Along the Dusty Trail

I found this poem on a friends page and thought it might touch a few of you. I hope you enjoy.

Along the Dusty Trail

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
shes seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure shes magic,
I know I hold her dear.

Another horse would suit me,
one that can run fast,
maybe one that’s younger,
or maybe one that lasts.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s long and far in tooth,
my children do remember,
her fondly from their youth.

Another horse would suit me,
a gelding in his prime,
one that needs less fixin’,
that helps me save a dime.

Why, they asked, then keep her?
why not trade her now?
bring her to an auction?
replace her with a cow?

The Rancher’s brow grew heavy,
he took a staggered step,
his eyes did show his hardships,
in wrinkles, as they crept.

His breath, he took in deeply,
as he poised to say his words,
it’s as if the earth grew silent,
that his message should be heard.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
has given me her life,
I wouldn’t trade for anything,
nor either, would my wife.

Another horse would suit me,
and perhaps someday will come,
but this old gal, I love her,
she is the chosen one.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
her service she did lend,
her and I, have seen the years,
this old horse, she is my friend.

Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep,
I owe her sanctuary,
my love for her is deep.

Another horse would suit me well,
and younger days for me,
and I will keep my promise,
until our last breaths, set us free.”


I sure hope you are getting ready for the Holiday season: Country style anyway.

Be the envy of your horse loving friends.

I have also been saving DIY Horse craft ideas on Pinterest that is fun and always being updated.

Come for a visit and let your imagination go.

I also have a board for Horse shoe nails and Barbed wire ideas. Some are so amazing. Lots and lots of ideas to take your passion to new heights.

I hope you join me as you get ready for the Holidays.

Have a Happy Holiday season.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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Horses loved and lost

In loving memory

 I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
but I have you in my heart.
I will never stop loving you
For your hoof prints are running across my heart


Sometimes we just a place to remember, tell a life changing story, a place to release some of the sorrow for the horses that have captured our hearts, expanded our souls, brought our spirits to  a new level of life experiences and helped us to touch our hearts and souls to their  true  destinies.

This is a story of two  life long friends.

My life long friend, Terri Little with her horse Im a Cut-up Too.    Cut-up crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week.  She has had him since 1990.  The same year I bought my Sunny. They were both yearlings.   Our two horses grew-up together when they were just babies, just like Terri and I.   I will  miss him too, Terri.

Terri Little and Ima Cut-up Too

Here is Terri’s story.

Today I can honestly say was one of the very hardest days of my life… Daily Oats Horses loved and lost
I cried so hard and so deeply that I couldn’t catch my breath…
I had to send my friend and my heart song on his last ride without me in the saddle. For just a couple months short of 26 years he was my confidant and my strength when things got to where I wanted to just give up. He done everything ever asked of him both in the show ring and out always giving me the very best he had. I could put anyone on his back and know they were safe and I think just about everyone of my nieces and nephews made their first rides on him, even people who were afraid of horses enjoyed getting on him. There are several people I want to thank for making it possible for me to have such a wonderful creature as my all.
To my husband Thank you for such a wonderful gift and for always understanding just how much of my heart he holds.

To Lawrence Hiatt (Debi Hiatt) Thank you for being his breeder.
To Betty Hiatt Thank you for selling my boy to me.
And to Joey Jorgenson, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing me and in CutUp when we first came to you. You made a Champion of him while I laid in a hospital. From Halter to Reining he done it all and honestly seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Cutup has never known another owner and for that I am truly blessed.

I also want to thank Dr. Kathy for making his journey quick and with out pain or fear. She was his vet since we moved back here from Ky. and she was the only one to help me send him on his way.

IMA CUT-UP TOO 4/14/1990 Final Ride 9/4/2015

Sire: Mighty Cutup
Dam: Shi Skippa Kitty

The loss is great to all those that love so deep.

Knot-a-Tail  often get letters and notes from our customers that tell about their great loss.

You can read some of their stories on Knot-a-Tail’s Memorial Page: Horses loved and lost.

For all the losses that horse lovers have endured and have shared with Knot-a-Tail on our memorial page,  Knot-A-Tail makes a $2.00 donation to our local horse rescue service here is Mesa.

 Your story will help save another horse’s  life. 

If you have a story to tell, send your pictures and story to

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Happiness has a Smell

It is 6:30 am and I am off to my sisters for our weekly visit.

I jump on my mustang, or in it I should say: my mustang convertible, RED.

