A new pair of Cowboy boots

Last Sunday morning, I waited in the car, while my business partner went into  a local bakery in downtown Tempe, AZ  to buy some  piping-hot, super fresh, right  out-of-the over,  cross-top  buns to take to Easter dinner   Needless to say the lines were long and it took him awhile.

I had brought a book to read about expanding my spiritual awareness,  called “The Force”.   I was deep into reading my book, deep into feeling more spiritual and ready to take on every new challenge that came my way.

I had been so deep into thought, that I was unaware on anything  around me, when all of a sudden I heard  a “clicking/ thump” sound that was oh so very familiar.  A sound  I know that you have also heard a thousand times.

“A pair of Cowboy boots hitting the pavement.”    When I looked up the man in the truck next to us was getting in and I could see just  the bottom part of his new boots from under the truck.

I was giggling at myself so loud that I though everyone must  be looking.   Here I am reading a  book about being more  aware of the world around me, and the only thing  that even came close to getting my attention away from myself and out  towards the world around me was  the sound of a new pair of Cowboy boots hitting the payment.

You know the statement, I thought I was going to laugh until I pee’d my pants, Well I thought I did.

I put down the book, and started to think about what just happened.  I came to the understanding  that I am extremely narrow-minded.  I want to get beyond just the familiar, after all that is what the book I was reading was telling me.  Go beyond the familiar to stretch  and be more aware of life itself so my own life would be able to expand  as well.

I have a list of  familiar that always get my attention.

  • A whinny
  • A truck pulling a horse trailer
  • The  smell of a new saddle
  • The sound of  running hoof beats heading up the driveway
  • And the roar of a Harley, mine is red.

I thought at that moment “What if” I could add a few more

  • The young women struggling with the two small kids on the corner
  • The son helping his elderly mom get into the car behind us.
  • The very cute guy walking his dog in front on me down the sidewalk, (it is no wonder I am single when I don’t even notice a cute fella that is my own  age)
  • The fantastic mouth-watering  smell from the bakery on Easter morning
  • The fancy Spring  bonnet on the women across the street
  • The sweet smell of the oranges  on the ground in the orchard alongside the Bakery.

It sounds as if I might have learned an important lesson that Easter Sunday.

You might think that anyway.

But no, it could not have been that easy.  That is the reason I thought I would Blog about it.    I spent  an entire afternoon up town today, the only thing I happened to take a mental note of, in any way, shape or form, was a white  double cab,  “equine rescue  truck” backed into the outside parking lot at  McDonald’s.

I just might have to read some more books to go beyond my limited awareness.  To find out and to be able to experience  more of what  I know is inside of me, I can not always stand on the same ground.

Besides, I will not be able to plant anything new, allow anything else to  grow if I am always standing in the same spot, the same ground, the same familiar, if I remain the same me.

Just for one day,  just think about trading your Cowboy boots in for a  new pair of Flip-flops, spike, heels, or loafers

and  just see what might happen.

It will not only give your feet a break, but it will allow you to look beyond  and expand your own reality. You might find out how quickly you  just moved towards the life you have always dreamed.

……………………………..Change your life and “Live “ the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


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Love Roberta

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  1. ooooohhhh……..but I like those boots in your pic! LOL Have a wonderful day!!
    Linda ☺

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