Daily Oats: food for the horse lovers soul

Do you know what makes a great horse?  Consistency in what they do.   How I love a ranch horse that will get the job done every time, no matter what.

When you are training a horse, no matter what the age, everything we do matters. What I have learned is that the same is true with my own lives.

Every single thing we do in our life, every moment, every second, every thought, every deed, it all matters. Just think about even the simple stuff  like going for a walk, talking to you horse, a hug, the touch of a welcoming hand, cooking dinner, or reading the latest horse journal, it all adds up into what makes you.  Add every second up,  add up every moment, and you will see that everything  matters.

What does matters mean? I mean that it all adds up, all of our actions have an effect on our state of mind now and in the future.

Just think how you learned to ride or how you train your horse. Every moment that we are with them, we are teaching them something, good of bad. Every moment we are with them adds to their very personalities and how they respond to us.

When I train, I make sure I stay in the moment and pay attention to every clue. Every action I take  has a reaction. My hands, my grip, m leg position, my thoughts, the turn of my head, the position of my arm and wrist, or how about the very fact that if I just tighten up the muscles in my butt, my horse will know it.

Every thing matters. It all adds up on how my horse turns out and what they become. The more consistent I am, the faster and the better they will learn. Every moment matters.   The consistency in my training, my thoughts, my responses, creates not only their life but mine as well.

The same applies to each and every one of us. Every thought, good or bad, every action, right or wrong, every deed, adds up into making up our life. My point is this, train yourself as hard and as focused as your work your own horse, stay in the moment,  focused on your  goals and dreams  and the rest will take care of itself.

I have a habit of going to the barn, training with directed focus and then heading back to the house and moan about my life, about the parts that I feel are not working. And do you know what happens?   Absolutely nothing positive. I just learn to moan a little louder until someone else is within shouting distance so they can hear me as well.

My goal for today is to stay focused. Cowgirl-up with out any moaning. I want change, and staying in “the training” is the only way to get the “great ride” for  my own life. I just need to remember to tell my ego to back off and find the more positive me that I love to have come out.

So, for today, will you join me?  Do not let that your ego (that un-broke colt that never listens,  the one that runs right over the top of you getting whatever it wants).  Do not let that un-broke colt  in  your mind run your life today.  Not today!

Let positive change happen, with focused training. I know this is not easy, but do you know what, neither is training a horse. If it was easy everyone would be able to do it.  Just apply the same rules to your own life and remember, everything you do MATTERS!

With the love of our horses and this amazing life we have chosen, let the positive you  take  you beyond any life you  could ever  imagine.


Remember to always greet yourself, like your horse greets you, with an open, forgiving heart.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom
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  1. Yes, life is lived step by step and the consistency of those steps. No matter the project, goal or dream; it is our commitment to taking steps no matter what.

    When I was training horses, some days the work was just walking, bending, connecting. From the outside it didn’t look like much was happening and yet those small steps lead to leaps in confidence and mutual understanding. It also built a foundation that the horse and I could go back to in times of stress.

    Keeping our promises to our selves is a huge step to self-love. I vote for giving the ego a one way ticket to Timbuktu!
    Happy trails,

  2. Wonderful article/blog as usual, Roberta, and completely applicable to real life. I vote for giving the “ego” a rest, as well, and focusing instead on “self-love.” They are different; sometimes it so difficult to distinguish the two. Consistency in training, in learning, and gaining confidence in small steps is the way to “giddy-up and go.” 🙂

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