Great Loss creates new growth

Well, some of you have been emailing me that I have not posted a new Daily Oats lately, so for this I do apologize.

My year has started with several tragedies  and  my family has suffered great losses.

My brother also passed away just within the last few weeks after a year of suffering with bone cancer.

Just within  these last 10 days, I have  moved back North to help with my family as my daughter gets back on her feet.

It is funny, but I forgot how much joy is summoned when one of my other two grand daughters laugh or just smiles at me.  How much content and love is contained in a single hug or the depth of wonder from a kiss on the cheek and a simple I love you.   All those little moments when tears are hard to hide, not because of sadness, but a child’s love will overwhelm every cell of your body and happiness can no longer hide even behind such losses.

I forgot what makes my soul take flight as I tuck them in at night and read a bed time story.   Listening to their whispers and questions,  makes a smile break out across my lips.

I find myself rising an hour before they do, just to make sure the coffee is cooking an a bowl of hot, wholesome oatmeal with raisins and chocolate chips awaits them all.   I never thought that I would enjoy doing dishes so much, just to make their day a little easier.  I find myself singing as I take care of another load of laundry.

I have to think, that within such great losses, I have come to realize just how much I like being in service to my family.   Nothing brings me more to life them seeing them smile again.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you today, to enjoy the simple things: to enjoy every hug and kiss that is offered with an open heart and a gentle touch.   Find your smile when you offer your service without any expectations of any benefit and I know you will find complete satisfaction in your life.  An ease at the end of the day, that  maybe you have forgotten was there.

But more than anything, Remember, be the whinnny.  and make sure you greet everyone you love with the same excitement your horse greets you with every morning.

Love Roberta Marie

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  1. I am sorry for your loss, you never get over it just on with it,you wear it like a comfortable sweater because with the pain are also loving memories. Unfortunately its the “doing normal ” that gets you through. I enjoy your blogs selfishly. Carry on…

  2. Roberta
    I’m so sorry for your losses. You made me realize even more how important family is and to always tell your loved ones you love them because you never know if that will the last time you’ll be able to tell them those words. Bless you and may your family continue to bring back the joy to your life.
    Take care
    Bonnie Perkins

  3. Sorry for your losses,thought something had happened,since you had not posted for a while. You are in my prayers.

  4. Beautiful post,Roberta ~ thank you so much for sharing your recent losses and your learning. So sorry this has happened to you, but please know that your words are exactly what I needed to hear this day.
    Thanks again and warmest wishes, Carol

  5. Berta I am so sorry and also saddened to hear about your loss. I had never even heard that he had been sick my heart truely goes out to you. I’m glad you have re-found your happiness and the smiles you were missing by being back up North.

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