Along the Dusty Trail

I found this poem on a friends page and thought it might touch a few of you. I hope you enjoy.

Along the Dusty Trail

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
shes seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure shes magic,
I know I hold her dear.

Another horse would suit me,
one that can run fast,
maybe one that’s younger,
or maybe one that lasts.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s long and far in tooth,
my children do remember,
her fondly from their youth.

Another horse would suit me,
a gelding in his prime,
one that needs less fixin’,
that helps me save a dime.

Why, they asked, then keep her?
why not trade her now?
bring her to an auction?
replace her with a cow?

The Rancher’s brow grew heavy,
he took a staggered step,
his eyes did show his hardships,
in wrinkles, as they crept.

His breath, he took in deeply,
as he poised to say his words,
it’s as if the earth grew silent,
that his message should be heard.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
has given me her life,
I wouldn’t trade for anything,
nor either, would my wife.

Another horse would suit me,
and perhaps someday will come,
but this old gal, I love her,
she is the chosen one.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
her service she did lend,
her and I, have seen the years,
this old horse, she is my friend.

Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep,
I owe her sanctuary,
my love for her is deep.

Another horse would suit me well,
and younger days for me,
and I will keep my promise,
until our last breaths, set us free.”


I sure hope you are getting ready for the Holiday season: Country style anyway.

Be the envy of your horse loving friends.

I have also been saving DIY Horse craft ideas on Pinterest that is fun and always being updated.

Come for a visit and let your imagination go.

I also have a board for Horse shoe nails and Barbed wire ideas. Some are so amazing. Lots and lots of ideas to take your passion to new heights.

I hope you join me as you get ready for the Holidays.

Have a Happy Holiday season.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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Valentine’s Horse Lover’s Fun

I asked this question on Facebook and thought you might enjoy some of the answers.

Valentine giveaway. Great prizes for my horse loving Friends

Just answer this question.

If the most significant other in your life were a horse, what kind of horse would it be and why?

  • by nature in any OTTB so that is my riding partner, but if it was to live in my house I would be drawn to an American quarter horse to their adaptability and great nature!
  • A jackass. Talented, sure footed, hard worker, just flipping adorable, sweet, but hard headed and stubborn as all get out. When he sets back and balks, no force on gods green earth will move him if he thinks what he is doing is the right thing to do……and we have the most beautiful mule headed children ever!! (although the grand-mules disprove the whole sterility thing…LOL)
  • An Arabian stallion beautiful to look at strong willed unpredictable and always entertaining and those dark eyes that melt my soul if he were a horse of course of course ………,

It would have to be a Tennessee Walking Horse, because, not only are they calm, regal, loyal,smooth and beautiful…..they also have a heart as big as Texas!!! I love my TWH’s!!! (:

