Lucky horseshoe

Today was a day that I fully took to heart “An attitude of Gratitude”

I live in Mesa, AZ and I go down Main street sometimes to get home.  Although it is not a freeway, it is three lanes wide on each side.  It gets a lot of traffic. However, there is no sidewalks on the part that goes West towards Apache Junction.  There is hardly any shoulder and no bike lane leaving very little room for error.

On the way home I say a man in a wheelchair  pulled off the side of the road as cars were going by.  I watched him in my mirror  and as soon as the cars passed, he was going down the main street backwards so he could see the cars coming at him.  As soon as a car got close, he would wheel himself off the road and out of Harms way.

From a horse accident a number of years ago, I walk with a very bad limp and sometimes it is painful, but I can walk.  My car is getting older, but I have a car, and one that I love to drive.  I do not have my own home at the moment but I do have a very  comfy bed to lay my head on at night.

I remember what it was like to be in a wheel chair. After my accident I spent a year in one, and was never suppose to walk again.  But I do, and sometimes, I can still really hoof it.

I had to wonder, what he was so determined to go see or was he just finding a way to get home.  I was trying to turn around to see if there was someway I could help, when a police car pulled up behind him.
Knot-a-Tail's Lucky Horse hair bracelet from  Knot-A-Tail

Today, I think it is me with the “lucky horse shoe”.

I went home and put on one of our Lucky Horse shoe bracelets,  just to remind myself of everything I have.

Remember, Whinny, like there is no tomorrow.   Things change fast.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

You can easy make a difference for a hungry, abused horse. Horse memorial page.

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  1. Things do change fast!! Live for the moment! I will be in Arizona this month for a wedding.

  2. Love you, Roberta


  3. Hi Roberta – your message rings true every time thanks

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