Creation of the Mustang By Janet Hickman

When the Lord was creating mustangs, he was into his sixth day of overtime
An angel appeared and said “You fiddling around on this one”
The Lord asked “Have you read the description on this horse?”
A mustang must be able to trot for miles a day with the herd or carrying a rider that a domestic horse could never hold up too.
They have to be able to move at a nanosecond’s notice and not think twice of the danger their lives are in from predators.
They have to be able to eat sagebrush and scrub grass and stay in top physical condition at all times, they must be surefooted for the terrain they are to live in, and have wings on their hooves to outrun the cougar.

The angel sadly shook her head “Wings on their hooves…. No way”
“Its not the wings giving me the problems” Replied the Lord “It’s the three pairs of eyes a mustang must have”
“That’s on the standard model?” The angel asked.
The Lord nodded. “One pair that sees what is ahead of the herd and where they are going to drink next. Another pair here in the side of their head to see their herd members and keep them safe. And another pair of eyes in back so they can look for predators waiting to jump on them from behind.”

“Lord” said the angel, touching his sleeve. “Rest and work on this tomorrow.”
“I can’t” said the Lord, “I already have a model that can carry a 200 lb person over 20 miles a day, and will be ready to do it again the next day.”

The angel circled the model of the Mustang very slowly, “Can it think?”
“You bet,” said the Lord. “It can tell you where danger lies in the trail ahead, and can recall hidden water holes in their sleep. And all the while they have to keep their wits about themselves. This Mustang also has phenomenal sense of caring, so they can be gentled by the person they pick to make their own. And still they rarely get the recognition for what they can do from anyone, other than a fellow mustang lover.

Finally, the angel ran her finger across the cheek of the Mustang.
“There’s a leak” she pronounced.
“Lord, it’s a tear.”
“What’s the tear for?” asked the angel.
“It’s a tear from the bottled-up emotions for fallen mustangs. A tear for commitment to their chosen person. It’s a tear for all the pain and suffering they have encountered at the hands of mankind. It’s a tear for their forgiveness for the suffering and cruelty of man.
And it’s a tear for their commitment to caring for and loving their humans!” Said the Lord.
“What a wonderful feature Lord, you’re a genius” said the angel.
The Lord looked somber and said “I didn’t put it there.”

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  1. now I have a tear… beautiful post. Thank you ❤

  2. Just beautiful.

  3. So True!! Loved my Mustang – One of the most hearty ,energetic, willing, dependable – I could go on and on – horses I have been blessed to experience.

  4. I’ve been a mustang owner for 35+ years. I’ve ridden my mustangs in many places and under many conditions. They NEVER let me down. My 4-H club and I took three mustangs to the Oregon Special Olympics and they gave hundreds of rides in one loooong day. They were perfect. I did a grooming clinic on my mare in Iowa a few years ago, and I rode her around the arena bridleless while I lectured to the 4-Hers and their families. They were flabbergasted when they found out what kind of horse she was, , , you see – she didn’t have a brand. I got Luta before the mustangs were branded. I’ve had 4-H meetings at my house where all the riders did unusual things like standing on their backs, practicing jumping on (or slamming into) their horses practicing mounting bareback, posing for pictures without bridles, saddles or shoes on. I wouldn’t let them climb on the horses backs with their boots on so they all went barefoot. The mustangs took it all with grace and patience.
    MY mustangs have been my best friends for many years. They NEVER let me down. I also feel they have a special affinity for recognizing the needs of their young riders. There’s real love there.
    Yes, I believe you’d have to call me a mustang fan. Doris J. Keith-Hoitt, owner – Horizon Farm

  5. THANK YOU, It could not be said truer or finer

  6. This is a haunting poem.

    May every staffer at the BLM read it and weep — and reform their round-up ways.

    If I may respectfully say so, I think it is impossible for any human to truly “own” mustangs. They will never be our property. We are their guardians, yes. Their caretakers. Their companions. Their friends. Their protectors. But never their owners. In their hearts, they will always be free and wild. As it should be.

  7. How sad. We humans have the ability to create, or destroy anything. It is so sad that many of us do not protect those who are so willing to protect and care for us.

  8. This was Beautiful !

  9. I think this poem sums it up about one of the most magnificent animals that God ever created. It is as true as can be and the Mustang and all horses deserve to be protected and cared for by US! I hope and pray that the American people will stop the slaughter and round ups of our horses and mustangs who deserve to roam free and live as they were intended to by their creator.

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