Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

Within the days of my youth,  I would spend hours in the barn just listening.  Every time when I would feel lonely or lost, I would head to the barn.   Behind the silence of the closed barn doors, was music that captured my heart and soul.  Music designed by  the  occasional hoof beat on the wooden planks on the stall floor,  the sound of hay being pulled from a hay feeder, the swish of a long tail,  the sound of a heavy breath,  and I would try to pause as long as I could to hear the sound of the horses enjoying every  morsel of  oats.

It was within the creation of the symphony “Dance with Horses” that made the troubles of the world that would had  totally tied in knots, just melt away, even if it was for only a few moments.   The music of the horse, allows the world to stop and allowed me to connect with  my soul.

It is called unconditional love.  It is funny, that even just standing their eating, or just swishing their tail how their love  can bring such piece to our hearts.

What I learned in my youth, I still find great comfort in as an adult.  When I find myself in those moments of such loneliness or despair, their is nothing better than a trip to the barn and a few moments of complete solitude with someone that allows me to be totally me.  But what I realized  is  those moments of great despair only occur  when I am not returning that same unconditional love to those around me.

It is when I forget to show  gratitude for the countess blessing in my life,  that  devastating loneliness and desperation appear and  fill me to the such dept that I can no longer cope.  I still love the fact I can go to listen to the music in the barn, hug a horse and get lost for a few moments. However, the trouble with the horse fix, is that sooner or later, I have to return to deal with the same situation before I escaped to listen to the music of the barn.
Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just WHINNNNNY and enjoy the ride!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny


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