  • Tennessee Walking Horse, has Class , style, presents, and southern charm, and not to hard to look at, with a super disposition, not a quiter.
  • A Morgan as he is so similar to my Morgan fellow in his cheeky but try his heart out for you nature with a dash of arrogance lol
  • A Clydesdale because I love the size of them and the strength and they are so majestic looking! They also have great personalities!
  • A Polish Arabian would be the one for me!! They are loyal to their person, have lots of personality, are fun to be around, and are very hearty! Love Arabs! My boy, Ramah, is a great example of the above traits that Arabs possess!
  • A rescue of unknown breeding that connects with my heart- we can save each other and show the world that one man’s trash can be another woman’s treasure
  • Gypsy Vanner- strong, hard working and a great disposition, eager to please, and wonderfully handsome! Something about those black and white Vanners with those beautiful legs takes my breath away!
  • He would be any sweet middle-aged gelding who loves me half as much as I love him!
  • A Frisian – exotic to look at, great mover, level headed, and a gentle giant (actually getting the best next thing next spring – my sweet Arab mare is being bred to a GORGEOUS and sweetheart Frisian in April).
  • Not a horse… A mule. Stubborn, hard worker yet irresistible to love!!!! Lol
  • Thoroughbred because many people stereotype them but with the right hands, training, and love they turn into wonderful, competitive, successful horses. Especially in barrel racing and cow work where most people doubt me and I prove them wrong. The bond with this breed can be just as amazing as any other breed, hot or not.
  • Clydesdale strong beautiful & talented
  • My husband would be a Quarter Horse, a stud that probably should have been gelded long ago. No performance records, not that well trained, not really much to look at either. His true value lies in his amazing offspring…he throws BEAUTIFUL babies and I’m glad I have him!
  • Heh, he is gonna hate me for this… But he would a 25 year old lesson horse. He’s steady, dependable, somewhat lazy, and eats way too much for the work he does. He’s been there, done that, and not much phases him these days. But he’s also never put a foot wrong, can still “kick up his heels” with the young colts, and I trust him with my life
  • My significant other as a horse would have to be a quarter horse. Each quarter horse I have had has been dependable and there for me no matter what. They put me first and work hard to settle any disputes along the way. Sometimes they become a bit scared but I can return the favor and help them get through anything. They are strong, beautiful, and athletic but do not judge me for my tall height or weight. When I want to try something new or polish an old skill, my quarter horse is versatile in attempting to try it with me, even if it is not his cup of tea. When I have a bad day, a quarter horse listens. A quarter horse will stand behind me and let me shine or lead the way when I need a hand.
  • Already own him…my Kentucky Mtn stallion, Storm. He is more of a gentleman, than most men I have met. He is a good looker, fun, and has a quirky sense of humor. Kind, loves children, and most ppl don’t know he is a stallion as he doesn’t act like a dorky boy. What more could one want in a guy?
  • I too own a beautiful, smart, dependable and funny Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse!
  • He would be an Arab quarter horse cross. strong willed, and strong.
  • A paint, just as beautiful on the inside as he is handsome on the outside. Reliable with just enough spirit to keep things interesting. One I could lean on when I’m down, one that comforts without words, one to share the good times, the awesome memories and my life with.

There are are at least a 100 more on the Knot-a-Tail Facebook page.  Way too fun to read.

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just  WHINNNNNNING out loud as much as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Don’t Scare your Horse

Don’t let your horse see what some of these horses look like.

They will be scared to death that you might do the same to them!

I wanted to share with you these photos of The Knot-a-Tail’s Annual Boo Horse Halloween Photo Contest.

I am not sure how some of these horses stood for all that their owners did to them. I think they all must have taken a John Lyons course of two.

Vote for your  favorite.

Happy Horse Halloween

The night mare

Just to let you know, keep your eye out for Knot-a-Tails Holidays Contest

I have seen what they are giving away this year and it is spectacular.

As Always

Whinny’s Roberta

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The miracle: A Cowboy’s prayer

Daily Oats: food for the horse lovers soul

Everyone has dreams about how great their horse is including me.  Mine was to take the WSCA Pleasure driving championship.  So for two  summers my family  and I worked our tails off getting our stallion ready.

By 6:am, we were in the barn feeding our herd and getting Sunny groomed and ready to start the days training.  We started in the round pen to make sure I had his attention in his head, and not in other places.  Next was a morning ride, finished off with some pleasure  driving work in the arena.  If I had time in the day, we would take  to the back country roads for a  nice, long drive  to work on the road gate and really stretch his legs.   We also hauled him  to be able to take  driving  lessons from   a AQHA world  Pleasure driving  champion that was 150 miles away.

By the  end of the second year, he was ready.  Sunny  got to the point he never missed a beat.  Because I am such a dreamer, I had the highest hopes of the Blue ribbon.    The two of us,  placed first in every show we entered that second year  and quickly qualified to go to the championship show.

Our big day came. We left the night before for the 200 mile drive.  Morning came and my son saddled Sunny  up and headed for the indoor arena at the St. Paul, MN fairgrounds.

Within minutes, he came back and said “Mom, I just can not get him to go.”

So we harness him up and drove him a little, but it was 6:30 am  and it was time for our class.   In the ring, I found myself getting after him harder and harder to push him into more forward motion and into a proper road gate.   However,  it quickly brought me to tears.  I just could not push him so hard.  To me, he was too good of a horse  to keep pushing him in excess, so I pulled into the rail as fair as I could and let others pass.