I take the 60  east for about 10 miles and head south.  Yes, of course I had to stop  Starbucks coffee.   Just a simple dark roast, tall with some cream added: way cheaper and a lot less calories.  I just like plain coffee.  Did I say like: I meant LOVE.
Daily Oats Love that Smell of Hay

Anyway, enjoying my top-down, convertible ride as I head  down the highway when all of a sudden the sweet, sweet aroma fills all my senses.  Next, I find myself, hanging my head over the side the window, with my nose pointed up trying to find out where that wonderful smell is coming from, when I realized what I must look like to the rest of the cars around me.  I only could imagine what a dog must sense when they get a whiff of a familiar smell and up goes there noses, hanging out the window, sniffing the air.  Well, at that moment, that was me, like a old hound dog, sniffing the air.

See most of Arizona does not have grass, so they never have to cut it, no grass, no fresh cut grass smell.  Although I think that hay smells different then fresh cut grass, but it is that fresh hay smell that makes my heart go into the full delight mood.

The smell just filled me with that great fondness of complete contentment.  The smell of freshly cut hay, how it lingers and oh, how I love that smell.    Let the other drivers next to me  think that I look like a dog with my head hanging out the side of my car. I don’t care, I just want to find where that smell is coming from.

I just kept sniffing away, however,  I never did see where that smell came from, but I sure enjoyed the experience. It was a total delight to my senses.

Who else would ever hang their head out the window to see who was putting up hay beside a horse nut,  well maybe a cattleman, but most of those have horses as well.

Here is a hint for a happy life:  treasure even the littlest  things you love.: put you nose up to the sky, take a good sniff and ENJOY!

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow..

Just WHINNNNNNING out loud as much as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Barn sweetness

I do not want to find myself only happy when I am out in the barn.  Everything in the barn makes me happy, every the crap.  But just a few steps back outside and I can quickly be a goner.

In my life, I want more.  I want  more of  what truly  matters.  Along the way, someone gave to me a gratitude rock .  You might have heard of them.  Just a rock that you stick in your pocket.  Then every time you put your hand in your pocket, you count some of the blessings in your life.  It allows the word gratitude to sink into our minds and souls.

At my worst moments, shortly after  my husband died, I had to make a list and kept it on the frig. I would read it every time I opened the refrigerator door.  Here is a sad fact, but so true of many of us:  I learned more about gratitude for my life, after my husbands death  than every before.

I no longer want to wait till after some tragic event  occurs in my life to show those around me the blessing they are to me.  I want to offer than whenever they are around me the Symphony of the “Dancing with Horses:  a symphony for life.  I want to make sure that they know how much they  HAVE captured my soul: that deep contentment as if I was in the barn just brushing my horse and my soul is completely  satisfied.

For today, I will share the music “Dancing with horses”  and the peace that lives within their unconditional love, not only with the horses but with all those that cross my path.

I will “be the Gratitude “to  all the Whinnies that capture my heart.

Remember always, be the Whinny and greet the world like your horse greets you, with unconditional love to all the two legged creatures in your life as much as the 4 legged ones.

Sending extra whinnies your way.

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just WHINNNNNNING out loud as much as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Check this out. Great find for any horse lover

Every week I get a new horse photo, and they are always very nice.
  The horse photos are just fun to find in my mail box.  Enjoy!!
Hope all is off to a great start for the Holiday season.
Whinnys Roberta

Photo for December 12, 2014

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ~ Edith Stilwell

   Well there is no denying it, winter is here! It has been snowing all week here and it is white and beautiful outside…
Please visit my Gallery of winter images, use the password wintergallery. If any of my Northeast friends would like to ride or model in the snow for me, please get on touch, I’m game if you are!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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A life dedicated to the love of a horse.

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From Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Have a great WHINNY of a morning, everyone.

Just start WHINNNNNNING out loud as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Knot-a-Tail horse hair Treasures

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Together our life will be

Your tears in my mane I hide forever

I listen to the silence in your fears

Tell words you can not say anywhere else

For I know about you love for me

More than life, more than  self

Together our life will be

Now lay your head upon my shoulders

Let my love once again consume your heart

Climb on my back, take me for a ride

As we fly, I will join the visions of your dreams

Together our life will be

As we ride and the wind flies by

Clean the day’s dust from our soul

Bonded together,  spirits refreshed

Listen to the sounds, of the breaths I take

The thunder of feet dance upon the ground

Together our life will be

Feel us moving, as one together

It is now, right now that nothing else matters.

Tell me your fears and tell me your dreams

I will keep them held tight, until you are strong

Let your nights haunting, turn to daydreams with me.

