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Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul.

For months now, I have been posting little tidbits of humor on my Facebook  profile page, called Morning coffee and giggles.  The jokes are always about how horse crazy we see ourselves.  The readers all give back lots of  “hehe” and “lol” and admit that the jokes are extremely funny, but at the same time so very true.  All the jokes are just for fun, but totally based on the reality of our lives with horse and to the extremes horse lovers go to take care of their four legged friends and still find it within themselves to laugh.

See if these ring true with you.   The one thing here is that you  have to tell the truth.

The one that always brings the greatest reaction is when I post this question ” “Have you even been asked: Do you love your horse more than me?”   Here is another version ” Why are the horses more important than all else?”  Well, have you been asked this question yet.    I have been married twice and my first husband, a non-horse  kind of fellow asked me that question all the time.   We were only together a few years.  I never once was asked that question from my second husband and we were only separated by “Till death do us part”.   He loved everything to do with horses.

I also know for a fact, that horse lovers  have a language all of our own.   My husband laughed at this one for weeks, and told everyone who would listen.

My husband was driving   and we were pulling out from the Holiday gas station on East 2nd Street in Superior, WI, ( no we did not have the horse trailer  with).  Charlie just did not see a car coming and pulled out in front of the car.   Now a non-horse person would say “STOPPPPPPP”   but not me.   I immediately started yelling  in that extremely  loud voice, you know the one that  you can hear  across a 40 acre field without losing a tone. horse training voice :WHOOOOOAAAA”.     Charlie jammed on the breaks and  stopped in time,  however  his laughter did not immedialy stop.  He continued giggling  day.  From that moment on, I beleive whoa was his favorite word.

Want to see just how socially acceptable horse lovers are, answer these few questions.

What were you more excited about when you opened your Christmas presents,  A personal gift item for yourself or the gift someone gave y0u for your horse.  Better yet, which gift giver did you  tell thank you more too??  Tell the truth,do  you consider any one who buys you a new wheelbarrow, western  boots, or even right down to  a folding hoof-pick your best friend forever?  All of a sudden they seem to know your desires for your life better than anyone else or perhaps it just might be that every time they have come for a visit in the last year, they found you out in the barn.

How about this fact?  There is a group on Facebook called ” $$My horse costs more than my car” with close to 24,000 fans.   Another factor on how much we spend on our horses compared to ourselves, just tell me what you haul your horse’s around in compared to what you drive to work.  Personally I used to brag about the fact that my show saddle cost more than 6 months of house payments.    Yes, I can get a little crazy myself.

In the last two years, I have purchased one pair of shoes, including boots for myself.   How many new shoes did your horse get in that same time period.

This one is so me, especially since I used to make and repair saddles.    I have Murphy oil stains on my living room carpet from cleaning my tack in the house in the winter time.   I ruined the carpet  because I can not  get the oil stains  to come out and now as a type this, I really not sure if I see the humor in the cost to someday replace the carpet.

The truth is all this humor that we are so willing to  quickly giggle at is the fact these are  normal activities of every horse lover’s  life.   The common bond  created between all horse lovers alike lies within this one fact:

We need them in our life, more that  they need us!

Here is the bottom line for all horse lovers, from the unconditional love of a horse we become more of who we were meant to be.  Life starts to create it’s own meaning and purpose and we grow in spirit and our soul expands.  That is the horse lovers world.  A world of our own, lived in humor and endless  giggles with our most beloved four legged friends.

“There is nothing better for my soul, then the soft touch of a horse nose.”

For today, just enjoy the day and remember to have a great big horse giggle about your life.  Trust me, no matter what is happening, a great big giggle and a huge, life is so dandy,  WHINNY as loud as you can and greet this world like never before, works every time.


Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

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  1. I like to think that I “think like a horse” – in other words, I break things down to “should I face my fears or run away”……..
    I try to simplify complicated tasks, so they are easier to digest and work through. It helps to think that way.
    I volunteer at an equestrian center where there are 27 horses. There are over 140 volunteers that work there in 4 hour shifts and I’ve gotten to know most of them. I can’t remember people’s names, but I remember all of the horses’ names!

  2. This is so true. I am myself (no stress of the daily life) when I am with or on my horse. (now that I have one that I love) we pull our trailer with an old 97 beat up, paint chipping dodge, and the trailer doesn’t look any better. lol plus we have a nice 02 black dodge but it is always in the shop. Like they say its not what you pull up in, its what you Unload that counts. So the next time you see someone pull up in a junky truck and trailer, just remember they still can kick your butt at the races cause they are gonna unload an awsome horse or

  3. Not too long ago, my husband jokingly looked at me and said “You love your horse more then you love me.” I simply nodded and said “Yeah.”

    I continued.. “All of my life I have dreamed of having a horse. I never dreamed of having a husband. You were a nice surprise.”

    That seemed to calm him down a little… 🙂

    • Holli,
      I need to use that line with my husband! It is so true I dreamed all my life of having a horse, never a husband!!

  4. Yep, the “WHOA!” is the preferred choice around here when we need someone to stop…..and we use it with our horses, too.

    As for spending on horses vs. spending on ourselves here’s an absolutely true story: Yesterday my husband and I went to town to Evil-Mart, which most of you may know as Wal-Mart to buy groceries and spent $167…..then we went to the Co-op to buy groceries for the horses and spent $496

    My favorite part of the day is when we go out to feed the 2009 crop of foals….we have rubbed on and loved these gorgoues babies from the day they hit the ground….as soon as they hear and/or see us heading their way, they come to us for what else….to be rubbed on and loved before they are fed.

    When I feel under the weather or have had a disappointing or frustrating days, all I need to do to feel better is go out to the pasture….it’s a horse thing!

  5. what i enjoy so much about my horses is that God showed me the meanings of some of his scriptures while I would be training my horses.Like how a person is suppose to bridle their spirit like a horse. You have more control over a horse when bridled, and we have to do the same with our spirit or we would be so wild like a broncing buck if we didn’t. i hope that makes since to you all. that is the best way i can describe it. Love to all!

  6. You really cheer me up, I LOVE everything you write. Thanks for being there.

  7. As I was reading this I was interrupted by my son asking me if I had a sewing needle to repair his jeans. In reply to my answer “No, I dont know how to sew”, he asks in astonishment “no needle, not even for the horses??!”

    I have, on many occasions been asked by my husband and children if the horses are more loved by me than they are, and have felt a sense of resentment among them as well. Then there are the disapproving comments and looks from my parents and in-laws about the time and money spent on my horses. Hello guilt!

    I believe horsemanship is all about balance, on many levels. When I struggle with those fleeting moments of guilt, I reconcile the fact that horses make me a better person, mother, wife, daughter, mother-in-law..etc., and cannot imagine the type person I would be without them.

    “There is nothing better for my soul, then the soft touch of a horse nose.” INDEED.

    feel I make plenty of horsey sacrifices to fulfill my family responsibilities, I

  8. My funniest horse story came when my youngest daughter (who was the other horse person in our family) came to me with that “Question” know the one that goes..”Mom, what would you say if this guy (from another “race”) asked me out”…I’d been saving my answer just for her.. to her sisters the answer went..”honey..I am more interested in how he treats you than any other consideration”…to my youngest my answer was different…:’honey, there are only TWO kinds of people….”… I got a shocked “MOM!!!”…so I continued..: “Horse people and NOT horse people”… Now am I right or am I right??? She married a “horse person”…

    • This certainly made me giggle. Love the story. Thank you for sharing Roberta

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