Ride for the YeeHaw

Did you ever have a YeeHaw moments that changed you life?

While training our stallion for driving, I was having great problems in getting him to back in the cart.  He would back fine in the saddle, in hand,  and perfect in the round pen with just hand clues, but the cart was another beast.   The moment he felt the breast collar shift,  and the change of the weight in the cart from being pulled to having now being pushed, he would stop.  This was a problem in the show ring, since backing the horse and cart in a straight line  certainly was one of the requirements.

I tried for a long time using different methods but nothing helped.  He had made up his mind and believed that he just could not do it.  With all the encouragement in the world, I could not get him to back up the cart.

And them I got  a YeeHaw moment.

In the corner of the large driving arena was a slight incline that we had left on purpose so the horses could feel the shift in the cart when going down hill.  It was not much of a hill, but  I thought, what if I stopped the cart on the way up and asked him to back.

The cart would roll backwards without any release in the breast collar or the harness.  The cart would almost do all the work for him.    I started the incline and almost to the top, I stop and the moment I felt the cart shift backwards, I asked for him to back.   He  easy took one step  back.   I quickly  released and asked him to walk off.   Another lap around the arena, another stop and another step.    For a while it was lap after lap and  just one step at-a-time.

YeeHaw, it worked.

After a few times he realized he could easily back the cart and the two of us  went on to several championships.

Well, it is 2 in the morning here and I have had a YeeHaw moment about my own life.

Recently I had been to a conference given by the “BullDog”, an in your face,  get off you ass and on with your life lecturer.   Something he said really stuck with me

“You are where you are in this life, because you want to be.”

Pretty harsh words when I have so many things in my life that I want to change, but that is just the problem.

“Problems in my life I want to change” there it is, that is my YeeHaw moment.   If I really wanted them to change, I would have changed them all ready.  That was his entire point.   We change what we want to or have to and  we leave the rest alone or leave it for someone else to take care of for us.

Be it fear, laziness, or perhaps the willingness to just settle for less than my dreams, the fact remains, I have not changed them, and trust me, I have a list.

Let’s take the fact that I have been heavy for my entire life.  Fact is, for whatever reason, I have not been able to change it.  Perhaps out of fear, I have not wanted to change so the harsh reality, no matter what I am getting out of it,   I must like being fat.

Although there are a lot more people who have not been able to get to their ideal weight, there have been countless, determine, I want to change my circumstance, people that have made it.

What make the difference between a champion that takes charge and changes their own world?

Because they beleive without a doubt, simple, that they CAN!

They listen to no-one tell them that they can not.

When someone’s  entire  heart, life and focus is only  on  their passion it becomes contagious  and it brings forth the encrusted, captured passion of others.   It allows others to surpass their own fears  and draws to it new light and heightens their own spirits.  For some, it can be the first time that they see possibilities for their own life.

Here is a fact to always remember:

Never doubt your own power.

The moment you decide to change your belief from dissatisfaction with yourself to just accepting  your life no matter where  it is you are, change will happen.   Start finding positive ways to change  and step into that change by just placing one foot in-front of the other taking just one step-at-a-time.  From the moment you  make that decision, you will have an awakening of consciousness and you will have within your hands the change that you desire.

You will suddenly see a multitude of ways to change the conditions of your circumstances,  weather  it is like me and the desire to change your body, or perhaps it is your finances, relationships, loneliness, or an illness, change will happen.

Growth is simply a matter of clearing away the manure pile of old thought patterns, bad habits, sloppy performances, and gummy thinking.

If all my thoughts are cinched up by negativism, judgment, and imbalances within my body, I will  never find the change that I keep claiming I desire.

I know that it is me, not fate, that creates the events in my life. My experiences, pleasant or not, are nothing more than an outer manifestation of my inner self.   I also know that once I accept this without question, I can then rise above my limited thinking. and discard the  hobbles of  accepting those limitations  as who I am.

Once I am that accepting of who I am, right now and take that responsibility,  it will be no more difficult than if I just tossed a piece of baling twine in the garbage can.

I know that going beyond one’s self is hard.  I will have to face my inner self with its uncertainties, like the ones that are running though your mind right now  on how you can not change the circumstances in your own life.

But do you know what, they are just illusions.  Illusions that we have told ourselves way to many times until they have become mountains.   Self made mountains that we no longer think we can climb.

But just by taking that  first step,  it  will create it’s own energy.  As the energy starts to flow, its exhilaration will start to carry you from one stepping stone to another.  All of a sudden, in no time at all, you will find life magically unfolding in front of you.

The fun part is, as you are riding down this new trail,  you will turn around and look back and wonder what took you so long.

For it is not the decision to move forward that is the longest trail, it is the standing staring out the barn door, wondering where you are going  and circling the bottom of the mountain that takes the longest and imprisons  us into the illusion in the “WANTING” of something more.

Remember today,  saddle up and ride beyond the wanting and start believing that you already have it.  That you have already made it to you own YeeHaw moment.

Now let out  the biggest whinny for your own life and start making  your secret  passions come to life.
Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just start climbing and keep on being the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

You can easy make a difference for a hungry, abused horse. Horse memorial page.

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  1. This is very inspirational! Thanks much

  2. Dear Roberta,
    This “ride” was a most delicious one. I needed to hear your sage words of encouragement. I have one of the Best Whinnys in the world, horses always talk to me, and all too often, I forget to let it out!!! So, my feelings are out of the Mud, and beginning the trek….


  3. How true it only takes some baby steps to start you off!!!

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