Horses are the language of the soul

I beleive a horse speaks directly into our soul, instantly bypassing, beyond the everyday suffering and pain of human endurance, and migrate directly into our beating hearts.

We, horse lovers, both feeling that wisdom and holding it close, perceive their beauty, their trust, their unconditional love as on of our greatest life’s treasures.

Within a horse’s open hearts, we allow ourselves to gather the love we have stuffed beneath the surface, all the passion of our unfulfilled dreams and all of our “so called” forbidden emotions to finally allow them to surface.

Bringing forth, what we have always had within us, the ability to offer love with nothing in return but finding more than we ever expected, especially from within ourselves, to experience within a lifetime.

We have the greatness for the EXPANSION of our hearts and soul into the purest  love mankind can offer, UNCONDITIONAL, and all captured with a horse’s heart.

It becomes the language of the horse lover’s soul and the hoof beats on their heart.

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  1. Perfect!

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