The impossible

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow,

What I know to be a true fact of life, is that horse lovers dream the impossible.  In fact, they live for the impossible.  I hear of women  everyday in their 40 and 50’s finally finding a way to get their first horse.  They dreamed on having one since they were  kids and never let go. How many times do you think they heard that they were crazy.

I have a friend named Dawn, who lives in Northern WI which is in the middle of nowhere.   She dreams of winning a pleasure class at the AQHA world show.  I have known Dawn  for almost 20 years, and every year, inch by inch, she has worked and trained her butt off to keep that dream moving forward.

She drives over 300 miles, sometimes twice a week to train with the best that she can afford.  She works endless hours at the local feed shop to pay for the training, travel and all the other expenses to be able to continue moving forward towards her dream.   Her dedication never wavers.

Even more so, I have heard others ask her why, what for, are you not getting too old, why bother?  But you know what,  it is the love of a horse that keeps, what may seem as impossible, dreams alive.

I have been so proud of Dawn since the day I met her.  I know she will never give up on her dream.

Success comes to those who take on one more inch when they think they can not  move even one more step.

So today, move just one more step towards you impossible dream, more one more inch, one more ride, earn one more dollar.

Just wanted to let you know that I believe in you.  Horse lovers are a separate breed do not seem to know the meaning of “WHOA” enough is enough.  Your dream is not only within your heart, your horse holds it as well: remember,  just  one more inch.

I am off to gather enough courage to take on one more inch of a dream of my own.

Never give up.
Remember: Be the whinny
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  1. I’m one of those baby boomers getting their first horse. Of course, for me that’s been a while….but I did get my first horse at 40 and I’m pretty sure there are plenty who think I’m nuts and other who think I’m reaching for the impossible.

  2. I love this post. My impossible dream came true when I got Storm this year, the KMSH stud I have dreamed about since the day I first saw pics of him. We are now working towards a new dream, he and I finishing the 100 mile Tevis Cup endurance ride (50% completion rate and not many gaited horses have done it either)…it will prob take 2-5 yrs to get the completion (most don’t ever make it on their first attempt, even on a well prepared horse), but I will be working towards it bit by bit. When we come into the Auburn fairgrounds finish at 4am, I will be SO stoked! 🙂 And I know we CAN do it…it will just take time and hard work 🙂

    • I just wanted to tell you to keep dreaming. Good luck. Keep me in touch with your progress. Roberta

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