The horseman’s handshake

My thought for the day.

There is nothing in this life, good or bad, happy or unhappy,  broke or abundant that we first did not agree to in our own minds.

We put out our hand and shook in agreement on the fact that we would accept that for ourselves.

What did you agree to yesterday that is showing up in your life today?

We spend hours, that easy  turn into years, training our horses so we can  have them preform the exact way that we want them to, in whatever discipline  that we desire.   Think of what it would be like if we spent just a fraction of that time retraining our own minds.

We all know that the horse world has a  reality all of it’s own.  How many times have you pissed someone off and they have been pissed off for life.

Does any of  these fit you?

  • Loner
  • independent to the point you do not let others in your life.
  • love horses more than people
  • financially broke.
  • spiritual drained
  • lonely
  • feeling unlovable

I know a number of them fit me, but that is not how I want my life to be.  The hardest part is to realize that most of it was learned behavior that was not even mine, hand-me-down generational crap that should be shoveled into the  manure pile long ago.

Quick story;

I  had just finished  giving a halter lesson to a weanling, and I sat down on an upside down water tank to let the colt have some fresh spring grass.  I sat and watched while Dickens, the colt,  munched away.

He  would look over his shoulder, look directly at me, and then took a few steps backwards, and then go back  to eating.  Then again he looked over his shoulder looked at me and took two steps backward  right towards me and then  went back to eating.  As he was just a few feet from me, he let me have it with both hind feet. That little Dickens knock me head over heels off the back of that water tank.

I thought it was the oddest thing, him backing up the entire 20 feet in this manner, but it dawned on me just this morning, that he had learned that from his mother.  I had watched  her do it a number of times to the herd.  She would pick out one and just start backing up until she was in striking range or they moved.

My point is, that was never that colts idea.  He had seen his mother do it and was just trying it on me.   It was a hand-me-down generational behavior.  I should have been so smart as  the rest of the head and  get out of the way.

Well,  just think about that one today.

What have you been handed-down that you have agreed  without question that would be perfectly acceptable in your own life?   What have you given your handshake to in total agreement?

How about:

  • I have to work hard for my money
  • I never get ahead
  • Nothing every works out for me
  • I never have enough time

Want change?  That is simple, find a new agreement and start with re-training some of your hand-me-down generational thinking.

Here is a whinny to making the manure pile a little bit bigger today.  Just think of it as re-training all of those naughty colts.

Most important, remember to share the whinny besides  with just the herd of horses your own, there is an infinite supply.
……………………………..Change a life and “Share “ the Whinny!

I’m just livin’ for the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. well Roberta, I love horses more than people. people could take some lessons from them.

    • I am glad to see I am not the only one. If only more people where like horses.

      Its the little things that matter most, and weather your dead broke, or have more money than you know what to do with doesn’t matter.

      I have very very few friends, and the sad part is I trust my horse more than them even. Horses don’t use people, people do.

      • I understand how you feel, but consider this: People only use us, if we let them. We have to agree that we will allow them to use as as doormats in order for that to happen. We have already agreed to it yesterday, in order for it to happen today that is the simple laws of the Universe. Whinny’s Roberta

  2. Too true and very timely for what I’m going through in my own personal life today. Thank you for sharing.

  3. this is so true and what keeps we living my life as a horse trainer and trying to teach people how to treat and love them more,,
    so well said….

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