Never barrel race your pleasure horse

It has rained for three days just prior to the our club’s yearly horse show.  Everything was under water when we arrived.   A few of the men rounded-up some shovels and dug  some trenches to help drain the water from the Arena.

I hung out with a few other riders, and we sat along side of the arena, just waiting for someone to hit the dirt.  We were actually taking bets on which  rider would be the dirtiest by the end of the day.   Not good, I know, but this was in my younger, more naive days.

After each event, we  would giggle and carry on, just knowing by the end of the day, someone would be wearing that mud.

It was one of those days, that my seasoned pleasure  horse was doing fairly well, and I was in for the running of the high point trophy, which meant that I would have to game my pleasure horse if I wanted to take  the “All Around Trophy’ home.

I found a snaffle bit for  Punky and we  were  in for a fun afternoon of playing games.

I could not beleive it, but by the end of the day, the two of us had taken ribbons home in every event and a lot of them were Blue.

It was the last event and  because of a timer malfunction, I was about to be the last rider of the day and no one had hit the dirt yet.   Our names were called, we were up and off I went.   I plowed reined that pleasure horse around the first barrel and then the second.   The  mud was bad, but I heard the crowd cheering us on  as I can out of the second turn.  Without thinking,   I slapped  that horse to make him move just a little faster.

Big mistake. We rounded the last barrel, and with mud flying in every direction, that old pleasure horse just decided he was going to get the heck out of there and to my great surprise,  he dug in and  scooted for home.  He dug into the mud for all he was worth.  I never in my life saw that old guy run so fast, ever.

It was amazing, unfortunately,  in that  instant, we departed company.

Horse hair bracelet
I was sitting on the ground, in the worst mud puddle of the all, dug deep from every horse  digging into that third turn.   I was covered from head to toe, no clean spots left,  my long dark brown hair dripping and caked entirely  with mud.

The next thing I saw  was my friend Danny was  ponying back  my horse.   His  clean cowboy hat dipped very low to hide his face and  the fact that  he just couldn’t stop  laughing.

The only thing I hurt was my pride so I picked up my mud socked hat,  shock off as much mud as I possible could and climbed back into the saddle dripping with mud.  I turned to  wave good-bye to a cheering crowd and started to laugh my head off.

That day as stuck with me for 40 years.

This was a perfect demonstration of manifesting what we think about in our lives.

Do you know what the Moral of the  story is?

Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it, even if it is a mud bath wished for someone else.

Thoughts becomes things, so think the good ones.

Change your life think about how great a morning whinny makes you feel,   and “BECOME” the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. Great Blog! I enjoyed reading it! I could actually picture you in the mud, covered head to toe, thinking about how you were previously waiting for someone else to hit the dirt.
    Just like you said, thoughts become things so think the good ones! It is VERY VERY true!
    Great Blog 🙂

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