Once in the line up, my name was called for 10th place.

When we went to take the harness off, he had blotted so bad from colicing
that we thought we were going to have to cut the harness off of him.  The next six hours were hell on earth.

When Sunny could no longer take the pain the Vet said it was time to call it quits.  My husband sat in the back of the horse trailer  holding me  in his arms as we made the finale decision to put him down.  Sunny was just in too much pain.   As he tried to walk, every few feet he would have to stop and his entire body would tremble  and severely shake from the intense  pain.  It was the most devastating thing I ever had to watch.

Next, I had to tell my son that our beloved stallion and freind was about to be put down.

He said ” Mom, why did God do this to me?’

I replied, “Have you asked God to save your horse? When was the last time you asked him for anything?  You can not expect him to help, when you never talk to him? ”

“Have you prayed for your horse?” I asked. Rob looked at me in complete silence.

I watched the look on his face change as he sat down on a bench, took his Cowboy hat off and bowed his head.

Within seconds, Sunny took just a two more steps and one turd fell, just one small fresh turd.   Terry, our trainer, walked him in a circle  one more time, only this time Sunny dropped his head to smell the turd, walked over it and took a huge dump.

We all stood up and looked on in complete  shock, even the Vet.  The vet was positive he was not going to make it just seconds before.  I was sure that that there was nothing left that could be done,  not even surgery.  He  had been sure it the only solution to the intense pain, was to end his life.   You should of seen us  dancing, crying and jumping all at the same time.  We were quite the spectacle

It only took a young man’s simple prayer, one simple Cowboy prayer.

We loaded Sunny up and  ecstatically happily headed for home.   After all, Sunny was alive and I did have a blue ribbon, just not the right shade.  I have to remember to make sure next time, I be more specific in my request to the universe which color blue.

Just for today, remember the reason for the season.  For me, every time  I have any doubts about my life, I remember a young  Cowboy’,  my son’s  simple prayer that saved his beloved horse’s  life.

From all of us here at Knot-A-Tail,  Merry Christmas everyone.

May you have all your dreams come true, Just make sure that it is not just a simple prayer, that is stopping you from getting  everything in this life that you have ever dreamed.

Remember to always be the whinny:
Greeting the world like your horse greets you.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Check out the Christmas Horse stories: My horse a true blessing
Christmas contest

Roberta Edstrom
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Santa and the Christmas Horse


Santa takes the World Champion horse show

(C) by Roberta Edstrom

In the moonlight on this perfect Christmas  morn
But a step in the frozen snow should I take,
when to ears I hear my horse morning nickers
Still dark so the outline of the barn I can hardly make

I know my eyes weren’t  deceive’n
I notice the barn door slightly a jar
Who and the heck, whos been so stupid
………………..My horses just must be a  freezin’

I gabbed the barn door
still as mad as a thorny old thistle
There in the moonlight of the upcoming day
What the heck, what is this I see?
For Christmas, did my wife buy me a fancy new sleigh?

When out of nowhere, something I did hear
Wait a minute, low sounds come to my ear
To my horses a man  was softly a talkin’
Was that the horns of a reindeer?

The stallion, his ears forward and being so alert
Looked just like he know what the old man had to say
As I grabbed for a pitch fork, “Hey, you there”
“You better get away from my big dark Bay”

Tressspassin’? Deadly offense
“What the hell do you think you’re a doin’?”
“Who gave you permission?”
Stop right there, mister, you better not be a movin’

Just who might you be anyway?
A red suit, don’t Santa you make
“Did you bring that animal here just to eat,
……………………………while we’re all in the house mostly asleep?”

That weird looking animal eatin’ all my darn hay
By gosh, even Santa would know it cost half my pay
you better darn well replace  it

……………on here, this Christmas day!

Quick could be, he turned around and looked right at me
Even half asleep, I knew him right away
It surely looked like Santa
can you believe this, him!……Santa makin’ off with my hay!

