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Daily Oats:  Food for the Horse lover’s soul

If you have ever owned a  stallion, you know they get  into some funny habits.  Well, Sunny our  stallion  differently was  individual when it came to a  having some of these habits that created a uniqueness to his  character.

One of his habits  that I was glad about was the fact that in his stall he would only crap in one corner of his stall.  His willingness of  piling his crap in his own private corner  made it extremely easy to clean up.   A few shovels  full every morning  and I was done.  A wheel barrel full of shavings one or twice a week was all the extra attention his stall every needed.

He taught me a very valuable lesson a long time ago with his “crap”   habit,  there is never a reason to have to spread all of my “shit” around everywhere.

When I am not so happy,  or somewhat frustrated, I try very hard to remember Sunny  and how he took care of his own  Shit.  He never spread it around so that it bothered anyone else.

For  me,  this is such a hard lesson to remember.   Sometimes I think that I want others to feel just as bad as I do at that moment when ego gets the best of me and I feel like nothing will every be right again.

So many times when thing are going  badly, I can so easily spread my crap and unhappiness to everyone around me.    I would so easily aim my anger  and  my  frustrations at my husband when he was alive, because he was the one person in my world I trusted with all my heart.   However,   he never deserved any of the crap that I gave him.

In fact, he was the one to let me know how nice it was on Sunny’s part just to crap in only one corner.   No  one had spend much time cleaning up after him.    “I certainly have that horse trained” he would tell me.

Times for many, especially in this holiday season, are hard for  a lot of people.  But what if we could take a lesson from an old stallion  and just crap in our own little corner and not spread it all over so everyone else has to suffer.

Happiness  comes from the heart and can be spread just as easily as the  crap.  This can be a hard lesson, but what a difference it can make to everyone around us.   I am still learning this lesson, but sometimes my mouth still gets going on me.  It is my hope in sharing  my lesson with you, that it will come full circle in me, and rest deep in my heart.  It is never my intention to crap on the ones I love.  Even if I am hurting, it is still not an excuse.

Well, leave it to a horse, to teach me how to just crap in my own corner.

Don’t forget, I believe in you and your ability to help change a world, after all just look how the love of your horse has  changed your own world.

Where would we be without them.

Remember: Be the whinny
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Daily Oats: Food for the Horse lover’s soul

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  1. I love this! On both levels…I have a stud now too, and yes…the “stud piles” sure make life easier over the “trash everything” mares I have… Makes me never want to have anything but studs now 🙂
    On the other level, I totally agree…I have both been the giver of spreading crap, and often the receiver…I try not to give when I can… and it really bugs me when ppl just try and pull either guilt trips (my father is great at this…he is always so “miserable” in his life, in his own mind, and always tries to make me feel guilty about it instead of changing his mindset so he won’t be so “miserable”….) or just plain coming out and laying in on you for even minor infractions…ah well. It is human nature to not want to suffer alone I guess…and like I say, I have been guilty of it myself. But this post is a nice reminder to try and combat those feelings when they crop up and not to make everyone else feel bad/mad/whatever just cause I do… THANKS!

  2. Amen, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your’s

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