My new year….What’s Yours??

Daily Oats: food for the horse lover’s soul

Well we all have them, new year resolutions. HoI can not believe I am about to say them out loud and commit myself to the horse world, but here I go.

I have thought about every one of these, and I know if I commit to them, I can achieve them.  I am in the belief that you are going to send me back yours so that we can hold both of us accountable.

I know that you will not let me slide.

My new year commitments

Community:  I am committed to setting up a  sponsorships for  the assistance in helping to feed rescued horses to assist  smaller  non-profit rescue services.  I plan to set up a working  partnership  program with our amazing Knot-A-Tail customers.

Financial:  Increase my income by 30%.   I am going  to accomplish this by decreasing my expenses by 10% and increasing my income by 20%.  This means no more Starbucks until I pay off the last of my credit cards.

Education:  I plan on taking a computer programing course and continuing my education on  internet marketing.  Also, this is my year to learn  the Inkscape   image program.

Relationships:  I am committed to attend a social function twice per month  and to Extraordinary help a friend this year, well beyond anything that I have ever done before.

Spiritual: to spend 1/2 hour more per day in meditation and prayer.

Health: lose at least one pound per week for the next 52 weeks.    You might have to remind me that I said that out loud.   My downfall, snacking and eating late at night.

Other: 1st  to help someone I do not know for no personal reason or gain at least once per month and second, try something new each month.  I have a tendency to bury myself in my work and forget that there is an entire world out there.

Well, there is mine.  How about you?

As you horse turns another year older tonight,  you can also have a new birthday for you life. Life is so amazing. This is the night we get to so forget about the past and change our lives to the dreams we want them to become.

Always remember, I beleive in you.

Life is simple if you remember to just  be the whinny: Greet the world like your horse greets you.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

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Love Roberta

Roberta Edstrom
Authentic Cowboy Horse hair gear and Cowgirl Jewelry

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