Birthday Bash

Some days are just a little to get started then others, worse yet is when those days fall on a Monday.

I have spent the entire weekend with promoting the Horse lovers Birthday bash on  Knot-A-Tail web site.  The new site is a year old this month and they are having a month long celebration.

It took a great deal of the weekend to continually update all the winners, and the comments that every one was posting all weekend. By the time I edited all the pictures and found out as much information as I could about the winners and  post to the celebration page, the entire weekend was gone.

I also got yelled at by a very close freind that I had not taken the time to call him. Sorry Brandon.

When I got up this morning, I let my ego get the best of me and I listened to it tell me that what I do, doesn’t make a difference, it really does not matter.  Still feeling the effects, of a wimpy, whinny voice  telling me the worst, I went back to work and I went to update the  Knot-A-Tail’s Birthday celebration page and announce Sunday’s winners.


Ms Roberta
I know I am one of your super fans. You requested me as a friend months back and we only had 1 friend in common. I didn’t except right away because I was new to FB and wasn’t sure about all this new fangle stuff. Well, a month or 2 past and I went on to your page and found Knot-A-Tail. Well, that was enough right there. I accepted and we have been friends until I lost you somehow and I requested you to be my friend again. When I found Knot-A-Tail I got so excited I thought of all the ways I could raise money for the Therapeutic Riding Center my son rides at. Also, my friend has Curly horses right off the Nevada wild lands. We are trying to make people aware of this unique hypo-allergenic breed. One of her horses has dreadlocks and I could just see one as a zipper pull. I ordered a bracelet kit and two hitching books right away.

I was there for the cutest Farrier Butt contest. What a Hoot! I was there reading your Blog: Daily Oats and how you enjoyed being with the Grand kids but how you missed the warmth of Arizona. I’ve watched your fan base grow. I have spread the word and watched our list of 1 friend grow to 41. I was there when you had a farm on Farmville but you never played. I saw you grow to love the game and have fun playing it. I was also there to guilt you in to donating 2 of your beautiful pieces to Lona for the Charity Trail Ride for St Jude. See I am a Super Fan. I joined the newsletter 6 months ago. I re-posted the page and made a comment.

One of the  statements I have always tried to remind myself of, is  the one fact  EVERYTHING MATTERS, everything I do, everything I  say,  everything I promise, everything I  have ever spoken, it all matters.

I want to take just a moment to give gratitude for all that is on my life, especially all my friends and fans  from Daily Oats  and the   thousands of connection from Facebook,   Knot-A-Tail and My own  fan page.

Here is to letting you know, that EVERY THING YOU DO, MATTERS.

You have brightened my day, you have countless times lifted my heart,  YOU have inspired me to become more that I every thought was possible.  YOU  made me beleive in the heart and magic of those around me,  especially those I have yet to meet.  You have lifted my spirit and allowed my heart to expand.

Thank you

Forever yours with All my Love   Roberta

Biggest of  Hugs and the Loudest whinny I can muster.

……………….You have changed my  life and now  I am LIVIN’ for  the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.

Let me know if you hear my

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

I am having a Blast giving away prizes.  I hope you will come and celebrate with us.
Knot-A-Tail’s April’s Anniversary Celebration : contest and prizes

Visit Roberta on Facebook

Totally just for fun…. a Facebook quiz:
“How horse crazy are you?

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