Someone STOLE all my Oats?

Suddenly you horse is feeling a little off.   What now?

He is just not quite kicking up his heels like he used to?

So, what do we do? Perhaps change his feed.

I know you.    I bet you have already started asking all the our horsie friends what to do.   You would certainly ask the farrier.   Your trainer perhaps?   The feed store lady?

Have you decided yet to add a supplement to his feed.  Which one?  Did that help?

Still not acting up to his highest potential?   Are you considering calling the Vet?

We will make sure that we keep our horse happy no matter what.

But here is my Question?

Are you Happy?

What about you?   Are you living up to your highest potential?

  • Did you know that we have over 1 thought ever second of the day.
  • Did you know that 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as yesterday?
  • Did you know that out of those same thoughts as yesterday, 80% of them are negative?

Think about it.

95% of all your thought are repeats and 80%  are negative reminders on how we feel about your life.

It is no wonder over 95% of the population do not feel as if they ever have a change of reaching the life of their dreams.

It is no wonder why you did not  kick up our heels  yesterday or the day before.  When was the last time?

Just for the fun of it, when did you   run around the paddock like a young filly.

Enjoying one flying, because I can, kick after another.

Once you too were just wanting to show the day that you  are glad to be here. Glad that you  can still kick up your heels. Glad that you can still raise a little hell.

That filly  or colt, of yours  was certainly glad that you decided to feed her some more OATS and some new supplements.

Every day, women write to me, Not so much the Cowboys, but the horse women, write and tell me that they spend so much time and money just  caring for their horses and pets that they have no time to even take care of themselves.

Here is a few of the comments  I have collected:

You know you are a horsewoman when:

  • Your Horse has less frizzy hair then you do.
  • You would rather wear Tall Boots then High Heels.
  • You daydream about Horse Shows and not about cute guys or romantic dates.
  • Your idea of a Romantic date has the word “Horse” attached to it.
  • You groom your horse daily for hours and you haven’t seen a beautician since…?
  • You idea of getting ready to go Up-Town is finding a ball cap without any manure stains.
  • You are easy to buy clothes for, just go to the local tack store.
  • You are proud to admit that your best friend has 4 legs, a mane, and a tail.
  • You get out of bed and put on the same underwear as yesterday.
  • You exercise program consists of long Jogs  carrying a halter and a bucket of oats.
  • You buy your horse more shoes than for yourself.
  • You spend more on your horse in one year than all of your other expenses combined.

Do you know why we consider these as funny, because they are so true.

My question is this. Do you know you can have both?

Most of us  feel as if we can have one and not the other making it very obvious that the horses have more value then ourselves.

How easy it is to put everyone and everything else first when we put so little value on ourselves.

When do you start caring enough, dreaming enough, living enough that you get some of those extra Oats for yourself?

Today, tomorrow, next year when things are better?

Did you know that the only moment that you have the power to change anything is  Right Now

Not next week, but right now.

What if you decided, right now to just go do your nails instead of the dishes.

What if you decided, right now to read that book that has been waiting for you on your night stand.

What if you decided, right now, that  your dreams are the one reason that you are hear on this plant.

What if you decided, right now, that you get the extra heap of Oats, just so you too can  kick-up your heels more often.

Make today, your “what if”.

Decide to  grab those extra Oats, filled to overflowing of the capacity  of both your hands, heck just get the biggest bucket you can find and scoop some out for yourself  and start living like you do in your dreams.

For today, Just expect the best and get excited about your life.  Steal some of those Oats for yourself and


Than ……  Ride ..Girl  .. Ride

Ready to change your life and really start  “Livin “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Livin for the whinny

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dale McKay and Knotatail, Knotatail. Knotatail said: Someone STOLE all my Oats?: […]

  2. As always I enjoy reading your blog, but some times I can’t help but stoping to think about why it is mostly women that feel this way about their horses.

    Personally my horse gets FAR more of my attention than I do. I don’t know about you, but I like it that way to be totally honest. Nothing warms the soul like the bond between a happy horse, and its owner.

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