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Daily Oats: food for the Horse lover’s soul

When I started this blog, I thought it would be great fun, which it is, but I also thought it would be easy.  However, every day my email box is full of horse stories, of  both the horses and the owners that take my breath away.  Trust me, I have a box of Kleenex by my computer before I start.

What honor they bring me, to trust me enough with their stories and their pain.   Today, I received an email for an older horsewoman that is selling all her horses and her grandfather’s farm that was hand-built in the 1800’s, as she puts it, one bloody finger at a time. She just admitted in the email, for the first time to anyone, that her health is not allowing to keep her farm any longer.

She admits she is afraid, yet I see courage, determination, and the ability to do a flying lead change.

I love the beauty and the agility of a horse that can so gracefully do a flying lead change.  Done correctly it looks like a dance with the  wind and has captivated the inspiration of  artists for centuries.   All four feet in mid-air change direction, all at once, before they strick the ground again.   Once on the ground, the horse bends and flexes in an entirely new direction as they continue their  forward motion, ever wondering where the gentleness of their riders hands will take them next.  What amazing beauty!

Life is simply a continues pattern of flying lead changes.  The beauty and gracefulness of the lead change is if we have the ability to continue forward, without hesitation in a new direction.

I believe the hardest part of the change is believing that you are doing it alone.  It is easy to forget about the hands that guide all of us.   It has been my discovery with horse lovers, that they care about one another.  They not only care about the horses, but about the owners.  I  know for a fact that although I have lived alone since  my husband passed away, I am never alone. My horse friends are never far away.

One post of feeling down in the dumps, will bring dozen of  friends and fellow horse lovers with support and concern.  YOU are a compassionate group, that brings honor to the human race.  Your love for beauty consumes your soul, which is the very heart of the reason you love the spirit of your horse so much. Your love runs deep, sometimes even too deep.

Just for today, share the beauty of your life changes with others.  By  sharing  your flying lead changes with others, you  will help give them the courage to keep driving forward until their feet are again striking firmly on the ground and their dance with life begins again.

I know there are a lot worse things in this life that can happen to us, but having to sell the last horse changes the very essence of the horse lover’s spirit.  It cuts as deep a scar as any death. I know, I have that very same scar.

I have to admit, I have paused a few times in my life time and  I have often wondered in which direction I was going.   In fact, I find my self at this point in my life, wondering again, left or right.

It has been said that “A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.” That is the true essence of a champion.

I posted the email I need a new start from the lady who was having to sell her home, farm and horses.  Just for today, offer her and any of your  friends around you that need help all of your support they need during this holiday season.

Just offer them your heart and compassion, and watch their courage gain great strength just from your caring and compassionate words.

Remember, just be the whinny: greeting the world like your horse greets you.

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Roberta Edstrom

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  1. How beautiful and inspiring..thank you for eloquent words and offering the abilty for us all to send gentle and supportive words to this horsewoman…

  2. Seems we all face changes right now, coming faster and faster at us, but the only difference between good and bad experiences is how we approach them, how we deal with them – easy or hard – it is always up to us.
    I know, as I had to deal with cancer and its “wonderful” treatment in 2006 and the side effect of fibromyolgia. We shut down our hose camping business, and found new homes for as many horses as we could since then.
    We started selling pasture land,which were in family possesion since the 40ties. But at the same time we gradually focused more and more on improving our ranch – moved the house to a better spot, added a porch, renovated inside, built a covered 80 x 100 arena, stalls , shelters, corrals and a double garage, which serves also a shop – we turned the place from horse heaven for our Spanish Mustang herds (25 – 34 head) and some summer guest horses into a boarding stable with limited numbers of horses and the best possible care (7 of our own and still declining plus 6 boarders). Everybody, two and four legged, is happy.
    Of course, the current economy does not help, but overall our lives have been greatly improved, the ranch looks wonderful now compared to when I came from Germany in 1995. Everything we do now are improvements, the constant financial stress is gone and with some extra time on my hand I finally have time to take care of myself – I changed my diet, which helps a lot with the pain and weight, started to paint portraits again and even find time to ride every now and then. My husband and I enjoy every minute of every day now.
    When the time comes for more changes, we’ll remember the leap of faith the first one took and how blessed we were with the outcome – I always keep in mind that noone can take anything along in the end anyways.

  3. Hi I am constantly inspired by those who give everything, time, money grit , determination and sheer love for those equine friends whom brighten and add some special magi to their day, I am proud and honoured to own love and keep two arab horses, Kadera from Gonorar and and Kalitva and Beaudiccia habiba from Cas sabur and Bur sable. I want to get Kadera back into shape after all the winter snow! and show Beau at the local in hand shows this year, My love to everyone who owns loves and is comitted to the special aura that a horse gives I eat drink love sleep own treasure draw and paint them a life long devotion for me .
    love to all, take care. Lady Susan Kadera Beau and all from Beau Arabians UK. xxx

  4. Simply amazing!!!! heart moving story and those are the best kinds. The ones that moves the soul. It is so funny how the Lord uses a horse to teach you about life. For me it was just not life but it was the meaning of certain scriptures in the books of Psalms and Proverbs comparing ones spirit/life to a horse’s spirit. I would give anything if I could help this lady! Like herself and me ,I hope the next owner is a great horse lover and cherishes the property as much as she does, and keeps the horsemanship going on for yrs. I know I sure would.

  5. you are so inspirational it is helping me gain my strength like you say when pow hears my footsteps or voice he starts whinning and it fills my heart with warmth and strength god bless you roberta your friends barb and pow

  6. I had to give my farm back to the bank deed in lieu of foreclosure Jan 30,2009. I donated my horses or gave them away to good homes. I keep my thoroughbred stallion, Max one dutch warmblood broodmare, one retired show mare and two young coming 2 year olds. Friends took us in- my dream still lives!

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