Houdini, the Appaloosa gelding

Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

I was reading the Sunday section of horse ads when I can across an add for a 4 year old green broke registered Appaloosa gelding with all the tack and a Simco saddle for $400.00. I thought, even if the saddle was older, I could fix it up and get at least $200.00 out of it. I also loved bringing home green broke horses. I would just started all over again as I convinced myself that I needed another project and horse to train.

So I called the number and made the arrangements to see the gelding that afternoon. Even though it was not very far, I hitched the trailer and got a stall ready to go.

When I got there, they brought a nice big, almost black, stocky built gelding with a snowflake blanket out of the barn. He was very handsome, well groomed, calm, polite, and he seemed very easy to get along with. I watch as them lead him around and I could see absolutely nothing wrong with him.

He came with a Simco saddle that seemed almost new, plus a heavy winter blanket, bridle and all the tack you would ever need for one horse. I thought that I might have a problem loading him in the horse trailer, but that only took a few minutes and we were off towards home.

One of my best friends was a Vet, so I stopped at her clinic on the way home for the once over and he passed with flying colors. So off to home I went with my new prize.

I unloaded him and headed for the barn. I gave him the box stall in the corner of the barn where he could watch everything that was going on. I made sure he had everything that he needed and I headed back to the house to see what my husband wanted to do on such a perfect Sunday afternoon.

I was only about a 100 feet pasted the end of the barn, when a horse bolted past me. I was in shock to see it was the new gelding. I thought perhaps I did not put the latch on correct, so I just gathered him back up and headed back to his stall. This time, I checked twice to make sure the door was completely latched. So again, I headed out the large double barn doors and just started heading for the house. Guess what? A bolt of black went streaking past me once more.

This time, I shut the upper half of the door, and headed towards the house. I had almost made it when, you know what happened next. This time, I went in and got my husband. Of course, when I told him my story, the laughter got a little loud.

Two more tries for my husband before he took a board and drilled it across the doors until we could figure out how to keep him in the stall. That darn old horse drove both my husband and me just plain crazy for the next few weeks. He would out-smart us every time.

After I spent some time with him, getting him well past being green broke a buyer showed up for a look. When he asked me the horse’s name, I just said around here, they call he Houdini. He laughed, as I let him shut and latch both stalls doors. Before we even made it half way to the shop, Houdini earned his name once again.

A dear friend of mine sent me this email recently, and it reminded me of Houdini
“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise , risking more than others think is safe, and dreaming more than others think is practical. You are in excellence in all that you do.” He forgot the last part ‘ expect more than others think is possible.”

Who would have every expected that gelding to be able to open any gate to the point we had to use a board and drill every time. That gelding was in total excellence.

He had become a mastery of escape with any latch by the age of four. I want that kind of  determination in my life  To do my best, beyond what others think is possible, to risk more than what might be wise, and to dream bigger than my ego has every let me sail before.

Now that is living in excellence. What if, I was just an excellent friend, rising to the occasion that I stand with you no matter what. Or perhaps today, I was an excellent partner and believing in you more than ever before or I could be the “BEST” employee.  For me, I would be in excellence in self confidence, and never doubt me abilities of my gifts.

Today, I am going to do my best to be in excellence in whatever I place my mind, heart and hands on. If a horse can give his best every time, then so can I.

How can you be in excellence in your world today?

Change your life and “BECOME” the Whinny!

Greet the world like your horse greets you, as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

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