house. Guess what? A bolt of black went streaking past me once more.

This time, I shut the upper half of the door, and headed towards the house. I had almost made it when, you know what happened next. This time, I went in and got my husband. Of course, when I told him my story, the laughter got a little loud.

Two more tries for my husband before he took a board and drilled it across the doors until we could figure out how to keep him in the stall. That darn old horse drove both my husband and me just plain crazy for the next few weeks. He would out-smart us every time.

After I spent some time with him, getting him well past being green broke a buyer showed up for a look. When he asked me the horse’s name, I just said around here, they call he Houdini. He laughed, as I let him shut and latch both stalls doors. Before we even made it half way to the shop, Houdini earned his name once again.

A dear friend of mine sent me this email recently, and it reminded me of Houdini
“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise , risking more than others think is safe, and dreaming more than others think is practical. You are in excellence in all that you do.” He forgot the last part ‘ expect more than others think is possible.”

Who would have every expected that gelding to be able to open any gate to the point we had to use a board and drill every time. That gelding was in total excellence.

He had become a mastery of escape with any latch by the age of four. I want that kind of  determination in my life  To do my best, beyond what others think is possible, to risk more than what might be wise, and to dream bigger than my ego has every let me sail before.

Now that is living in excellence. What if, I was just an excellent friend, rising to the occasion that I stand with you no matter what. Or perhaps today, I was an excellent partner and believing in you more than ever before or I could be the “BEST” employee.  For me, I would be in excellence in self confidence, and never doubt me abilities of my gifts.

Today, I am going to do my best to be in excellence in whatever I place my mind, heart and hands on. If a horse can give his best every time, then so can I.

How can you be in excellence in your world today?

Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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