To horses I have Loved and lost

In loving memory

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
but I have you in my heart.
I will never stop loving you
For your hoof prints are running across my heart

This page is just a place to remember, a place to release some of the sorrow for the horses that have captured our hearts, expanded our souls and brought our spirits to life and helped us  to full our memorial Blue

share your story with us.

The silent moments

In loving memory of Charlie and Blue

© roberta edstrom

I do not feel I can face these moments alone.

Whenever, I think of of you

My heart, for  endlessly emerges in deep sorrow

and   completely stands stills in the silence

waiting to hear you.

A breath won’t gone, and I am so empty

It was more than all the rides,

more than your whinny’s as you called my name.

It was the love within your eyes

It was in the silence when two souls combine,

that captured my heart and you forever  made you mine;

.I still hear you whinny in the silence of the night

your halter hangs, and will remain,

right there within my sight.

I often imagine  you happy and young

endless fields of spender with  all your bud’s

you  loop,  play and all day you run


Make sure, when my times comes

I will  be there with you

Our spirits, together again as one

We will ride across the heavens

Leave hoof prints across the moon,

United as one, we will ride straight into the morning sun.

You have captured my heart,


A Place to share your story with other horse lovers who know the loss: Memorial to horse we have loved.

There are stories of love and great loss on the memorial page so bring you box of Kleenex.

To share your story, send to

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  1. To Love a Horse

    To love a horse means never sleeping in again on weekends
    To love a horse means sleepless nights wondering if the barn is warm enough

    To love a horse is to love unselfishly and unconditionally, because to be loved by a horse means the same.
    To love a horse means to trust no matter what
    To love a horse means giving up that new pair of designer shoes for two pairs of iron ones

    To love a horse is to be free from judgment
    To love a horse is to have a best friend and a shoulder to cry on all hours of the night
    To love a horse is to be carried that extra mile when you feel you can’t take another step on your own

    To love a horse means having that earthy smell and loving it
    To love a horse means hair, hay and shavings as your permanent wardrobe accessory
    To love a horse is to feel the heart of God and know his love through this majestic gift

    To love a horse is feeling your heart beat to the same rhythm as your horse’s hoof beats
    To love a horse is getting up after a fall and trying again
    To love a horse is finding peace in a warm nuzzle and a soft breath on your cheek

    To love a horse is knowing there will always be a warm welcome when you enter the barn,
    especially if you have carrots

    To love a horse means letting go when it’s time
    To love a horse means having hoof prints on your heart and soul forever

    To love a horse is talking about manure and not getting grossed out
    To love a horse is having happy hour at the barn and never needing alcohol
    To love a horse is to dance your heart out and never worry that your horse will laugh at you
    To love a horse is to have the experience of your life and know you’ve found real life to experience
    To love a horse is learning to forgive and be forgiven

    Of all the things to be thankful for, I’m thankful I was given the chance to love a horse.

    In Memory of my beloved Saddlebred

    Show Time Supreme aka Mooch

    October 30, 2009

    • Loved this and it says nothing but the truth the whole truth
      I absolutely think of my horses as my children and nothing makes me feel closer to God than they do
      This said it all for those of us that love a horse

  2. ok….now there are tears in my eyes….

  3. copied all these poems off. I have so many and so many pics on the walls at home. I have no more space on walls.

  4. very moving…R.I.P. Charlie and Blue…!

  5. RIP Jazz a special girl who served humans so well. Your time with us was so special we were sorry you didn’t get to stay very long but your memory will never ever leave us. Love you special girl xx Julia & Bruce

  6. The Heart of One Horse
    In Loving Memory of Cy (1973-2008)

    Thirty-five years of loyalty, trust and love
    On the Wings of an Angel you went to Horse Heaven above
    Through the years, in your mane I’d braided my tears
    I whispered my hopes, dreams and secrets into your ears

    My beloved Cy, I shouldered the burden of deciding “it’s time”
    My heart is heavy, but somehow I know you are fine.
    Your coat that was dappled in grey
    Once again shimmers with yellow and red, your true Bay
    Your body that was weak is strong again
    I find comfort in knowing you’re young again.

    My loyal companion, your spirit lives on
    I feel your presence in the gentle breeze
    The warmth of the sun is a touch of your soft velvet muzzle
    When a storm brews and sounds of thunder are near
    It’s your playful galloping hooves I hear

    The falling rain brings tears of joy
    And although I miss my faithful friend, my beloved boy
    In Heaven’s pastures is where you now gracefully roam
    You drink from crystal cool brooks; you quietly graze where sweet grasses grow

    When “it’s time” for me to leave our home, Meadow Wind Farm
    The Rainbow Bridge is where I’ll go
    For by the love that guides my creative pen
    My beloved steed, We WILL MEET AGAIN

    Then with clouds at your feet, we’ll gallop through Heaven’s trails
    Yes, my friend, we will be together.. this time ~forever~ again.

  7. That is such a beautiful poem, it makes my heart break as it reminds me of my own beautiful faithful horses that I have lost over the years….and I miss their friendship now….To dear Holly, Missy and Lucky and all my other past friends… I hope you are still grazing in beautiful pastures in heaven.

    • Thank you! Fortunately I have only experienced the heart ache of parting with one horse and that was Cy. I am very Blessed to still have three of my beloved boys with me today (one is 32!!).

      Cy, Rio, Hawk and Buddy all have a special place in my heart. When Cy left, my heart shattered into a million pieces. But the unconditional love of Rio and Hawk played a large part in mending the pieces. I realized I needed to focus on being THANKFUL and BLESSED for the wonderful 25 years Cy and I shared. Cy lives on in my memories of past adventures and lesson learned over that 25-year timeframe. When the next one leaves, my heart will once again shatter. Then through the unconditional love of the ones left behind, I will find strength and comfort to mend the shattered pieces once again. Horses are truly a gift from God and like all living things, we all go “back home.” 🙂

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