Ratt’ler warning!!

Here is my post this morning to my  Facebook, thought you might enjoy the reactions.

Just wanted to let you know how my day started:



It is OMG time!!!

( PS:  that was me as my heart was beating very fast, as I ran back into the house.)

This was true this morning.   Saw the rattler twice.    I actually  did not mind so much as the huge surprise.  I have to admit, I do love their warning system.

Here are the comments”  Please add a comment with your own snake story.

Sandee:: Oh yes Roberta – spring has sprung in Arizona!!
Andrea: Not Good!
Me: Well, I  just might have to become an Arizona snowbird then.
Erica: oh Roberta! id be screammin n hollarin like a baby! I hate snakes! least hes outside
and   not in your house! i hope he goes away
Me: The birds chased him in under the bricks by the rose bushes. I never  said  that I was not screaming. My heart sure is pumping.
Me:     First rattler up-close and very personal, WAY too personal
: Actually, I saw on the news that the first bite here in AZ for this year happened about a week ago – so they are out and about!! Caution everybody here in the SW!
Pat:: I thought you lived in WI. Evidently not. We have harmless grass snakes which was seen yesterday. Skunks are aplenty tho. Get rid a that ratt’ler. Who do you call?
Natalie: LOL..I remember when I was a kid and lived in Susanville…same thing, went out back one day after lunch, there he was, coiled by the fence. Neighbor came and chased him off with a stick. I like snakes, so no probs there…here we only have the little garden type guys that are harmless and I love catching them and checking them out, then letting them go again…
Lorette: Yep it is definitely snake time in the south. I am not fond of rattlers. Good thing is I keep finding bull snakes around my place and they tell me if you find them, you don’t have to worry about rattlers. Either way, my heart gets pumping when I run across a snake as bulls look at lot like a western diamondback. Ours are prairie rattlers and they are yellow in color.
Barbara: Anything but a rattler. Don’t like those at all. Had a red mohave on the front patio last fall but we dropped him off across the road in the BLM land. Be careful!!!
Pam: NO!! Not ready for that, YET! Never ready! BE CAREFUL!! Thinking about getting a few peacocks for my 5 acres! We are rattle snake central here, I just hate it!!
Don: Peacocks prevent snakes?
: perhaps a mongoose would be helpful… don’t panic… I’ve worked around rattlers….. they are not aggressive but very good at defending themselves… pay attention to where he goes… so you know where he might be hiding out… he was probably sunning himself… please be careful and I hope he doesn’t end up around the horses… do you have wildlife control in your area??
Pam: At times like this Im so glad I am a kiwi. Snakes cant survive here its too cold.
Barbara: call the police (not 911) and they’ll give you the name of a snake removal company who will come right out. if it’s venomous, there’s no charge because they bring it to a place that milks it. anyway, that’s what we do because we get diamond back rattlers here in florida. hope that helps.
Missy:: I’d rather deal with a snake that has a rattler to warn me than the water moccasins I’d run into when I’d be visiting in the south. Very aggressive, even the babies.
Karen: How cool! I have not seen a rattler since I was a kid growing up in Southern Cal.
Julie:: I hate snakes I hate hate hate them!!!!!!
SoS0:: from cool to hate.   I love how the subject of snakes tends to bring out a lot of emotions… I used to have a zoo-mobile and one of the most requested animals was a 15 ft. Boa that I worked with even the smaller Ball Pythons would bring a big reaction. kids love to talk about snakes. the fear of snakes is a very ancient instinct, not only because of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden but studies show that primate groups are also wary of and stay away from snakes even going so far as to have a special call to alert the troop…. funny story… a monkey in one of the troops learned to give the call while the others were eating so he could move in on the food… after a while they figured it out… sort of like the little boy who cried wolf…

Roberta, I think you have a great blog story here…. 

Brandon:: Omg is right. i hate snakes. Run forest run.

Well as you might have guessed,  I not going to even try to convince anyone today to overcome their fears.   From the moment the word RATTLER crossed my mind, all bets were off.

A reader posted this for some “what to do about snakes with horses:
Snake Bite Preparedness

Just remember, no matter what, they are all just another WHINNY around the barn yard.
All my love for today, and may there only be a few new Baby Rattles in your world this spring.  Baby horse rattles that is.
Happy Spring.

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. Wow, what a sign of spring! Guess the snakes are ready for winter to be over, too. Found info on TheHorse.com about rattlesnake preparedness for horses (link below). Thanks for the reminder that snakes were out and about – I agree, I’d rather have to deal with a snake that at least had a warning system!

    For Pat in WI – my uncle has a summer cabin along some river in WI, they’ve had a BIG rattler there before. Not as common as the SW, but I guess still possible.

  2. We have killed two rattlers already this year. I am in Stamford, TX so looks likw we all need to BEWARE!!

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