Why I like horses

Why do I like horses?

I think I must be mad.
My mother wasn’t horsey – And neither was my dad.
But the madness hit me early – and it hit me like a curse.
… And I’ve never gotten better. In fact I’ve gotten worse.
I hardly read a paper – but I know who’s sold their horse.

And I wouldn’t watch the news – Unless Mr. Ed was on, of course.
One eye’s always on the heavens – but my washing waves in vain
As I rush to get the horses in – in case it’s gonna rain.
I spend up every cent I’ve got – on horsey stuff for sure
I buy saddles, bridles, fancy boots – and then I buy some more.
I can’t sew on a button – I don’t even try

But I can back a truck and trailer – in the twinkling of an eye.
It’s jeans and boots that I live in night and day
And that smell of sweaty horses just doesn’t wash away.
I ache from long forgotten falls. My knees have got no skin.
My t…oes have gone a funny shape – from being stomped on again and again.
But late at night, when all is still – and I’ve gone to give them hay,
I touch their velvet softness and my worries float away.
They give a gentle nicker and they nuzzle through my hair
And I know it’s where my heart is – more here than anywhere.
~ Author Unknown
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  1. I was a baby when we moved to a house in Jacksonville, FL that was very close to the Beach Blvd Pony Rides. My parents took me to ride the ponies before I was 2 years old and I was hooked! I couldn’t stop talking about wanting horses. We finally got our first when I was 12. We couldn’t afford to live in a decent house or wear decent clothes AND have horses. Our Mom had us vote between horses or good clothes & good house. We 3 kids voted unanimously to have Horses. I have no regrets. My sister & I are now in our 50’s, each have 6 horses and are living next door to each other in the country near a forest and dirt roads with plenty of trails to ride. Living with horses is the best life ever!

  2. At 40 I’m going to finally live my lifelong dream of horse ownership. It’s going to happen this summer and I can’t wait. I will be living the life I’ve always wanted. So grateful

    • I am so excited for you. What a dream to come true. I hope that you send us a picture. Is this your very first horse? Whinnys Roberta

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