All I have learned in my life, I have learned from my horse

• When in doubt, run far, far away.
• You can never have too many treats.
• Passing gas in public is nothing to be ashamed of.
• New shoes are an absolute necessity every 6 weeks.
• Ignore cues. They’re just a prompt to do more work.
• Everyone loves a good, wet, slobbery kiss.
• Never run when you can jog. Never jog when you can walk. And never walk when you can stand still.
• Heaven is eating at least 10 hours a day… and then sleeping the rest.
• Eat plenty of roughage.
• Great legs and a nice rear will get you anywhere. Big, brown eyes help too.
• When you want your way, stomp hard on the nearest foot.
• In times of crisis, take a poop.
• Act dumb when faced with a task you don’t want to do.
• Follow the herd. That way, you can’t be singled out to take the blame.
• A swift kick in the butt will get anyone’s attention.
• Love those who love you back, especially if they have something good to eat.
All I need to know in life I learned from my horse:

Cowgirl ruls from Knot-a-Tail

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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Thinking spring, so we already those hard to find items our arena  number clips, blanket bars, and number magnet sets.

Arena number holders and show silver.

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