The gift

Time and time again, my readers have sent me notes that they feel as if there horsse are their most precious gifts.  What a way to start the morning, with a welcoming whinny from the barn.   And then there is all the smells that delight the senses: the small of fresh hay, and the sweetness of the morning oat.   And  of course there is all the sounds.  The chomping as they chew, and their every shifting of their feet.    I love to put a brush in one hand and then sweep by other hand along the  same brush stroke.  And who doesn’t love a warm soft nose held in our hands.    Every human sense comes to life and awakens our very  soul. It is wondrous  delight,  a gift directly from heaven.

I know some mornings, in the hurry of the day, I have missed the presence of that gift.  It is too easy to do, in the moment you have to just get one more thing done.  However, what I forget even more, is that I too am that very gift to others. With every encounter I have with some one else that arrives in my day, I am that very  gift.

The only question is,  am I “A GIFT” that they want to receive or one that they would rather leave un-opened.   Each moment, each one of us is a gift to the other person, what if we were to treat them as openly and lovingly as our horses treat us.   I know what would happen, our world would change and so would theirs.   Millions of horse people, giving out generous, glorious morning whinny’s all those that come upon their trail.

Be ” THE GIFT’ that you have always wanted to receive.  Give them a WHINNY that they will never forget!

For today, I am going to be the whinny that has delighted my heart for so many years and I am going to use it to put the DELIGHT back in their day as well.

Have a great  WHINNY of a Sunday morning, everyone.

Just start WHINNNNNNING our loud as possible!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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