Train for the Yeses

Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

I had a Blue Roan AQHA gelding that I just adored.  He would put his head completely over my shoulder and gently pull me into him to give me the greatest horse hug ever. I did not teach him that trick either.

He was four years old when I brought him home.   Although they said he was green broke, I quickly discovered that the words “Green Broke” means something different to every horseman.  So, I decided to just start over.

When he became a little frustrated with me and started giving me “NO’s”, I would take a few steps backwards and find something that I could ask of him that he would give me a YES answer to even if  that meant just standing still. Even just the act of standing still, which is hard for a lot of horses to do,  was something I could give him a “good boy pat”.

Then I  would find another YES question to ask.  The  great thing about asking YES questions, is that it moves you out of a fight and moves you ahead a lot faster.

The hardest training  we will ever have to do in our life is to as gentle with ourselves as we are with our horses  as we move ahead in our own lives.

No one will ever  be tougher to train or get a YES answer from then myself.

I know when things get rough for me and I put up a “NO More” fuss.   The first thing I start doing is get after myself and start being  far too hard on myself.  The words You are such an idiot”, quickly comes to my mind and sometimes it comes out of my mouth as well.  I forget to find the little yeses in my life.

How quickly I can forget the lessons I teach.  When a horse gets a little stubborn with me, I start going backwards until I get a constant yes, and then slowly I start moving forward again and the consistency returns.

I want to remember this in my life.  I have far to many Yeses in my life to get stuck on the few NO’s that I run head first into.   “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, NO ” Whoa” stopped in my tracks.

How often do you do that and how hard are you on yourself  when you hit that  NO?

I know my life  is packed full of Yeses, but I so easily forget.  I am also betting that you  forget  all the success that you have so far in your life.  Correct?

For today,  if  my life training takes me to a  “NO” , I am going back to I find a few YESES and totally skip the part about beating myself up.

Look for  the YESES and you will  move forward far more quickly towards your dreams and your goals.

Let’s all Cowgirl or Cowboy-up and  repeat after me “YES I CAN”!
No, give yourself a extremely loud WHINNY

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Love Roberta

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