Horse hair from From Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

At Knot-a-Tail, we  take the ordinary, the very thing  that most horse lovers just throw away and make extraordinary come to life.  Strand by strand of horse hair is tediously braided, knotted,  woven together by the hands of generational  master craftsman to produce amazing masterpieces.

Each piece designed with the horse lover, you, in mind.  Creating priceless, wearable works of Art, masterpiece of  miniature braids and intricate knots.   Each piece a constant reminder of not only your love for the horse but captured in each piece is a vision of all your dreams, hopes and desires of the life you choose.

A life dedicated to the love of a horse.

Knot-a-Tail horse hair Treasures

You will discover the same passion that is within your heart  is  the same that creates these spectacular horse hair treasures.

Masterly hand-crafted for  your  pure pleasure and enjoyment.

It is a way to express  yourself and your love for the beauty of your horse with such a unique treasure. 

Find the perfect equine gifts  for all of the horse lovers in your life.  Knot-a-Tail  have been perfecting our collection for over 20 years with  extraordinary,  unique, and beautiful equine treasures for you to enjoy.

From Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Have a great WHINNY of a morning, everyone.

Just start WHINNNNNNING out loud as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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We do have amazing gifts for the Holiday Season all designed for all the Horse lovers in your life.

Knot-a-Tail horse hair Treasures

From Knot-a-Tail a Unique horse hair watch.


Top 10 Cowgirl Rules of life

1.  The passion always comes first.

2.  If you get  mad, grab some leather  and go for a ride.

3.  Need a vacation, take the horse, leave the family

4.  Need a little romance, wear just the boots to bed.

5.  Skip the chores, go for a ride at every opportunity

6.  Never get involved with those that do not share the passion

7.  If you need a cry, head for the barn.  Your horse will never tell you that you are being silly.

8.  Realize that most people will never “Get You”.

9.  Understanding your life purpose is to be completely captured by your hearts passion.

10.  Barn first, house 2nd

Cowgirl ruls from Knot-a-Tail

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

For even more wonderful whinny’, Visit us at Knot-A-Tail ……………………… Where the connection begins!

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Thinking spring, so we already those hard to find items are ready on sale.

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The wheelbarrow

I know it has happened to all of us at one time or another.   I know that it has happened to me a lot over the years.   I clean out one stall, head for the next and think I can just put one more pitch fork of manure on top.  Just one more.   And if that one stays, I just might try one more.  I can do it, just one more.

Now it is past  full to the brim and  I may have hit the tipping point.  The point of no return.  I  know I have reached it when I first notice that the tire is starting to look a little pudgy on the bottom.  But I think “Man, I don’t have time for this.   I can make it.”

Daily Oats Wheel Barrel

Come on now, you have done this a time or two.  You know what comes next.  You  reach for the wooden handles, tighten your muscles, grit your teeth,  put that look of “I think I  can” on your face  and with all  your might you start to raise it up.

Now you think you almost have it completely  balanced in your hands  so  you lean into it and amazingly it starts to move.  But the wheelbarrow has another idea. YES, you are so correct,


And everyone knows, once that wheelbarrow starts to tip, it  going OVER!  The crap spills everywhere and  now you get to clean up the entire mess all over again.

Does this seem a little like your life at the moment?

Is your emotional wheelbarrow so full of crap that every time you think you have enough  strength left in you to reach down, grab the handles of your life one more time, and the moment you lean into it, you find yourself cleaning up even more crap then you started with?

Well, here is my question for the day.

What are you loading in your wheelbarrow?

Is it just a load of all the shit that life has been handing you or have you been finding things in your life that you enjoy to add in the mix to lighten the  load?

If everything in your life’s wheelbarrow is full of negative emotions, fear, anger, rage even, pain, hurt and even dispear then empty it out and put some of the good stuff in.   Find your joy. Try to remember  your  “Life’s Bliss”.  Try remembering just who you are inside and allow some of you to resurface.

Life is not meant to have an entire wheelbarrow full of shit all the time.  It is meant to Have, Be and DO all the good stuff, to live the good life.    Now don’t cheat, the good stuff, can not come from someone else’s stall either, it has to come from your own. No one knows you well enough to ever make you happy.  That can only come from you.

Some of mine are

  • Reading a good book on a rainy afternoon when I should be working
  • Sipping hot tea with just a touch of  honey and lemon, by myself in  complete silence looking out the window and watching the birds all the rest of the wildlife that shows up.  I love the surprise.
  • Sitting in a clean barn on a fresh bale of hay, enjoying the sounds and smell that fill the air.
  • Listening for the  sweetness of a morning nicker.
  • I love the feel of a cool morning breeze on my face, especially on the end of my nose.
  • I watch for puffs of warm air come from a horse’s nostrils on a cold morning.
  • Reading loving comments  from friends of Daily Oats.

Simple, but as I got older, I learned it is so often the total enjoyment of the simple, daily things in my life, that leave me so full of love and joy that I never hit the tipping point in my life anymore.  And trust me, or ask my family, I used to be tipping my emotional wheel barrel what seemed like an hourly affair.

I filled  it with every negative thought possible.  I was just a  negative person.  I could easy fill that wheelbarrow up so high, and then think I could more it to a better place.  That just never happens.  I  was  cleaning up more manure all day long than I every thought possible.  Sometimes, if I could not move that darn wheelbarrow my myself, with my own pity party, I would ask someone else to help me.  Now there is two of us cleaning up MY shit.   Isn’t that nice to do to a friend or family member?

My point is this: if you don’t want to continue dealing with a lot of crap in your life, find all the little things you used to enjoy and start doing them again.  Fill your wheelbarrow with the good stuff, and you will see your life change.  If you do not like where you are at, you have to make a move, so move to the good stuff.

Find the joy.

If nothing else, remember how great it feels when you first hear the morning whinny  and don’t overload your wheelbarrow to the tipping point.

Ready to change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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Is that horse you love so very much a Rescue horse? Was it the gift of a life time? Did they change your life?

Tell your story on Knot-a-Tail’s My gift: a rescue horse .

By telling your story, you will help another horse.
For every story that is posted to the Rescued page, Knot-a-Tail donates a dollar to the local Horse rescue to help save the life of another horse.    Your story can help save a life.

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Honored equine

Daily Oats:  food for the Horse lovers soul

Too few times in our life time do we get honored for our achievements especially within the horse world.  One show leads to another with ribbons and honors hanging on bedroom walls for few to see.  Both simple and great deeds remain unnoticed  by the horse world for the animal and the handler.

I want to let you know that we care about what you have accomplished.

Check out our newest Honored Equine page.

If you have Knot-A-Tail’s next honored equine or know of someone who does, just let us  know.

Stop by and visit Knot-A-Tail’s Honored equine Page.

These are great reads about great horse and some mules.

Just for today, tell us what you have accomplished.

Share the fears that you have overcome to have the life with your horse.

Remember: Be the whinny
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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Marie Edstrom
CEO Knot-A-Tail
Authentic Cowboy Horse hair gear and Cowgirl Jewelry
Once you come for a visit, you will stay for the fun

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