The last straw

Daily Oats: food for the horse lovers soul

This is a true story about a day on our farm. I hope you have a good laugh.

My daughter, Theresa just arrived home late one summer evening after being gone for about month for some desert training for the military. My husband, Charlie and I were taking care of our six-year-old granddaughter Brittany. Theresa arrived home, tossed her duffel bags in the toy room, picked up her daughter and the two of them kissed and hugged, laughed and cried, just about all at the same time. We all had supper together and then off to bed.

Theresa got up the next morning and started cleaning the house from top to bottom. I have a tendency to go to the barn and forget to come back in, so what a great treat to have a perfectly clean house.
She  also made me breakfast and while I was eating Theresa started cleaning the toy room. All of a sudden  Theresa  let out a blood curdling scream.

My granddaughter, Brittany is the a kind of girl who loves the country and everything that goes along with it, including bugs, snakes and most anything that moves. She loves crawly critters so much that she was given rubber ones she loved to play with. They were all over the toy room, so when m daughter reached for   the “RUBBER” snake, she did not think much of it until the moment she picked up the snake and it started to move.

Instantly Brittany was asking her mom if she could keep it. Once, Theresa stopped screaming, she did agree to let Brittany keep it for a while and so off to the shop we went to find the old fish tank. We put  the tank in the heated part of the shop and Theresa went back in the house to gather up the snake. As soon as she opened the french doors to the living room, I heard another, even louder scream calling out “MOM”, the house is on FIRE”

Theresa had dropped the rags and towels over the railing to the basement after cleaning.  One of the rags caught on the basement light and started on fire.   The smoldering rag fell on the rest of the laundry and started the rages  loaded with  cleaning chemicals on fire.  By the time Theresa reached the house, the smoke had fully  engulfed the basement and the kitchen.

I could see that there was very little fire and mostly smoke.   I yelled to  Theresa to go get a pitch fork while Brittany went to the garden hose and I called the fire volunteer fire department.  Theresa grabbed Brittany’s pet rabbit, Sir Patches  and headed for the shop.

This was the THIRD house fire we had in less than three  months. The first house fire, was on Easter morning while we were in Church.  By the time we drove the 30 miles home, we found the  entire house  with smoke.  A fast thinking neighbor shut  the fire door to the furnace room and saved the house from total lose.  The smoke damage was intense, costing thousands and the loss of more personal items was more than I care to remember and unfortunately,  several family pets did not make it.

Anyway, back to this fire.

At this point there was only a smoldering fire that was producing a lot of smoke. I told Theresa to grab the towels with the pitch fork and head out the back door.  The moment she stepped out side, I started to hose them down as the burst into flames. It took three trips for her to get them all.

Theresa had just brought out the last pitch fork loaded with towels and we were standing there hosing them down.  We were all safe and I was  feeling such relief  that the house did not start on fire again.   While standing there feeling very blessed,  something caught he corner of my eye.  I looked out in the horse pasture and noticed my husband’s horse, Blue coming  across the field towards the gate totally dragging her front left leg.

I ran into the shop, grabbed a halter and hurried to help Blue. The girls dragged the water hose back to the barn and Theresa started hosing down Blue’s leg. As I looked back at the house, I noticed two American Bald Eagles circling  the area by the front of the shop.

“Theresa, where did you put Sir Patches?” I asked.

“In the shop” she replied.

I quickly began to worry, because I knew I  left the shop door open  when I got the halter.

“Is Patches  loose?” I asked.

“Ya, Why?” She replied.

I point to the two eagles where hunting something in the front yard. Brittany and I ran back to the shop to hopefully beat the eagles to Sir Patches. When we rounded the corner of the shop we did not see Sir Patches anywhere. Brittany ran into the shop to see if she could find her beloved Patches. Then I noticed a little white patch with just one black spot  snuggled as far as he could go behind  the front wheel of my  Toyota truck.

We returned Sir Patches to safety  and the eagles headed down the valley.  The snake was found and put into the fish tank.  By the next morning, Blue was fine without any limp whatsoever  and our home was still standing.

You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when he asked me how my day went.

The moral of the story is this: life is just  an ADVENTURE!

It is not the destination that matters, it is the journey.

I thought the universe was out to get me that day. I did let a few cuss words past my lips, and wondered why God was needing a little revenge.   Now it is one of the funniest, a day at the farm, stories I get to tell. I still laugh at myself at how upset, mad and afraid  I was.

Lately, things have been a difficult for most everyone, including me but I instantly recover when  I  remembering this one fact that I keep close to my heart:  life is  just  an adventure. I can go on my  adventure with a light, loving heart or spend my time agree, mad at God and everyone around me  thus missing out on my life.

I have purposely chosen a happy heart.

I know that some might think that I am naïve, but the highlights of my life so far consists of:

  • a childhood where my sister states “there has never been a  horror movie made that scares me as much as my childhood.  In today standards, my parents would be in prison.
  • My  first marriage was to an alcoholic
  • Next relationship  with someone that beat me
  • Then I married  an amazing man, Charles Alfred Edstrom II, only to watch him die from cancer
  • From there it was having to sell everything I owned
  • Next,  move 2000 miles away from my home and  in with a relative
  • Endless  hours to make my business make it in a depression
  • Finding myself being alone without my life long friends.
  • To currently, dealing with one of my children having cancer

But still, and I do say this with a smile on my face, I would not trade this adventure called my life for any thing else. It is when the  “Shit hits the fan” and  within those moments  I heave  learned what is important.  I now look  for the  opportunity to  change my life.

When I  go out for a horse ride, I get to chose, which saddle, bridle, where I am going, even which horse.  I get to chose where and how I ride and  I am also the only one that gets to chose how I take the ride called life.

Let me ask you this, when you are out trail riding, is there any better adventure no matter where you are heading?

How about it,   how will you saddle-up today?

How will you head down the trail of life and make  your own adventure.

For today,  just decide to Ride with your heart and love the adventure.

No matter what, whinny with all your heart.
Change your life and  just become  the whinny! Greet the world like your horse greets you,as if there is no tomorrow.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

I love you, Roberta

Roberta Edstrom
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My husband’s AQHA horse mare, Blue

The limp still remains a mystery to this day.

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  1. Thank you for this today, after reading this I called a staffing agency to help me find another job after recently being layed off out of the blue. Your blogs offer support and we all need that from time to time!

  2. You are so right! Life is an adventure!! I love the analogy that we are the ones who chose the horse and saddle and how to ride!!
    Ride on girl!

  3. Hi Roberta,
    this was one heck of a story and all in one day!!! goodness!!
    I also have had a path very similar to yours, it has made me strong, appreciate everything the universe provides for me – every day I expect my miracle, and I always get it – even if it is small and seemingly insignificant, I know better.
    Leanna continues to respond and had her eyes open for 1/2 hr. Prayer works – thank you for all the Cowgirl Prayers for her.
    Nancy Anderson

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