Passions of the heart

For horse crazy people, it is always about the passion.  Do you remember the childhood dreams of owning your very first  pony. The glory of your very first ride.  Mine was on a Welsh pony named Ginger.

However,  sometimes we forget what it was like on that first ride especially when life gets  a little hard, we forget about the wants and desires that we bury a little deeper in our hearts every passing year.

I lost my husband some years back and I stuffed most of those passion, those wants and all those desires away in the deepest parts of my heart.   But is it not funny how the soul really never lets you forget.  They never fully remain completely buried no matter how hard you try, no matter how you have tried to forget them, or how long you remain numb refusing to talk about them any longer.

When you retreat from your deepest hearts desires, you take a lot of your soul with you.  You can leave a lot of your joy, happiness, and love behind, buried along with your dreams.   To leave your dreams hidden is the greatest crime we can hold against ourselves.   To live in joy and happiness is the greatest achievement to honor your own life.    That is what horse people do every day, live there passions, but sometimes we forget.


Start first by giving yourself permission to want even if you have to MAKE yourself.   A list of all your dreams even if  you think you can reach them or not, is a great place to start to set your heart on fire.

Next, pick the funkiest,  non-essential want and start gabbing about it.   Tell anyone why you want the darn thing.  Talk until you get to the point they you have tuned-in to the feeling of really wanting it, to the point you know that any second it will be total yours, without a doubt.

Next and the most important, start to watch you heart and soul start to shine, because once you start feeling again, and believing in your desires and dreams, your life will change to be more of what you have always imagined.

Once you start getting your “Want” motor revved up more passions will come more to lite, passion brings joy, joy brings more wanting,  and now you are creating a life on purpose.

Remember to want whatever in this entire world that will bring you pleasure.  Wanting is creating and taking charge of your own life.

Wanting could be as simple as a new show saddle this season that perhaps you have passed up.

Simply just start you list and let me know how you do.   Start, by taking charge and make that list.

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just  start  WHINNNNNNING  our loud as possible and start a list of your very own!

Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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