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Daily Oats: Food for the horse lovers soul

Every morning, when I would  let our stallion out to exercise, he would let the entire world know that he was enjoying his life and became  so playful.   He would love to find something to play with as he would tell me to  ” look at me, I am the world’s greatest jumper”.   One time, we had to plow a path through the heavy snow in the arena and he spent over an hour  gracefully playing, whirling, running, kicking, and jumping over the snow banks.

I just stood in the barn doorway, and  thoroughly enjoyed  watching his playfulness.  Over and over again he would  circle around,  jump over the snow banks,  kick his heels high in the air,  dig his feet into the snow and let it fly, as he tore off to the opposite end of the arena.

We have all seen our horses be playful, just because they could.  When our horse or someone is truly enjoying what they are doing,  it is a such a pleasure and joy to watch.  It lightens the soul.

I wanted to remind both myself  and you,  to just have some fun this holiday season.  Find you favorite thing to jump over and just play, “I am the greatest, look at me play. I can still kick my heels high in the air “ no matter what that might be.

Just take the time to play, jump, enjoy, and refresh your  spirit.

That is what a holiday should do for you as well.   Stop for a moment, throw a few snowballs, and pretend you are your horse.  Just let yourself  out of the stall, kicking up your heels,  running from one end of the pasture to the other, for no particular reason, just because you can.

So just for this Christmas,  for no particular reason,  find some way to really enjoy the pure pleasure of being yourself.

Having fun is exactly what life is all about.  Your family will have an intensively memorable holiday, if you are having a great time just playing and having fun.

Be the horse, and  remember to always be  the whinny:
Greeting the world like your horse greets you.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. I would prefere all the horses to be out all day long, but i understand that some horses are worth 2 much, and that some stalions can be verry destructive to their suroundings and other horses as well, i think as long as they get to go out for a while every day, that it is ok to come in early. at least he doesnt stay in his stable 24/7.

  2. During bad weather, like we are having now, my horses are in the barn. It is difficult for them (and us) to traverse through 2 feet of snow. We turn them out in the round pen to stretch their legs and kick up their heels. They love it, for an hour. Then they are ready to go back to their stalls and rest. They don’t mind looking at four walls which are blocking the 45mph wind, warm deep bedding, heated water, and dry hay. Be the whinny.

  3. i think it is so much fun. my horse is in a pasture with friends horses and cows. they were spunky this morning running jumping haveing a great time , i loved it! its nice and chilly down here and most all the annimals and crackers love it.

  4. Thanks for that reminder Roberta!

    I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas, and may the horse be with you…
    ok, it was the only cutesy (and it’s not really even that) saying I could come up with 😉

  5. Great post Roberta reminding us of the value of play. I am always being told by my fuddy duddy hubby that I am just a big kid! He laughs at my silliness, and sometimes even joins in. I never want to lose that pure joy I can feel in just the simplest things. We can get so caught up in life that we forget to play. It will lighten your spirit so much if you can remember to do this. Thanks for the reminder! V.

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