Be Ridin’ till I die

My bones may creek, my back may hurt, chores take me a heck of a lot longer,
For sure, my butt may not look as good as it did when I first leaned to ride
But Gratitude makes my heart still sings and my soul still flies as I  saddle-up
most favorite stead
and head down the road for another adventure and a great little ride.

I know I am  a heck of a lot slower, throwing my leg over that heavy old roper,
My rides not as long,  I have been long grounded from any kind of jumps,
Mostly me and my old Blue down some quite back roads for a solitude ride.
but  no matter how gray the two of us get, I can still brag that a great horse I still ride.

Soon I will meet my maker, He has been ridin’ with me since before I could walk.
Just make sure when I go, you toss my bridle right in with me
Bring a braid of my horse hair, make sure you give him a treat while your there
You better show up in your old cowboy hat, dirt on your boots and ready to dance
Kicking up your heels n’ know I saddled-up until the moment to heaven I went

For I will be ridin’ until the day that I die.

© Roberta Edstrom

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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. I sure can identify with this blog – I hope I will ride as long as I am able. A mounting block helps, too!

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