The comfortable saddle

Did you ever have that one saddle that you would grab off the saddle racks first?  The one that fit you the best.  The stirrups hung just right,  the seat fit just right, the one that no matter how long you rode, nothing seemed to bother you, not even your bad knee.

It just seemed to make your ride a little better.  It was just total comfort and pure pleasure on your favorite horse.

I had one like that. It was a Circle Y, dark chocolate, high back saddle.  The stirrups were set perfectly just a little further back than most people liked. I could spend hours in that saddle out in the arena training.   I just made me feel at home.

As some of you know, I just had to move from Arizona, back to Wisconsin. In the middle of winter no less.   I am helping take care of my two grand daughters.  I have to admit, I love hearing their voices, even when they are fighting.  I feel  very blessed.

The reason I had to mention comfort, was that it comes in all forms.   I used to make the dollar stretch at meal time and I got very good at it.  I even had a cheap meal for a tuna hot dish.

I was wondering what to make for dinner for all the girls, when my daughter asked me to make my Tuna hot-dish.  I made that dish to make a cheap meal to feed an entire family, but in a second, I realized to her, it was comfort.

Just like that old high back saddle of mine, the one I took out when I wanted to wash some of the world off my shoulders, that tuna hot-dish recipe to her was a way to feel love, security and moments to lift her spirits.

So I grabbed two boxes of Mac n cheese and made them up, added the butter, cheese, and milk, one can on tuna, one can of mushroom soup, 1/8 cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup  Parmesan  cheese and 1/2 c of sour cream. Mixed it all up, but it in baking  dish. Next, I  added lots of Chinese noodles on top.  Cooked for 20 minutes, at 365 and serve.

They devoured it.  I sat there with a smile on my face, realizing that my daughter was enjoying the simple things that we had when she was little: comforts of home.

For today, just enjoy the whinny.  They are the comfort to the soul of every horseman.  Just remember to try to share those same greeting with everyone you pass.

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  1. Thank you. I found comfort in reading your article. I remember being able to open the fridge and finding leftover fried chicken. I was small (my daddy said “I was knee high to a grasshopper” for my age and couldn’t much food at a time. Mother would always have something in the fridge, but I really loved cold fried chicken. Until she died three years ago, she would make enough to put in the fridge for me.

  2. Really enjoyed this hope things are going good for you. will have to try the reciepe,sounds good.

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