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Last December  on Facebook, after a fan sent in a cute picture of her Farrier bent over working on here horse’s feet, we started a “Sexy Farrier butt fan club.  The fan club page is  way too funny and all the horsewoman are just having  a lot of fun and lots of giggles.

No butts about it, I have to say there has been a lot of very cute pictures sent in.  There has been a lot of stories on much they admire, love and appreciate their own farrier.

Warning: All the farriers better keep an eye out  for those cameras.

Today, I just want to share a story about my Farrier that I had a few years ago.  When we had the tack store open, for about 12 years this family would come in every spring for our spring sale.  I so admired them.  There were, I believe, close to a dozen kids in that family that were all home schooled.   Each and every one of them loved horses. They were, by far, the most polite, well behaved children that I have ever met.

They made do with what they had, made and repaired most of their own horse equipment and did all of their own training.

The oldest son and daughter started to breed a few Warm-bloods and did  very well with them in the basic dressage classes.   The oldest son, Adam started trimming all the family’s own horse’s feet.   He  like it so much, that within no time he went to farrier school. He wanted to stay by his family so when he finished, he came back to the same community he was raised.  He was a extremely  honest, wonderful, kind  and thoughtful young man that lived for his  wife, his new son and his heart belonged to God.  He was a man that knew where he was going in life.

I can honestly say that he lived the life he loved and loved the life he lived.

Adam was extremely hard working.  .  After his family, he made sure that his customers were  his number one priority.   He was  always on-time, easy to talk to, explained everything about yours horses feet and was always used a gentle, polite voice to both the horse and it’s owner. In  no time at all, h is clientele grew  with leaps and bounds.   I so had to just admire him, it was easy to see that Adam had unlimited potential.

One early cold northern winter morning, Adam left early to start his day trimming horse’s feet.  It was 5:30 am, when his truck hit a patch of ice on the snow covered county road and the truck was quickly air born.   He was not speeding, but the truck fully air born, hit a large oak  tree.  Adam died on the spot, in the cold winter morning heading out to what he loved to do.  It was a tragic loss to his  new son, wife,  his family and the horse community that he so loved.

I just miss him. I watched him grow up.   I miss his smiles and more so his laugh.  I miss his endless kindness and his eagerness to learn anything about horses.  What a loss to all that knew him.

I really kind of wish I had a picture of him to add to the collection.

Just a thought for the day, where would our horses be without these unsung  heroes of the horse world?

(now there is a “No Butts about it statement”).

Just for today,  remember that person standing next to you might not be there tomorrow.  PS: next time you see your Farrier, give him a big hug.

Loving memory to my Farrier and friend: Adam
Remember, just be the whinny

Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

Roberta Edstrom

CEO Knot-A-Tail
Creating horse lover’s treasures

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  1. What a sad story. I couldn’t agree with you more, our farriers are unsung heroes! I absolutely adore mine and he just recently got married. Maybe Adam’s wife could forward you a pic for you to post?

    • That is a sad story! Alot of people figure a farrier has such a easy job but some of the stuff they have to put up with like unruley horses, being bit, kicked at, etc…’s a back breaking job and I know my farrier works his butt off doing his job!

  2. Is it me, or is your blog snowing? Love this post, loved my farrier…

    • Yes, my blog is snowing. Is that not cute. Roberta

  3. What an awesome, heart warming lifes true story. Thank you for sharing it..and next Month..I was ask my farrier..if I could please give him a hug! He rocks..he cares for the horses amd well being of their hoofs.

    • Let us know what he says when you ask him about the hug. Love Roberta

  4. What a sad story and you are so right, we all need to realize that life is never a guarantee, that no matter what you do it could be your last day on earth, so appreciate everyone you love and care for around you!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. This is such a sad story.We do seem to take our farriers for granted, well I do, as you phone and they come.Might have to tell them how much we appreciate their time.You do make friends with them as they become part of our lives. I still love their butts though lol

    • I think that sometimes they become like family. I had one that would make his appointments for me around supper, because he liked my cooking. Thank you all you wonderful Farriers.
      Hope you share this with all of the Farriers out there . Again Thank you

  6. His wife and son are in our prays. I also wanted to say that as a farrier we appreciate you customers as well.

  7. Cute Farrier Butts–love it!
    Sad story about your friend & farrier. We do need to let others know we appreciate them!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  8. What a nice story, but a sad one. What a great tribute to remember him. Thanks

  9. This was VERY hard for me to read today, of all days as I spent the morning in prayer and morning the loss of my own farrier of 14 years….he is deeply missed as he was not only my farrier, but he and his wife were very dear friends as well.

    They truely are theunsung heros of the horse world. Thankyou for sharing your story and you have my utmost sympathy and condolances.

  10. Without my farrier, I would not have my horse sound. Without my horse sound, I would not be either.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

  11. I just read your blog today for the first time. It was beautiful. I must tell you about my ferrier.

    I moved to this farm 12 years ago. I called around and found their was a ferrier just a couple miles from my home. When he arived I thought he looked familiar. I asked him if, by any chance he knew my father, Roger Devenport. He got a big grin and said, ‘Why yes, I used to shoe for him when you were a young girl. In fact I shod your show horses! Your dad was really good to me. I used to fool around with race horses, and your dad had some nice ones. I brought a mare over to be bread by his stud. Back then I was just a poor pup. Your dad bread my mare for free.

    Well, that was a beginning of a long, and wonderful relationship, Roger Olsen, is now a trusted friend who is more like a family member than a ferrier. We have both experienced some devastating times in our lives and Roger has been there with a listening ear and gentle comfort.

    Several years ago, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and given just a month to live. I asked Roger, who is also a great cowboy poet, to write a poem for my father. He did, it made me cry and my father cherished it. Roger would come to my barn to shoe and when he was done he’d sometimes pull out his harmonica and play for me. I would sit next to him in silence and the tears would come down my cheeks. Roger is a gift from God. He share the love of God with every practical step he takes. He’s a cowboy, a mentor, and a hero, to me.

  12. I try to remember to tell my farrier what a godsend he is evertime I talk to him. While we are friends and joke around alot I think he knows how much I appreciate him. He is always there when I really need him and will flex his schedule around mine if I need him to. He also wants to learn everything he can about his trade and has taken a full day to travel two hours to a leg specialist vet to find out how the horse should be shod. He comes at the last minute to tack on a lost shoe and works with first time colts. And he is really cute and has a nice butt too! I can’t say enough about him!!!

  13. It is a very sad story,but with a good side to it.It seemed that he had a rich life doing what he loved best, and that he fulfilled his purpose in his life!

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