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Daily Oats: food for the horse lovers soul

One of my friends brought her beautiful, black and white Paint yearling filly down for me to work with.   After so man years with horse, I do not go weak-in-the-knees over very many horses anymore, but this  filly quickly  captured my hear and inspired my days.  She was special and she was more than willing to share it with the world.

Her passion to learn  stood out from the moment she stepped into the round pen.  She loved to follow me around with out a  halter or lead and watched intensely for the slightest  cues.  Within days, she was performing better than most horses that had  been in there for a week.

I was even amazed at her abilities, and I found myself heading out to the barn earlier so I had more time to spend with her.  I stayed later in the evening, just so I could play with her one more time before I retired for the night.   The two of us could dance around the round pen with just the slightest of cues.   She brought out more of the passion for training in me than I had seen in a very long time.

Gentle turns to the right  and left with an almost invisible cue, backing by just watching my feet move forward,  instant spins, without a crop, changing gaites with just a click.   I loved watching her. I loved playing with her. I loved the dance.

Her passion to learn  was inspiring.   Her willingness to learn was outstanding.  Her eagerness to learn  brought out the best in me.

When you have a gift and you share it with others, it brings out the passion in them to let their own gifts shine.   So many times,  I forget this and denied  my gifts to the world.   What a great loss this is when we do not share our gifts with others, or deny that we even have them.

This, Daily Oats blog, has brought out in me a gift for story telling and encouraging others.  A gift I have denied most of my life.  I have more books started and I have never finished one.   I never thought my writing would  ever be good  enough to get published, so if I never finished one book.  I would never have to worry about being turned down if I never finished them.   What a loss, both to me and to the world around me.   Right now, I am going to saddle-up on my own passions and take the ride of my life and just let go of all the fears that hold me back.

Today, I want to encourage you into letting the passion in you go until it rips you wide open.  Tell me your passion, and tell the world.  Let in out.  Everyone has a gift, a passion they can not deny. Most of the time it gets clouded by life, so you may  no longer see it, but  I know that you  still feel it deep within your spirit.

For today, pretend you can not deny it any longer.  Let it all out, spilling to the brim of your heart and out to the world.     Let it loose!!

What is yours??

Where will you let your passion take you today?  Passion is what makes your life everything you ever dreamed it could be, sharing it with others will bring out the best in them as well.

Share the whinny and be passion like never before.  I AM PASSIONATE
Now go for it with all of your heart: WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

I know that  you were born to WIN!

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

I love you, Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. One of your gifts is not only story-telling, but story-telling with love and deep insight.

    You are such a blessing, Roberta – to not only me, but to so many others “out there” who read your blogs and play around on Facebook with you. Dont ever underestimate your positive influence on us, even with the shortest of blogs or briefest of jokes. Your words are always a bright spot in my day, and I thank God for you.

    • Thank you so much. Today, I needed to hear that, Thank you for the inspiration in my day. Love Roberta

  2. Just DO it, Roberta!! You do have a flair for writing, so…
    That’s my passion too. 🙂


  3. Love your blog. . .and your posts! This is great!

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