Valentine’s Horse Lover’s Fun

I asked this question on Facebook and thought you might enjoy some of the answers.

Valentine giveaway. Great prizes for my horse loving Friends

Just answer this question.

If the most significant other in your life were a horse, what kind of horse would it be and why?

  • by nature in any OTTB so that is my riding partner, but if it was to live in my house I would be drawn to an American quarter horse to their adaptability and great nature!
  • A jackass. Talented, sure footed, hard worker, just flipping adorable, sweet, but hard headed and stubborn as all get out. When he sets back and balks, no force on gods green earth will move him if he thinks what he is doing is the right thing to do……and we have the most beautiful mule headed children ever!! (although the grand-mules disprove the whole sterility thing…LOL)
  • An Arabian stallion beautiful to look at strong willed unpredictable and always entertaining and those dark eyes that melt my soul if he were a horse of course of course ………,

It would have to be a Tennessee Walking Horse, because, not only are they calm, regal, loyal,smooth and beautiful…..they also have a heart as big as Texas!!! I love my TWH’s!!! (:

  • Tennessee Walking Horse, has Class , style, presents, and southern charm, and not to hard to look at, with a super disposition, not a quiter.
  • A Morgan as he is so similar to my Morgan fellow in his cheeky but try his heart out for you nature with a dash of arrogance lol
  • A Clydesdale because I love the size of them and the strength and they are so majestic looking! They also have great personalities!
  • A Polish Arabian would be the one for me!! They are loyal to their person, have lots of personality, are fun to be around, and are very hearty! Love Arabs! My boy, Ramah, is a great example of the above traits that Arabs possess!
  • A rescue of unknown breeding that connects with my heart- we can save each other and show the world that one man’s trash can be another woman’s treasure
  • Gypsy Vanner- strong, hard working and a great disposition, eager to please, and wonderfully handsome! Something about those black and white Vanners with those beautiful legs takes my breath away!
  • He would be any sweet middle-aged gelding who loves me half as much as I love him!
  • A Frisian – exotic to look at, great mover, level headed, and a gentle giant (actually getting the best next thing next spring – my sweet Arab mare is being bred to a GORGEOUS and sweetheart Frisian in April).
  • Not a horse… A mule. Stubborn, hard worker yet irresistible to love!!!! Lol
  • Thoroughbred because many people stereotype them but with the right hands, training, and love they turn into wonderful, competitive, successful horses. Especially in barrel racing and cow work where most people doubt me and I prove them wrong. The bond with this breed can be just as amazing as any other breed, hot or not.
  • Clydesdale strong beautiful & talented
  • My husband would be a Quarter Horse, a stud that probably should have been gelded long ago. No performance records, not that well trained, not really much to look at either. His true value lies in his amazing offspring…he throws BEAUTIFUL babies and I’m glad I have him!
  • Heh, he is gonna hate me for this… But he would a 25 year old lesson horse. He’s steady, dependable, somewhat lazy, and eats way too much for the work he does. He’s been there, done that, and not much phases him these days. But he’s also never put a foot wrong, can still “kick up his heels” with the young colts, and I trust him with my life
  • My significant other as a horse would have to be a quarter horse. Each quarter horse I have had has been dependable and there for me no matter what. They put me first and work hard to settle any disputes along the way. Sometimes they become a bit scared but I can return the favor and help them get through anything. They are strong, beautiful, and athletic but do not judge me for my tall height or weight. When I want to try something new or polish an old skill, my quarter horse is versatile in attempting to try it with me, even if it is not his cup of tea. When I have a bad day, a quarter horse listens. A quarter horse will stand behind me and let me shine or lead the way when I need a hand.
  • Already own him…my Kentucky Mtn stallion, Storm. He is more of a gentleman, than most men I have met. He is a good looker, fun, and has a quirky sense of humor. Kind, loves children, and most ppl don’t know he is a stallion as he doesn’t act like a dorky boy. What more could one want in a guy?
  • I too own a beautiful, smart, dependable and funny Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse!
  • He would be an Arab quarter horse cross. strong willed, and strong.
  • A paint, just as beautiful on the inside as he is handsome on the outside. Reliable with just enough spirit to keep things interesting. One I could lean on when I’m down, one that comforts without words, one to share the good times, the awesome memories and my life with.

There are are at least a 100 more on the Knot-a-Tail Facebook page.  Way too fun to read.

Always remember to Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just  WHINNNNNNING out loud as much as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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