News Flash::Horse escapes police and crazy driver after parade

Oh, do I love a parade.

My favorite back home has always been the 4th of July parade.   When I was young, I would stop at nothing to ride in the parade.   One year I rode 35 miles into town, stayed with my horse overnight at the fair grounds, just to ride the in the two mile parade and  another 35 mile ride back home.    Like I said, I so love a parade, but riding in them was the best of all.

One year, my dad drove me to town and as  he waited as I rode in the two mile parade.    That fourth of July,  I had my half Arabian half Quarter horse , Mysti-Phon.   I finished the parade, and we headed back to the truck by the  University of  Wisconsin-Superior football field.

I rode up to the truck,  was just about to  dismount when  a truck drove by and backfired.  At that moment all  heel broke loose.  And I found myself picking my butt off the ground.

In a split second,  Mysti-Phon spun around and  with one gigantic leap, she hit the ground at a dead run.   In horror, I watched her bust through several road block  barriers that were set up for the parade,  slide across the blacktop, leap the sidewalk, by-pass two cars in the University parking lot and run directly between the  University dorms and  disappear from my  site.

Without any hesitation, I leaped into the truck and headed, though that old Ford in first gear, spun a few tires and sent dirt flying  in every direction to chase out after her.   Never did it dawn on me to wait for my dad to get in the truck, or that I was only  sixteen and did not  even have a drivers license yet

After all, I was a country girl, I could drive about any tractor so  an old Ford with four on the floor was nothing.

As I headed past the University, I caught a glimpse of her still in a dead run, heading between two houses and then she crossed over to 21th street.  She ran straight down the road until  a car started honking and trying to wave her down.

Quickly swerving and making a left turn,  she headed  between cars and down the alley.  I watched as she effortlessly jumped a back yard fence,  and moments later  jumping over the front yard fence and onto the sidewalk.   Now she was headed straight up Hammond avenue.

A heavy traveled street.  Nothing seemed to slow her down.  Nothing.

By now, she had already ran for several miles, but that mare had more stamina that any horse that I had every owned.

I came up behind her and hugged the center of the road with my flashers on, as she continue her flight on to 28th street.   She headed down 28th street and headed for the stop lights on Tower Avenue, the busiest street in the entire town.  It was one of only two streets that lead out of town after the BIG parade and traffic was heavy.

All that I could do was watch in ABSOLUTE terror as she headed for the intersection.  It was all happening so quickly, that I  only  had time to mutter a prayer asking God to keep her safe. I just keep repeating “Keep her safe, keep her safe” Over and over.

Through the intersection she went and  I was close behind.   I waited to the last moment to start sounding  my horn.   It was one of the magical moment in your life, when we both went though the intersection on a red lite and we both lived to tell about it.

At the corner of the intersection was a KFC.  Sitting there was an old open-stock  horse trailer with horses from the parade  loaded in side.   Mysti-Phon finally stopped next to the trailer.   The driver just quietly got out of the truck and she walked right up to him.

Unbelievable as it  may seem, everyone was safe and Mysti-Phon did not  have even one scratch on her.

Within seconds,  a police car drove up with my dad inside.   He never did say a word or ask me why I did not wait for him, and lucky for me,  the policeman did not ask me for my drivers license either.

I must have  at least broken a couple of dozen traffic violations that day.

I just happen to remember this story the other day and I had to share.

I never know what  really did spook that mare.  She was almost 6 and had hundreds of road miles under the saddle.  She  was calm under the saddle and always well behaved but what I do remember  most that day was her determination.

Do you know what it takes to get to the next level of your life: the one where your dreams come true and all your goals are well within your reach?

Just 10% extra effort will put you in the upper 95% of the population.  That is correct, only 5% of the  entire world’s population every go after their  dreams strong enough and hard enough to reach them.  Only 5%!

Are you one of  the 5%?

Will you reach your dreams?  Or  have you  already given up on your dreams?

Do you know what it takes to get to those dreams?


First find some reason from within that will drive you forward like nothing else.  Find that one goal, that one vision that will drive you forward  letting nothing, and no one stop you.

Just  take up the attitude of that mare.

  • Do a 180 degree turn right now
  • Hit the ground at a full run
  • Leave all the ones behind that want to haul you off  to where they want you to go
  • Dump the one that rides you the most
  • Look at the road blocks in front of you and quickly find the fastest way around them
  • Don’t follow anyone, make your own path.   No one knows you better than you
  • Jump any obstacles that get in your way
  • Find enough heart to go the distance
  • Don’t wait for  someone else to give you the green lite.

If you are waiting for someone to give you the green lite to allow you to  to reach for the stars, the magic,  your goals and dreams, to embrace all that there is in this life time, you have a very, very  long wait.

And Never, Never beleive that you do not have what it takes.

If you are livin’ for the whinny, than you have everything it takes to reach all your dreams.

Ready to change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. I am trememdously horse crazy. someone said divorce the other day, and I thought they said, horse. theyre always on my brain

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