“Dancing with Horses” a symphony for life

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Within the days of my youth, I would spend hours in the barn just listening. Every time when I would feel lonely or lost, I would head to the barn. Behind the silence of the closed barn doors, was music that captured my heart and soul. Music designed by the occasional hoof beat on the wooden planks on the stall floor, the sound of hay being pulled from a hay feeder, the swish of a long tail, the sound of a heavy breath, and I would try to pause as long as I could to hear the sound of the horses enjoying every morsel of oats.

Bri and Ace

It was within the creation of the symphony “Dance with Horses” that made the troubles of the world that would had totally tied in knots, just melt away, even if it was for only a few moments. The music of the horse, allows the world to stop and allowed me to connect with my soul.

It is called unconditional love. It is funny, that even just standing their eating, or just swishing their tail how their love can bring such piece to our hearts.

What I learned in my youth, I still find great comfort in as an adult. When I find myself in those moments of such loneliness or despair, their is nothing better than a trip to the barn and a few moments of complete solitude with someone that allows me to be totally me.

However,  what I realized is those moments of great despair only occur when I am not returning that same unconditional love to those around me.

It is when I forget to show gratitude for the countess blessing in my life, that devastating loneliness and desperation appear and fill me to the such dept that I can no longer cope. I still love the fact I can go to listen to the music in the barn, hug a horse and get lost for a few moments. However, the trouble with the horse fix, is that sooner or later, I have to return to deal with the same situation before I escaped to listen to the music of the barn.

I do not want to find myself only happy when I am out in the barn. In my life, I want more. I want more of truly matters. Along the way, someone gave  me a gratitude rock . You might have heard of them. Just a rock that you sick in your pocket. Then every time you put your hand in your pocket, you count some of the blessings in your life. It allows the word gratitude to sink into our minds and souls.

At my worst moments, shortly after my husband died, I had to make a list and kept it on the frig. I would read it every time I opened the refrigerator door. Here is a sad fact, but so true of many of us: I learned more about gratitude for my life, after my husbands death than every before.

I no longer want to wait till after some tragic event occurs in my life to show those around me the blessing they are to me. I want to offer than whenever they are around me the Symphony of the “Dancing with Horses: a symphony for life. I want to make sure that they know how much they have captured my soul as well.

For today, I will share the music “Dancing with horses” and the peace that lives within their unconditional love, not only with the horses but with all those that cross my path.

I will “be the Gratitude “to all the Whinnies that capture my heart.

During this Holiday Season, please Remember: BE THE WHINNY  and greet the world like your horse greets you, with unconditional love filled the rafters of your life.

Whinny’s  Roberta

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  1. It must have been wonderful to grow up with a horse and a barn in your own backyard. Wow! Sounds like you had the childhood I dream about. It sure sucked growing up poor and having nothing…family love only goes so far…horses are true happiness. You were very fortunate!

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