The Christmas Stocking

I am off to try find my granddaughters a treasure for a  Christmas present.  Something that they will  talk about for a least the next week or two that her grandma found the greatest gift.  I do have a few ideas in store.  However, as I look over their rooms, I happen to notice that many of the items I have given them in the past are long gone.

It is funny what we think as a treasure.  One Christmas when cash was extremely tight, I asked my husband what was on his Christmas list and he told me he really wanted some new socks.

I thought SOCKS!, well at least I could afford that.

So I got him, 2 packs, with 3 pairs in each pack.  Just some nice black  dress socks for work.

Well, I couldn’t just wrap them and stick them under the tree.  So I wrapped just one and put that under the tree with a hint on were he could find the next one.

He opened the first, only  to find one,  a half of a pair, and read the note on the inside, he was off. with a great, huge, huge smile on his face.

The first one took him out to the wood shed. From there he went to the grain barrel out in the barn, to his Aussie parka, to his car,  the dog house,  his  saddle bags, out to  his workshop he so happily went,  a 1/2 mile hike to the mail box, and on to a treasured adventure that took nearly 2 hours.

That was the leanest Christmas we ever had, and it was also one of the ones that we would talk about years to come. Even after all these years, when I think about how he laughed, I can not help but smile.  Now there is a Christmas gift.

I have to remember that is not about just the gift, but the love that goes behind it.

This Christmas, it is my greatest wish that you find the love in all of your gifts, both those you give and those you receive.


Happy Holidays

“Livin “ the Whinny!

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  1. If your granddaughters are readers, please have a look at my novel, The Dressage Chronicles.
    One year, early marriage, my husband and I gave each other ten bucks, and raced around a drugstore buying silly little things for each other against a timer. It was fun.

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