The river ride

I am convinced that our happiness or our unhappiness depends on how we ride our  horse down the trail rather than the trail that we are riding on, and so is life.

It is not the end of the ride that we look forward to, but the ride itself, no matter what trail that may be.

Most of the time, it is not the long rides the a beautiful country road we remember the most, but It is rides across the greatest terrain, the steepest hills, the wider rivers that brings us to the greatest adventures that we will talk about years to come.

It is learning to ride those steepest trails, those rising mountains and the flash floods and rising waters of the rivers, that we arrive at our greatest potential.

So, my wish for you today, is no-matter what is going on in your life, is to also remember to grab a little leather, hang on with every thing that is in you, and ride-BABY ride.

As long as you live to tell everyone that you made it across the river, the ride will always be worth the trip.   Just look for the lesson because you will have gained experience, knowledge and you will have expanded your soul.


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Whinny’s Roberta

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  1. Roberta, loved this one. Words to live by for sure. I shared it on my blog.


  2. I really like this post,thank you

  3. Roberta, this one was great. Wish I had written it.

    From a Friend:

    No matter what life throws at you, ride, baby ride. This is a great thing to live by. Living with a wonderful man who has been fighting cancer for 18 years and whipping it every time it rears it’s ugly head is a prime example. Losing beloved horses is another. Down the road of life, it won’t be the easy times we remember but the tough ones. The ones that almost got us down. We will smile and think, I made it threw that. I firmly believe in the saying “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle with His help.

    Remember….RIDE, BABY RIDE!!!!!!

    Hugs to all from warm, sunny Oklahoma where life is good.

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