The death of the sun red colt

Is there anything better than watching the colts and fillies playing their games?

Kicking their heels high in the air, jumping and bouncing being the center of their universe. I have a passion for the babies. Like so many horse lovers, years ago my husband and I bought a stallion, a few mares and breed a few babies.

I love watching them and playing with them. Just like kids, they learn so fast, and the seem to be able to bring out the best in me.

I had waited a couple of years to have a colt out of my husband’s mare Robyn. We got our wish, although I was hoping with a little more color, the colt was just like his mom and as deep fire burst  red that seemed to match the glow of the morning sun.

During one of my early morning feedings, I discovered my long-awaited colt, laying flat in his stall with sever diarrhea. He barely had the energy left to lift his head. I made an immediate call to the vet. The vet arrived in no time, but was not very optimistic. After doing all she could, she said she would be back in a few hours and if he was not any better by evening, she thought the best thing would be putting the colt down.  For some reason, he had become extremely sick

The hours were pure torture and  agony as I only thought the worst. My husband and I took turns keeping an eye on him as the hours passed.   I did not see any hope for the little guy as the day continued on,  there was no change.

I saw the vet drive down the long driveway.  She was early.  I headed for the little guy’s stall to say goodbye.   I sat down next to him, and just talked about how glad I was to have him in my life even though it was so such a short period of time.   I put my arms around him and said one more prayer for him.   I rose back to my feet and headed out the stall door not bothering  to shut it.   I walked out the front barn doors to meet the Vet.
Horse hair bracelet

She smiled and  as I turned around to see why,  the little guy was up and walking out of the stall.

Needless, to say, he made it.

(the photo is of Ace  at the age of two and my granddaughter at 18 months)

I am the kind of person that always  thinks the worst possible things are  always going to happen.  In fact, I have spent most of my life  imagining the worst.

That good things happen to everyone else, but not me.  Does that sound familiar?

How quickly I can forget  all the  blessing in my life.  I did not wait for the colt to live that day, I had waited for him to die.

Recently, my partner left me with this statement “ What is the best that could happen? To my surprise, I do not remember ever asking myself that question. Ever!

I think I am getting to be a pretty old horseman never to have asked myself  such a question.

Now,  I have posted a note on my computer reminding me to think about

” What is the best that could happen today?”

I have found that the one phrase has changed my life.  I find happiness and joy in the problems I have to face for the day.  That one statement  has completely changed my  way of thinking and my life is far better.   My life has started to change from being a struggle to being a compete joy, like  a spring trail ride  down my favorite path with  my best friends.

So for today, grab a post-a-note, post it everywhere, and change you life.

What is the best that could happen to me today??

Remember, become the whinny: become the best whinny of your own life.  When  you wake in the morning,  make the first whinny of the day, the loudest one  in celebration of you.

Never again, will I wait for the colt to die, but I will wait for him  to live.

Live your best day yet.
……………………………..Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. I also used to worry all the time and expect the worst. One day I realized that very few of the things I’d been so concerned about ever came to be & I worried for nothing. So I’d spent so many years being stressed about the bad things that life actually did deal out and then the many more things that never came to a reality. And thankfully I just decided to just deal with what the day brought for me and enjoy doing & thinking on good things rather then worrying about what likely would never happen. Being around horses has helped with staying focused on good happy moments. It wasn’t a cure-all I still have bad days where I let the stress of this world get to me and wear me down but I’m much more contended thinking on the realities that come with each day.
    I hate to think about the hours/days/and weeks of my life that were wasted dwelling on ‘bad -what ifs’.
    So smile, think good thoughts and the good energy just from that will make the day much nicer. The good energy can be contagious.
    Happy Travels thru Life…It is a Grand Voyage!

  2. I love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this today, now I need to change some of they way I think. Great advice and experience to share!

  3. Thank you so much for this great story. I have spent over half my 62 years worrying and fretting about stuff that makes no sense in the grand scheme of life. On the back of a horse I feel alive and that the world was made just for me that day no matter if it is warm, cold, raining or even snowing. I put those post it notes on every stall door in the barn so we can all have that attitude now. What a great way to look at life every day! I whinny as loud as I can every morning when I enter the barn and every evening before I shut the lights off. Not sure if my horses appreciate it or not but it makes ME feel good!

  4. I so needed this today! Thanks Roberta, you always seem to know just what I need.


  5. i to have a similar story. it still brings me to tears when i think about it, as it was so stressful. it is a good story, let me know if you would like me to put it down so you could send it out.

    • I would love to know the story. You can certainly post it here. Hugs and morning whinnies. Roberta

  6. Reading this story was the best thing thats happend to me. I cried, I laughed but best of all I learned a whole new way of life! I too, use to think the exact same way. Not anymore.

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