the old mare

Every single time, I opened the gate to feed the herd in the morning  that old  mare would run anyone over that got in her way, including me.    I only had her a few weeks,  but I still had not found the time to re-train her to be more respectful of her handlers.

I had brought the old mare from a breeding farm and the only thing she knew was food and babies.   I had got it into my mind that she was just too old to change and that the effort would just take too much time.

Pam, my neighbor can over early one morning for coffee after which we both headed to the barn to do some chores.   There was that old mare just waiting for someone to open that gate.   Pam never knew what hit her.  The second  Pam opened that gate,  that old mare knocked her clean off her feet, before I could even  get a word out of my mouth for her to watch out.

Pam,  got back on her feet and came nose to nose with me, asking me what the heel I was doing not teaching that mare a few barn manners.

It did get pretty loud for a few minutes.

But she was right, I should have found the time.   I find it extremely easy at times, to talk myself out of doing things I know might be difficult, but still need to be done.

It seems at times, I would prefer to have less of a life and be lazy, then to grit my teeth and forge my way through the problem.   Why do you think we settle for less in our lives than we are truly capable of becoming?

Why do you think we put up with circumstances, that with some effort, focus  and inspiration we can fix and overcome?

Why do you think we wait, until the circumstance make us change?

Here is a statement that I try to remember: ”

When you have a  mountain to climb, circling your horse around the bottom won’t make it any smaller.

P.S.  From that day forward, that old mare waited her turn.

Just facing a few mountains of my own this morning.  I think I will put on some climbing boots and start heading up.    How about you?  Any ones you need to start climbing?

I do not want to wait until the circumstances in my life make me change.  It seems at those moments the lessons are always harder.

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Just start climbing and keep on being the  WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. LOVE this post, Roberta! It speaks so well to my own procrastination problem. It also explains how good I feel when I take that first step to climb the mountain and realize that I will get there if I break it down into “one step at a time.”

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