He looked me right in the eye
and in a loud voice, “I ain’t stealin that hay!”
Louder he told “Listen up here young Cowboy”!
I really got to borrow that big dark bay

My reindeer, Rudy, ya know
He complainin’, says it’s  just too harsh n’cold
to fly anymore in this year’s heaviest snow
And now, that damn old fool, well, he just refuses to go

I got presents to deliver, moments are passin’!
Children sent thousands of letters
Make it clear now Cowboy,  I have to get goin’
I ain’t standing here listen to  your mouth me a’ trashin”

That stud of yours,
Man, he looks to be mighty fine
If we sprinkle him with some flying dust
Then we could hock him to that sled of mine!

I though to myself
This old man has to be half nuts
If he only knew, I still walk with a limp
When that old stud kicked my leg as he aimed for me butt!
My shoulder sure been a hurtin’
since he me toppled me over just to get in
He bits me nearly every damn day
As I givin him a flake of …….expensive alfalfa hay

He has stomped on my foot
I’ve been told the farrier won’t ever come back
If it wasn’t for his champion filly’s
I would never cut that bay any slack

It takes me near an hour
to get him all saddled and tacked
And then it’s a darn fight
till the moment we get back

Like most of us men
He’s got no concentration
Snortin and Buckin all the darn time
Just tryin to get any filly’s attention

Well now, I got me a lot of other fine quality colts
So I started to wonder if this old man
what kind of trade for that dark old bay
Don’t think I would much miss that stubborn old goat

Ready to deal, I stared down that old Santa
and asked “So just what are you thinkin?”
By the way, What good is a reindeer
“Does that red nose ever stop blinkin’?

My old stud, I said” A class act, a world champion stallion
For Santa wouldn’t look at anything less
Seemed pretty strange, even bugged me a little
For that old stallion was really quite a pitiful mess

I giggled as he threw in elves toppin’ off the bargin
One year of no chores for me and the wife
A little cash n’ he’d  leave me all those Christmas  presents
I  thought I just made the greatest deal of my life

Well, will you just look at that darn horse of mine
Santa was quite the horseman
With a whisper and a wink of an eye,
that dark bay harnessed in no time!

In his bright red suit, he tossed up magical dust,
just like that, all four feet started flyin
That old man, smartly cracked that long whip
Oh my God, could this truly be the real St. Nick

Rudy and me just stood there stupidly lookin’
Wow, my old stallion flying and pulling that sleigh
I was a proud as could be,
That old dark bay was finally good fo somethin’

I remember it so, as being such a great Christmas
The elves, all my barn chores now their a doin’
For me, can you imagine,
For a year, no poop would I be a movin’

My cowgirl she too is mighty happy too
For ever since last Christmas
Not much has either one of us been doin’
but together, we here in the house sittin’ just a chillin’

Months passed, summer came and gone
Fall ‘s around the corner, but what I want, real real bad
Takin’ a horse to that world championship show
Ain’t taken that reindeer even if he is all that I had

For now, Rudy, reindeer, all I have to ride
and By God, make note, he is so damn slow
most of the time, he just refuses to go
and be fully aware, reindeer  ain’t got no power sterrin’

Lately, I been gettin’ kind of lazy and fat
Mornin’ paper, every day I now get to see
While the elves do all my ranchin’ for me
Wait one darn minute,  This truly can’t be

What to my wonderin’ eyes do I see
Blue ribbion on haning side of a red truck on a stick

Please, don’t tell me after just one year,
this surly really can’t  be my old bay and Mr. St Nick

There in the headlines, the story be told
“Tired reindeer my AS_! ” How could this be
A reindeer, cheap gifts, elves, my priceless stud had been sold
How Santa just made a complete fool out of me

That red suited old man,
On my favorite old stud did he ride
Wouldn’t you know
They completely won the entire
…………………………………….World Championship show!!

What else can I say,  but

……………………………………………………………………………GO, SANTA , GO

(C) by Roberta Edstrom

Happy Holidays

Remember, just be the whinny

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Roberta Edstrom

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