Together, our life will be

Your tears in my mane I forever hide
I listen to the silence your fears inside
Tell words you can not say anywhere else
For I know about you love for me
More than life, more than  self
Together our life will be

Now lay your head upon my shoulders
My love again consume your heart
Climb on my back, take me for a ride
As I  join the visions of your dreams
Together our life will be

As we ride and the wind flies by
Clean the day’s dust from our soul
Bonded together,  spirits refreshed
Listen to the sounds, of the breaths I take
The thunder of feet dance upon the ground
Together our life will be

Feel us moving, as one together
In this moment  nothing else matters.
Tell me your fears and tell me your dreams
I will keep them held tight, until you’re strong
Let your nights haunting, turn to daydreams with me.
Together our life will be

Rides over grass, prairie and snow covered ground
Hardened world left far behind
Lost in loneliness you will no longer feel
nor yearning for love of lost family n’friends
As  miracle of one life complete  we will make
Together our life will be
Together our life will be

(C) Roberta Edstrom
Young horse lover

Young Horse Lover
Together our life will be.

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Roberta Edstrom

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