Empty Saddlebags

I just wanted to share a quick little story with you.  It is not really about a horse, but it is about a donkey.

One morning a rancher went to the barn to feed all his animals but when he was almost done, he realized he could not find one of his most favorite pets,  his little mini-donkey.  He search the entire farm and had almost given up when he remember the old well out back.  Sure enough his little pet had fallen in.

The rancher tried all morning to figure out how to get him out, but all attempts had failed.  His little friend was just too stuck.   The rancher did not want the little guy to suffer, so he started to fill in the hole.   He shoveled the entire afternoon and well into the late moon lit hours of the night.  The hole was deep.  Just about the time, he thought he should be almost completely done, he  saw his little buddy.  Each time the rancher tossed in another shovel full of dirt, the little guy would shake it off and step up.   The rancher quickly started shoving faster and within a few minutes, his buddy had reached the top and jumped out.

I know what you area saying about now, “no way”, well you are correct however, it is a life lesson that I have to keep close at all times lately.

I don’t know about you, but for me, during these trying economic times,  I too have had to learn the “shake if off and step on up” dance, even when it seemed to beyond practical, even when others around me were telling me to give up.

Here is what I have stood my Cowgirl boots upon every step of the way.

“Cowgirls who aim to achieve great things, defeat long odds, ride great horses, become legends,  didn’t have anything I do not  have.    They just kept showing up, expecting a miracle, long after everyone else got practical. ”

I just keep reminding myself,  to shake all the dirt, manure, and crap off my old “AS…. kickin’ as it gets boots” and Cowgirl-up.   I find it extremely easy to remember  what I have lost then to look at all my blessing and remember exactly which trail I want to lope down next to make sure I reach my dreams.

I was recently told that it is the “choosing” that is easy, it is the standing still,  the  “not choosing that is the hardest part of anyone’s life. When I find myself standing still,  forgetting exactly who I am, and not  finding a way to move forward, my life becomes even more difficult.   Worse yet  is that hope for any change lacks any kind of passion. It turns into more of  a state of wishful thinking, and unfortunately, wishful thinking will never have the power to change anyone’s world.

Join me,  today,  saddle-up and chose your own trail to ride , the one  that will take you to your life’s passion. The one that you have dreamed of  for so long.   Start by emptying your saddle bags of all the crap that you have carried for so long,    mount up and ride,  girl ride.     Today, choose to leave all the crap behind, shake if all off and step-up.

Right now:  be the WHINNY of your own life and bring out the true Cowgirl in you:  the passionate one that knows her own heart and will do whatever it take to reach her dream.    This is easy, remember the two-step: shake, and step, shake and step, no matter how much crap life dumps on you.

Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny! Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


When all else fails, turn on some music and “shake-step ::: shake- step ::: shake-step.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul
Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom


The new website for Knot-A-Tail anniversary is this April and they are giving away prizes every single day for the entire month.  Just sign-up for their newsletter and you are automatically entered into the drawing.   How easy is that??   How much fun.

I would be so excited if you will join us.   Shake, step :: shake :: step

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  1. Great reminder. I found a paraphrase from
    J. Krishnamurti – “Choice is an illusion. Do I do this or do I do that – all of this is confusion. I can only choose when I am confused. When I know clearly there is no choice.”

    For me, taking the time to get clear rather than being driven by my fear is the best time I can spend. Once I am clear, putting on my boots and taking the steps is easy.
    Again many thanks,
    The Divine Cowgirl

  2. Roberta,
    What an enspiering story, love the “shake..step..shake..step”
    Happy Trails
    PS little Molly is celebrating her 2nd birthday in April too! Congradulations!

  3. Thank you for genuine words of wisdom and your anectodes straight from the heart. I’m new to your blog. And so happy I found you! Actually my sister found you. So sister to sister cowgirl to cowgirl Arizona gal to Arizona gal
    God bless you and your humour. Please keep singing and dancing and of course ride like there’s no tomorrow:-)

  4. Thank you so much for your comments and all of your wonderful support.

    Cowgirl by Cowgirl our world’s will change.
    Love Roberta

  5. Wow I needed the reminder. I am a winner – dusting off and getting up.

    • I beleive in you too. I know you are a winner. Love Roberta

  6. Thanks! I’m a cowgirl finishing up a PhD (you know…piled higher and deeper) and planning to return fulltime to my first love as soon as I’m done! And yep, I’m shakin’ it off and movin’ up…


    Great parable.

  7. Thumbs up!! We all need a “reality check” from time to time. Thanks!

    P.S. I love your blog and look forward to it everyday! WHINNNNNNNNY! 🙂

  8. Reminds me of a Henry Ford quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”
    We can do whatever we want !

    I shook it off, started college at 50 and bought my first horse at 52 .. so yes, we can do it !

  9. Hi Roberta – first, Leanne is continuing to recover from her riding disaster, and will be leaving rehab sometime soon in CO. Prayer works. I loved this Oats. I need to be reminded to Cowgirl Up when I get down and feel alone… show up dress up cowgirl up step up and all that. I needed to hear this today and feel less over whelmed. Thanks from one Cowgirl to another

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