The #1 rule that I learned from John Lyons

I love reading all of John Lyons books, magazines and articles.

I think horse training started to take on new meaning with his gentling methods. Backyard horse man took on training and got results that they never dreamed was possible.

One of the greatest thing that I learned was where his nose goes, the rest follows. Easy enough, but when you first start to learn about John’s theories you have to keep reminding yourselves about which end you want to get moving.

I love to work with a horse when they first start learning to watch the handler. You can see that they are thinking, they start to get very active in their responses. I ofter wonder if they are having as much fun as I am. This theory about where ever their nose goes, the body will follow is the very thing I need in my own life.

Let me explain.

I got up late, rushed, worried about not getting everything done, got a little cussy while  all morning as things were not at all going my way.   The day started with handling a few customer complaints,  a wrong order, I even got the wrong coffee order at Starbucks, what could be worse than that.   It seemed like a million little things were on my shoulders and none of them would come off.   As John Wayne would say, I was burning daylight and a  lot of it without  getting any thing done. Meanwhile, after heading for the post office,  I need just a few items from the store, so I thought I would stop to pick them up.

That should take me only a few minutes and I would be back on the road. I had a pile on my desk that really needed me but I certainly thought I had time to stop at WalMart.

Of course, at that moment,  the only parking spot was out across the back forty.  I hurried up grabbed a cart, I  picked up a few grocers,  moaned about the things that I couldn’t find  on my list,  and at the last moment, I picked up some of their flavored water that has Zero sugar, zero calories, zero everything and in record time, I was  headed for the self service check out.

Nothing would scan, in fact the water wouldn’t register at all.  I was about to leave everything at the check out and leave when an older customer service gal saw me having  problems and came over to assist me.   She tried over and over again to get the bottles of water to scan, but nothing.  Finally she said, ” I got this” and  she started  to input all those UPC in my hand.  So there I stood, frustrated, because I had bought these many times before and they were in their system, but not now. How can they just disappear?

I am at this check-out for about 25 minutes now.

The  lady gets all done and only one of them comes up on my slip.  She had done  the rest wrong.
She closes out my order and takes me, my cart and all my items up  to her register  and starts again. I am continually telling her that it is alright, lets just forget about it an I will be on my way.

“No, No she says, we will get this taken care of.”

Minutes pass, and more and more and more and more’ and my frustration builds and builds and builds and at this point, I am not nice any more.

Forty-five minutes into this checkout for eight bottles of water, when  I hear a little voice in side of me say “where the nose goes, the body will follow.”

At that moment I realize that I had  forgot the basic of who I am. I know, with out a doubt that I am the creator of my day, my world, my life. What is in my world, I put there. It is the Law of Attraction at its finest. After all it is the law and it treats everyone the same.  Good or bad, frustrated or not, I put it there. “Where my mind goes, my day will follow.”

My hurry-up, getting a little pissy,  frustrated, what is wrong with you and your store, everything is going wrong attitude in my thinking was creating just that and just to keep granting my wishes, it keep giving me more to be frustrated about. I let me nose go in so the wrong direction. In an instant I thanked the lady for all hard work and her thoughtfulness. I told her that I appreciated her determination to make sure that I had all the items that I needed. I apologized for my short temper. I shear, within seconds that I was all done and checked out.

I headed for the back forty where my care was parked, and with every step I found gratitude for the extra exercise. When I got to the car, I put my groceries in the front seat along side of me and I just sat there until I know that I had completely changed my attitude. The entire time, I heard John Lyons keep saying, Where that nose goes, the body will follow.

I had let me thoughts get negative, and without even realizing it, I had turned into one of those people at the check out that you don’t like to talk to because they about to complain about every thing. My Nose was really way out of line.

So here is a round pen reminder, Keep your nose going in the right direction of your life goals.   Keep your thoughts focused on the life you want to create and everything will just fall in line.

And keep reminding yourself  WHERE THE NOSE GOES, THE BODY WILL FOLLOW.
Ready to change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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