Together our life will be

Rides over grass, prairie and snow covered ground

World left far behind

Lost in loneliness you will no longer feel

nor yearning for love of lost family n’friends

As one a miracle of one complete life we will make

Together our life will be

Together our life will be

(C) Roberta Edstrom

For today, I am going to be the whinny that has delighted my heart.

Have a great WHINNY for everyone.

Just start WHINNNNNNING  as loud as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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The Rider

The rider

Soon it will be the time of the year, when you start to decide what new offit for the up-coming show season you will want to have.  New colors, new blouse, new equipment.  When our shop was open, it was the time of year when made a lot of money.  Moms would come in early and to see about a show clothes,  show halter or perhaps even a new show saddle.

First they would have to deiced on the color so they could match their show blanket with their blouse.   Then they always would look for a way to  add  a little extra  silver. Perhaps a silver concho for their show bridle.  Several times, especially if I knew the parents,  I would  ask it they needed a few more lessons first, before a several thousand dollar  show saddle.   Sometimes, my comment was not appreciate.

Sometimes we forget that it is not  the re-design on the outside that matters, but it it the design on the inside.  That life-lesson has only  been easier to learn as I have gotten older, but it it s hard lesson for me.

We were up with the Mobile unit at a horse show in MN, and I got a few extra minutes to watch the pleasure classes.  I love those classes.  Anyway, A young girl road in the arena, with  such an air of confidence about her, that you know she was going to place, if not win.  She had a simple blue jean vest with a cute fur collar worn simply with a tan colored  turtleneck.  She had absolutely no glitter anywhere except for a smaller silver belt buckle.  She had a simple square skirted , clean working saddle, and the bridle was just a one-eared simple headstall, with  no silver added.

She was a pleasure to watch, and she did win almost every pleasure class she entered.   Just a reminder to me you do not always need to have a lot of glitter if you already shine on the inside and when you meet a person that really know this in their heart, they shine.

It is easy to fall into tying to get the prettiest outfit, and I have done that one as well in my lifetime,  but now I find my time spent trying to bring out more of what is on the inside.  I want to shine in my own light.

For today, look inside for  your own light and let it shine for the entire day.

Remember, I believe in you.  I believe in your dreams.

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just  WHINNNNNY and  enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

Within the days of my youth,  I would spend hours in the barn just listening.  Every time when I would feel lonely or lost, I would head to the barn.   Behind the silence of the closed barn doors, was music that captured my heart and soul.  Music designed by  the  occasional hoof beat on the wooden planks on the stall floor,  the sound of hay being pulled from a hay feeder, the swish of a long tail,  the sound of a heavy breath,  and I would try to pause as long as I could to hear the sound of the horses enjoying every  morsel of  oats.

It was within the creation of the symphony “Dance with Horses” that made the troubles of the world that would had  totally tied in knots, just melt away, even if it was for only a few moments.   The music of the horse, allows the world to stop and allowed me to connect with  my soul.

It is called unconditional love.  It is funny, that even just standing their eating, or just swishing their tail how their love  can bring such piece to our hearts.

What I learned in my youth, I still find great comfort in as an adult.  When I find myself in those moments of such loneliness or despair, their is nothing better than a trip to the barn and a few moments of complete solitude with someone that allows me to be totally me.  But what I realized  is  those moments of great despair only occur  when I am not returning that same unconditional love to those around me.

It is when I forget to show  gratitude for the countess blessing in my life,  that  devastating loneliness and desperation appear and  fill me to the such dept that I can no longer cope.  I still love the fact I can go to listen to the music in the barn, hug a horse and get lost for a few moments. However, the trouble with the horse fix, is that sooner or later, I have to return to deal with the same situation before I escaped to listen to the music of the barn.
Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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Whinny’s from the barn

What if today, was your  most perfect day? The most astonishing day of you entire life up to this one moment. The one day you have been waiting for that could change everything into the life of your dreams.

Here is what happened:  good  becomes great. great would becomes amazing, amazing  becomes the stuff of legends.

“How?” you ask.  By taking advantage of the good and wonderful things about to happen for you by treating everyone with a Great BIG Whinny and treat all with a love and an ever so eager kindness. Like if they all as valuable to your heart and soul as your horse: by thinking  mostly of those things that please you. Then  go out in the world, just a bit, where you could meet, and mingle, and fall in love?

How much would you be clucking right now? Thumbs under your armpits, getting funky? Bobbing your head?  Dancing with every horse in the barn! Start clucking baby! Beam, Whinny and then cluck some more.   

You got it…..Now today is your perfect day.

Whinny’s from the barn.  XXOO Roberta!

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