The ulitmate whinny!

You grab a cup of coffee and step out side into the warmth of the morning  sun  just as it is  beginning to rise.   It is a warm glow of reds,  orange surrounded by  a mountain of  yellow as it peeks over the tops of the trees filled with   warmth and the hints of a  beautiful day.

You take a deep, cleansing  breath and head for the barn.   But before you even get near the barn, the first morning whinny’s start.

The whinny is long,  clear and loving.  It is the only way a horse person loves to start any morning, no matter what the weather.  It brings  a smile across your face, it lifts your spirits to a new heights, it opens your heart and makes any chores so worth every moment as you listen to their sound of  your horses expressing their love towards you.   Yes, it is their spoken words of love and their morning desire to see you again.   They wait and  as you step in the barn all eyes  turn towards you.

Love,  joy, delight and  of course  unguarded love, pure communication, a connection of treasure and delight.

Inspiration to last a lifetime.

How would you like to connect to the other humans in your life as much as you connect to your the love that inspires your every morning?

Here is the essence of a true whinny to offer the humans in your life.

  • Stay in the moment, as if you were your horse knowing that the door is about to open
  • Get transfixed as if nothing in your life was more important at that moment.   Remember the joy you feel the moment you open the door, and the whinny’s flow to your ears.
  • Pause before replying, Enjoy the moment.  Here there is a 3 second rule
  • Use the secret of Charm: make them feel as important as your horse makes you feel.
  • Now,  Never and I do mean never criticize or find fault with  the whinny.  Let them be themselves.  Total acceptance, just like your horse, treat them like they are a miracle of nature.  Just enjoy and smile
  • Show your appreciation that they gave you a whinny
  • Give your approval and ongoing praise

Just like you horse, the most important thing you can do is to just give them some personnel attention.  That way they will fell more important and valuable.

How important is that to anyone’s spirit?

Everyone at one point or another wants to find a way to change the world, but all they have to do is act like a horse and give a great big WHINNY.   Can you image a world where everyone would love to take a morning walk outside to listed to a world filled with Whinny’s.

If you treated the word with your whinny just as your horse greets you each morning, you can change the world around you, just like your horse has changed your entire life.

Just recall, your horses never questions why you come to the barn, they  just loves that you came to see them.

Whinny’s Roberta

PS tell me how you are greeted each morning. I would love to know.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Livin’ for the whinny

Whinny’s Roberta

Roberta  Marie Edstrom

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