Discover how to win the blue.

Quick story, well perhaps two short horse stories.

A mom thought that her youngest daughter was too optimistic, so she took  the young girl to a therapist to get some help. The therapist agreed, so they decided in order to get her to look a little bit more dimly upon life, they brought her to room fulled of horse manure: Piled high.

The young girl’s face instantly was covered with absolute shock. She clambered to the top, dropped to her knees and began digging with her bare hands.  Within moments, there was horse crap flying everywhere.

Horse hair bracelet from  Knot-A-Tail

“What are you doing?” her mom yelled.

The young girl was beaming.

“With all this manure,”

she explained! “there has got to be a

pony in here somewhere.”

What is it that you are expecting as an outcome of just today day?

Are you expecting it to be the BEST day of your life? or just another day?

Positive expectations are joyful, enthusiastic feelings that add great power to your day.  They “kick your life up a notch”.

If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goals. -Norman Vincent Peal.

A few years back, I saw  a young girl entered into  the show ring with a very simple show outfit, a simple white slinky and a very neat looking blue jean vest and  very little silver on her horse equipment.  However,  from the moment she entered the ring, she had everyone’s attentions.

She expected to win, and it showed.

Even to this day, I can remember her slight smile, her confidence, her knowing,  the expectation of that moment being hers.

To tell you the truth, I have not seen it again on any other rider, not like her.  I wish I knew her name, or  had taken a picture.

When you strongly believe and expect something to happen, in that  moment, when everything you feel matches your greatest desire, it is at that moment, nothing can stop you from achieving it.

When you positively expect something to happen and you GET EXCITED about it, the entire universe assists you in the fulfillment of that desire.

YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE.    That is the moment of power. With positive  expectations  you can achieve anything.

For today, Just expect the best and get excited about your life.
Ready to change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

From the Facebook group: Sexy farrier butt fan club:  The video.

Guaranteed: You will not stop giggling

Sexy farrier butt fan club video.

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  1. This is SO true……….and such a cute story…
    Thanks Roberta!

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